RSMLP Chapter 1 – Death


Gu Jinmi is the Gu family’s precious baby.  One should know that Gu family’s three-generation offsprings are all male. It was not easy to reach Gu Jinmi’s generation yet Gu Jinmi is the only female in her generation.

Therefore, it didn’t matter whether it’s Gu family’s parents or grandparents and aunt, all of them will dearly dote on Gu Jinmi.

It’s a pity that Gu Jinmi has a serious illness since she was 3 years old. Due to her illness, she has to eat medicine everyday to keep her illness at bay.

Gu Jinmi lied on the bed and watched the sun shined brightly as if laughing at her. Her heart can’t help but be filled with bitterness. Due to her weak body, she had never gone out and played before!

Although when her older brother and father always come back from business trips, they will bring back a huge pile of presents to give her and tell her about the interesting experiences they have, but she has never grasped the true meaning of going out to play.

Not even knowing whether her illness is good or not, if it’s not for her family being so caring towards her, she would not have been able to live this long!

“Jin Er, can I come in?”  A gentle female’s voice came from outside her room.

“Mum, come in!”  Jinmi said with a smile.

A dignified and elegant lady walked in. Although she is 40 years old, but time seems to be treating her nicely as no wrinkles could be found on her face.

“Jin Er, you are already awake! Are you hungry?” Mother Gu walked towards the bedside and sat down. She reached out and touched Gu Jinmi and said, “ How are you feeling today?”

“Mum, I’m ok. Mum, I feel really good today. Can I go out for a walk?”

Mother Gu saw Gu Jinmi’s face was filled with expectation, she could not help but feel bitter. She really did not know if she has done anything evil, but even if she did, she should be the one to bear the punishment! why must the punishment befall on her daughter!

“Jin Er, you know your own body. It’s not because Mother does not allow you to go out. Shall we take a stroll in the courtyard?”

When Gu Jinmi heard what her mother suggested, she was a little disappointed. However, she can’t express her disappointment otherwise mother will worry. “En. ok.”

“Good. Mother will now bring you for the walk.” Mother Gu carefully carried Gu Jinmi onto the wheelchair and push her out.

Gu Jinmi reached the courtyard and took a deep breath.

She saw her mother who is beside her, answering a call. She was frowning and said “What? Why would that happen? Didn’t you say you have already finished it long ago? Why are you telling me now it’s not possible?”

“Ok! Ok! I get it. I am coming back now.” Mother Gu hung up the phone. She faced Gu Jinmi apologetically and said “Jin Er, Mum…”

“Mum, I understand. You are busy, you should just attend to your business! Anyways, I’m in our house courtyard, there won’t be any problem. I will sit and wait for Nanny Li to push me back to my room.”

“Ok. Then Jin er you must remember to go back in later. Jin Er, I’m sorry…” Mother lowered her head and kiss Gu Jinmi’s forehead.

Gu Jinmi watched her Mother’s retreating back and sighed. Such a nice weather, if only she could go out to play, that will be great! But she can’t due to her health.

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She did not know how much time has passed when Nanny Li came over and said,“ Miss, we should be entering the building already.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Nanny Li reluctantly and said “ Nanny Li, right now my body is feeling great. Let me sit here a little longer !”

Nanny Li looked at the young miss. Her eyes contained some hurt. One should know that she has taken care of the young Miss since young till now. The young Miss used to love to smile before she was three, however, now, it was missing…

“ But Miss, Doctor Wang said…”

“Nanny Li, good Nanny Li, just let me sit here for a while more! Look, the weather is great today .”

“Okay! Okay! But only for a while more!”

“En, thank you Nanny Li.”

However, at midnight, Gu Jinmi developed a high fever. Her worried family hurriedly sent her to the hospital.

Her mother looked up at the operation lights and couldn’t stop crying. “ Wuwu, wuwu, it’s all my fault, Jin Er wouldn’t have developed this high fever if I hadn’t left her alone.”

Even though her father was very worried and anxious as well, but his wife would collapse if he didn’t stay strong. He comforted Mother Gu while hugging her, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. The heavens will help Jin Er recover. Nothing will happen to her.”

Nanny Li who was beside them suddenly kneeled and cried out, “Lord, Madame, it’s all my fault, if I didn’t listen to young Miss, if she didn’t sit out a little longer, she wouldn’t have developed the fever.”

Mother Gu and Father Gu quickly helped Nanny Li up and said, “ Nanny Li, what are you saying, you have been taking care of us for over ten years already, we understand you very well. Nanny Li, you should also not worry, just calmly wait for the doctor to come out from the operation theatre.”

After a while, everyone in the Gu family reached the hospital. They anxiously looked at Father Gu and asked, “ How is Jin Er? Is she alright?”

Father Gu replied, “ I don’t know, they have not come out yet.”

Walking with a walking stick in hand, Grandfather Gu knocked his walking stick and said “What exactly is going on? Why Jin Er suddenly can’t recover from her fever? What exactly happened, how do you take care of Jin Er.”

Father Gu looked at Grandfather Gu and said, “Father, don’t get mad, you will harm your body.”

“Put my health at stake? My granddaughter has been taken care by you till she was admitted to the hospital. If I had known this was going to happen, I, this old man would not have allowed you to bring her home.”

“Father. Where is Mother !”

“You still dare to say. When your mother heard about this news, she was so worried that she fainted. Doctor Wang is taking care of her now.”

“Is mother fine?! There’s no problem?!”

“Hmph! What did you think! If something happens to my granddaughter, just you wait, you stinking fellow.”

“Father…” Father Gu looked at Grandfather Gu helplessly.

After three hours, the doctor finally walked out of the operating theatre and everyone crowded around him.

“How is she? How is my granddaughter ( daughter/ younger sister)?”

The doctor looked at everyone, sighed and said, “ We already tried our best, you should see her one last time.”

Everyone was suddenly seized with terror when they heard this. Grandfather Gu almost fainted.

Father Gu said “Doctor, how can this be? How can my daughter… She’s only… only 19 years old!”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, we had already tried our best, and have already run out of ideas. You should go in and see her!”

Mother Gu hurriedly dashed inside and saw a pale face Gu Jinmi laying on the bed. With tears streaming down her face, she cried “Jin Er, Jin Er, how can this be?!”

Gu Jinmi knew she had reached the limit of her lifespan. Her heart wasn’t filled with agony, instead, it was filled with liberation. Looking at the relatives besides her, she said with a smile “Father, Mother, Grandfather, Aunt, Brother, I’m fine. Please do not be sad, this way is also good. I’m sorry I can’t be with everyone anymore.” She immediately closed her eyes after saying that.

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  1. awesome another quick transmigration story! thanks for another great translation and story! and your first chapter is amazing! keep up the good work! :>


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