RSMLP Chapter 2 – First Encounter System

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The moment Gu Jinmi woke up, she found herself in a pitch black place.

“What is going on? Aren’t I already dead? Where is this place!” Gu Jinmi turned to look around, realising that she’s alone. Could this be the ghost hit wall[1] she had heard about in legends?But the problem is that she’s already dead. She ought to be a ghost too!

“Hello, is there anyone here?”

“No.” A cold voice suddenly answered.

Shocked, Gu Jinmi retorted “Hey! Can you stop scaring people? If you are not human, are you a ghost?!”

“Humph! You humans are easily frightened, like ants. I really don’t understand why he would take a fancy to you.”

“You humans? He?! Could it be that you are not human? Argh! Ghost! There’s a ghost!” Gu Jinmi immediately shouted in fear. She’s been terrified of ghosts and supernatural things ever since she watched a horror movie with her brother.

“What are you hollering about? I already said that I’m not a ghost.”

“Oh! That’s right! It’s the twenty-first century, the era of science and technology. How can things like ghosts exist?” Gu Jinmi comforted herself.

“You definitely lack experience and knowledge. Aren’t you like a ghost now?”

“Like a ghost?!”

“Don’t you remember that you’ve already died?”

“You’re right. I died, but I’m now I’m perfectly fine, just standing right here!”

“Indeed, you are dead but it was I who pulled you into the system.”

“Pulled me into the system.. Wait! Who on earth are you! You are neither human nor ghost, then what thing are you?!”

“Bah. Thing? You’re the thing! I’m not a thing. Wait, that’s not right. No, I’m a thing. No wait! That’s not right either, I’m not a thing!”

Hearing this, Gu Jinmi couldn’t hold her laughter. Even though she had no idea who the other party is, she found it funny nonetheless.

“You! You are not allowed to laugh, I’m warning you. You’ll definitely be shocked if I tell you. I am a god-created System that is loved by everything[2]

“A robot?!”

“Bah, obviously not! Don’t compare me to those lowlifes, I’m so much better than those things!”

“Oh.” After this conversation, Gu Jinmi felt more at ease, knowing that the being did not have any evil intentions. “If that’s the case, why am I here? Logically speaking, aren’t I already dead?” She asked.

“Haha, silly human, you’re finally getting to the point. First, I have a question for you. Do you want to continue living?”

“Continue living?” Gu Jinmi gave it some thought before shaking her head and saying, “I don’t.”

“Huh? Why not? Don’t you humans love immortality?”

Gu Jinmi sighed and replied, “Other people do, not me. My body is weak so I cannot live like a normal person. Perhaps, to me, dying is a kind of liberation. Besides, my illness was also a burden to my family. Even though they never said anything, I know that deep inside, they were really hurt. Since that’s the case, I’m better off dead.”

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Huh! What if I gave you a healthy body? Would you be willing to continue living?”

“Healthy body.” Hearing this, Gu Jinmi’s eyes immediately lit up, she had never thought that she would ever be able to live like a normal person. “If I can really live like a normal person, even if it’s for 5 years, I am willing! It’s a pity that it isn’t possible anymore. After all, I am already…”

“Hey, I’m an omnipotent system! I can help you if you’ll beg me. How about that? Isn’t it a good deal?”

Gu Jinmi rolled her eyes and said, “I have not seen you yet, how am I to know if you are omnipotent?”

“Hey, you dare to insult me? I have great powers, don’t you want a healthy body?”

Gu Jinmi gave it some thought. After all, if this supposed omnipotent system can really help her, begging him would not hurt. “Alright then, I beg you.”

“Hey, you’re not being sincere at all!”

“You didn’t specify how I have to beg you, you only said that I had to beg you. I think, an omnipotent being like you will not go back on word, right?”

“I…I…haha, I was just joking. How could I go back on my words? I will definitely do what I promised.”

Gu Jinmi silently cheered for herself, yep, thinking of tricking her? No way! “So…when will you be able to fulfill your promise?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry, I’m not done speaking. I’m sure you understand that on this earth, there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

“Yep, so is there anything you want me to do?”

“There is, but before that, have you read fiction novels before?”

“Fiction novels? Of course!” Since she couldn’t leave her house, the only way to spend her time is by watching tv or reading fiction novels.

“Alright, if that’s the case, let me ask you. In the novels that you read, do you like the male lead character or the male supporting character?”

“Ah…this? I like neither. I only read those novels to kill time. What do you want to do? Why do you need such a clear separation between them?”

“You. You…this child, can’t be taught. Really, don’t you pity those supporting male in the novels? They are tall, handsome and rich. But after meeting the female lead, they end up losing both the girl and their wealth.”

“Ay.. After hearing you mention this, it seems to be true. Whenever the supporting male meets the female lead, nothing good comes out of it. However, I still feel that the supporting male is foolish, why did he have to hang himself on a tree![3]  So to say, I feel that the supporting male deserved his ending!”

“You…you…you, you’re an idiot[4]!”

Gu Jinmi couldn’t help but to feel like she’d been wronged. She was just speaking her mind! If you think about it, they were surrounded by people who loved them but instead of appreciating those people, they went and got themselves involved with the female lead. Furthermore, the female leads are either sweet and innocent or scheming vixens. Humph! Whatever the case is, she just can’t understand the supporting male’s actions. When they end up in a horrible state, who else can they blame but themselves?

“Haiz! Truthfully speaking, the supporting male didn’t really fall for the female lead. They were just taken by the female lead’s charisma, causing them to make irrational decisions. You can’t really blame the supporting male for this. After all, he was also unaware of the consequences.”

“Oh…is that the case?”

“Of course!”

1. 鬼打墙: Literally translates to ghost hit wall. Means endless wandering, lost
2. 人见人爱花见花开车见爆胎. This phrase translated literally means that whoever sees me will fall for me, flowers bloom when they see me and car tires puncture when they see me. I just shortened it to ‘loved by everything’
3. she’s saying that the 2nd male lead is stupid. He is so insistent on loving the female lead, which leads to his downfall
4. 对牛弹琴 is an idiom that translates directly to playing the piano to a cow. It basically means talking to a wall. In this case, the system is saying Jinmi is an idiot.

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  1. This looks promising! I actually do often feel sorry for 2nd male leads, so this will be fun. Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Thank you!!
    2nd male lead … I never think about it bc in some novel it is the bro or a friend who view her like a sister. But… it may be true *think about it in a philosophical way*


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