Hello! Love reading Chinese translated novels? Always wish to play a part for your favourite novels? You can do it now! Iluska & Maelani Team is currently recruiting proofreaders and editors! Below is what the Editors/Proofreaders in our team do: 1) Chase after the Translators for their translations. They can’t give excuses unless it’s valid. … Continue reading Recruitment!


Works Found On Sites Other Than NU

Hello everyone! This post is about an issue that has brought about our concern and I am speaking on behalf of the team. Recently, we have found out that there are sites hosting not just our translations but also other groups' translations. This is extremely disturbing to us. We've placed our translations at NovelUpdates because … Continue reading Works Found On Sites Other Than NU

XDTH Chapter 14: Contract

Unedited Hearing Tasha’s excited cry, Xiebing turned around and looked at the purplish golden dragon egg being held in Tasha’s arm protectively. There was already a crack on the egg. "Kacha! The crack became larger and larger, watching the scene, Xiebing remembered the time when Xueying hatched out of his shell, this time the thing that … Continue reading XDTH Chapter 14: Contract

XDTH Chapter 12: Encountering a nest of Pythons at night

Unedited Oh god… chills went down their spines as the three of them looked at the sight in front of their eyes. This is a really densely packed of pythons! What is most terrifying in the Zijin mountain? Not the spirit beast, not the saint beast, but the nest of pythons and the pack of … Continue reading XDTH Chapter 12: Encountering a nest of Pythons at night

RSMLP Chap 50 – Substitute Princess (4.8)

Unedited A few days later… Gu Jinmi looked at her mother and asked, “Mother, must you leave? Can’t you stay in the Prince’s residence? Is there anyone bullying you? Mother, don’t leave! No, Mother, I am going with you!” “Ai! Silly girl, what are you talking about?! You are already married, you are someone’s wife, … Continue reading RSMLP Chap 50 – Substitute Princess (4.8)

RSMLP Chap 48 – Substitute Princess (4.6)

Unedited Gu Jinmi laughed while looking at this scenario, the female lead is truely the female lead! Even though the female lead performed really well but the feelings of love were not expressed out! Miss Li was a little unhappy seeing everyone pursue and flatter Gu Jinse, so she threw all her anger onto Gu Jinmi, anyways … Continue reading RSMLP Chap 48 – Substitute Princess (4.6)