RSMLP Chapter 3 – Youthful Campus Life part 1


“That’s why I’m saying all these messes are caused by the female lead.”

“That’s right. That’s why I said that your duty is to destroy the female lead’s aura. Having just the male lead will give her all the happiness she needs.”

“Wait, could you first tell me, what sort of thing is the heroine charisma?”

“Ah! I totally have forgotten. Heroine charisma is the female lead’s charisma!”

Once Gu Jinmi heard this answer, she couldn’t help but blush with shame. This explanation is the same as not explaining ah!

“Keke, this, hey! Even though the explanation I gave was not clear, but you should you be able to understand it a little! It’s because of this heroine’s charisma that increases the female lead’s luck. This allows her safely escape from the crisis and able to attract all males’ attention. En, That’s pretty much it! Anyway, when you go to the Mission world, you will experience it!”

“Hello, you are not being responsible enough! You have not clearly told me what is happening and you want me to start the job already!”

“Ok! Ok! To avoid you from saying I’m not being responsible, whatever questions you have, just ask.”

“ Good, then let me ask you, didn’t I die already! How am I supposed to do these Mission ah!”

“Host, you can relax, we will put you into a body who is intimate with the supporting male lead. Of course, this will not give you many advantages. Other than finishing the Mission, you have to finish that body’s, original owner’s wish.”

“Oh! So it’s like this! Then let me ask you, what will happen if I can’t finish that Mission?”

“After you fail the Mission three times, you will be obliterated.”

“Obliterated?! Must it be so serious!”

“Why should useless people remain. That’s why Host, don’t blame me for not reminding you! You should worry a little ah!”

“This… That…. Ok! It’s better than not having a chance. Then let me ask you, how do I know whether I have completed the Mission ah! Also, what will happen after I completed the Mission!”

“ After Host’s Mission is completed, the system will notify you. After that, the remaining time belongs to Host. You can do whatever you want. However, you can only live within the Mission’s target. Otherwise, it will be counted as failing the Mission.”

“Oh! So it’s like this!” Gu Jinmi thoughtfully nodded her head and said, “Then..”

“Where do you find so many questions ah! You think you are the hundred thousand why questions ah!”

“Hey, don’t say it like that! I’m going to ask you one last question, just one last question.”

The System said in a bad mood, “This is what you said! Then, ask the last question!”

“ That, I can’t help you do your work for nothing! Then aren’t I losing a lot! Furthermore, I don’t know how many years I need to work but I cannot keep helping you do this job!”

“You can be rest assured, we won’t let you keep working forever. Once you accumulate enough points, you can leave this system and return to the real world to live your own life.”

“So good?!”

“Why, don’t tell me you are sceptical ah! Since it’s like this, then you can also stay here forever.”

“Eh eh eh, don’t, don’t, don’t. I understand already, I understand already.”

“Ok. Looking at your behaviour, you probably have never dated before. Therefore, you should be an idiot in romance!”

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Even though Gu Jinmi knew that the System is not wrong, but she couldn’t help but complained in her heart, “Humph! It’s not like I’m not willing, it’s due to my health! Just because of that, you said that I’m an idiot in romance. That’s too much. That’s looking down on people.”

“Host, don’t put system’s opinion to heart. If not, I will punish you!”

“Ah! Understood, wait, eh! How do you know what I’m thinking? You, can it be that you can read minds.”

“Ah Ah, Host, don’t you know that your thoughts are written on your face? I don’t need to read your mind to know what you are thinking in your heart”

“Oi, my thoughts aren’t that easy to guess!”

“Hey! Host, it’s not like I want to say you ah! It’s just with your attitude now, the Mission will definitely fail the moment you enter the world Ah! Looks like I have to train you first.”

“Training, you are so nice!”

“Of course! It was not easy for me to find you, the scapegoat, my efforts will be in vain if I let you be so defenceless! ”


“Hehe, you heard wrongly, heard wrongly, you are Host! Host! That’s enough, that’s enough, let’s not chat about these trivial matters. Come, take these books to read.”

“What books ah!” Gu Jinmi squat down and picked up the books on the ground. “《The Overbearing President Busily Chased His Wife》, 《The Gentle Prince’ The Barbarous Princess》 and《 The Black-Bellied President Chasing His Wife》. What are all these? These book names are unbelievable!”

“Humph! …….! You have to read through all these books. After a few days, I will come and spot-check. When the time comes and you are still not compatible, you better be careful.”

“En! I know.”

For the following days, Gu Jinmi studied the books earnestly. She felt goosebumps all over her body the more she read. Those books were so terrifying that they can cause goosebumps! This male leads and supporting male leads were blind right! They obviously knew that the female lead was pretending! In spite of that, one by one, they let themselves be confused by the female lead. She really did not know whether she should ridicule them!

It could not be that because she was bedridden for many years, she cannot understand the current times! If not, why would these books sell well among females! She really doesn’t understand, really doesn’t understand.

“How is it, did you finish reading? How do you feel, just say it!”

Gu Jinmi was given a big shock by the System’s sudden voice. She angrily said, “Could you not come and go like a shadow! Don’t you know you will give someone a big shock?”

“Oh! So it’s like this! Then, next time.”

“Then what will happen next time?”

“Look at the situation!”

“Hey, it’s the same as not saying!”

“Enough, let’s stop this empty talk. Come and tell me, what are your perception after you’ve finished these books!”

“Childish, Stupid, melodramatic.”

“That’s all? Nothing else ?!”

“‘No! If not, what did you wanted !”

“Then, what did you feel about the supporting male lead!”

“Feel? Totally no feelings!”

“ Alright, alright, alright. Host, I really admire your low EQ! I see that these novels have little effect on you. Since it’s like this, I can only let you go and personally test out then you will understand. There’s no need to fix a date, I send you to the Mission world now. Complete the Mission carefully!”


TL-I: Hooray! The next chapter be about her transmigrating! It has a modern campus setting if I’m not wrong… I’m still translating. I usually translate when I’m commuting to and from school. It’s the only time when I’m very free. So look forward to the next chapter!

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7 thoughts on “RSMLP Chapter 3 – Youthful Campus Life part 1

  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Some people generally don’t like TL notes in the middle of reading since might take away from the story immersion while reading, I don’t mind them as you’ve been explaining the text not throwing out random opinions..but if complaints bother you, maybe using footnotes might be good idea.

    And I don’t see an issue with the spacing of punctuation as so far the story flows well but my grammar standards are low so yeah…. But I hope you keep up the good work looking forward to future releases!

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  2. What does the system mean by “low EQ”? The MLs and the supporting MLs of those kinds pf novels ARE stupid. And the FL or MC is just weird. I don’t mind tags like tragedy, rape etc. What I can’t stand is that when the MLs are acting like top level, enough to send them to prison molesters or intentionally pushing people down against their will and this kind of dog behavior gets labeled as “romantic”.
    End of rant
    Thanks for the update.

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  3. Thank you so muh for translating this story~ personally Im fine with anything as long as a good story is available, and your translation is very good♡ once again thank you~


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