RSMLP Chapter 4 – Youthful Campus Life (1.1)


The moment Gu Jinmi woke up, she realised that she was in an unfamiliar room. She couldn’t help but cursed out loud, “What a damaged system! Sending people to other places without any notice. Bad rating, bad rating[1]

“Bad rating! I told you before, if you keep criticizing the System in your heart, you will receive punishment. Due to this being the first time, I will be lenient and give you a water punishment!”

Gu Jimin felt as if she came out from the water. Ah!!! Gu Jinmi rushed into the washroom.

After finishing her hot bath, Gu Jinmi dried her hair as she walked out. Phew! She hoped she wouldn’t get the flu. It was not easy for her to obtain a healthy body!

“Host, Host, do you want to receive information about the Mission?”

“ Ok.”

Soon, loads of information flashed through Gu Jinmi’s brain. After she finished looking, Gu Jinmi was not sure how to ridicule the female lead, only the word ‘cheap’ fits perfectly! This type of female can become the female lead ah!

This is story roughly about a youthful campus life. It narrates about a female commoner and a two-faced but very handsome male.

Wang Quanquan is a commoner who depended on her own hard work to enter Huang Jia college. You should know that a melodramatic issue occurred on her first day of school.

Wang Quanquan was riding on her bike when she accidentally knocked against Yuchi Feng’s car, giving rise to an inevitable outcome, a disagreement between them. However, Yuchi Feng grew a sudden interest towards Wang Quanquan. Therefore, in order to retaliate against Wang Quanquan being oblivious to his feelings, Yuchi Feng kissed her in front the whole school.

In the end, Wang Quanquan become an enemy to the whole female population in school!

Once, Wang Quanquan was brutally bullied by them until she started tearing and accidentally rushed into Ouyang Wen’s territory. At that moment, they met each other’s eyes. However, due to Yuchi Feng coercing her, Wang Quanquan dare not to make a sound. Ouyang Wen thought that Wang Quanquan did not like him and besides, she is Yuchi Feng’s woman, so the only thing he could do is to silently help Wang Quanquan from behind.

Yuchi Feng got jealous after seeing Wang Quanquan and Ouyang Wen so close. In the end, the two best friends wrangled over this.

In the end, everyone should know, Wang Quanquan gradually fell into Yuchi Feng’s gentleness and kindness, and slowly but surely fell in love with Yuchi Feng.

In order to forget everything, after Ouyang Wen attended their wedding, he left the country dejectedly and never returned.

You should know that in a novel, there’s always a few people who are destined to die! In this story, the person who was destined to die is the proprietor.

The proprietor is the male lead’s fiancée. Actually, Gu Jinmi was very skeptical ah! Didn’t the System said that she will have an intimate relationship with the supporting male lead? Right now the original owner is the male lead’s fiancée, what is going on?!

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“Hey System, What the hell is going on!”

“There’s no choice ah! The supporting male lead doesn’t have any finance. Other than the female lead, the one closest to him is the male lead’s fiancée lou![2]

“Alright! Alright!” Actually, the original owner kills herself ah! Why must she insist on hanging on a tree! In what way is that Yuchi Feng good ah! Because of Yuchi Feng, she changed from a kind-hearted lady to an extremely jealous and stubborn lady. She obviously has a perfect family but yet it got destroyed by the male lead to death. Hai[3]! She really doesn’t understand!

Truthfully speaking, the original owner’s temper is bad. Thanks to the Gu family’s pampering, it caused her to have a bad temper. This led her to have a tragic ending!

“So to say! System, what should I do ah!”

“Host, other than giving the happiness the supporting male lead should receive, your mission is also to rob the female lead of her fate and protect the Gu family clan so that the Gu family’s Father and Mother can live safely and happily.”

“En[4], ok, I understood.”

“Since it’s like this, then I won’t bother Host any longer! After Host finished the Mission, I will notify you!”

“Oi oi oi, what kind of joke is this ah! Are you telling me to stay here by myself! I have no idea what I’m supposed to do, oi oi oi, come out ah!”

Despite calling out for so long, System didn’t come out.

Gu Jinmi couldn’t help but felt frantic. What kind of joke is this! Didn’t it know that she had never been in any romantic relationship before! She didn’t know how to get along with a male ah!

“Jin Er, Jin Er, why aren’t you coming out yet! We have to go already.”

“Ah! Oh! I’m coming.” She had totally forgotten that today will be the day she meets the supporting male lead for the first time! She must make a good first impression. Since the female lead likes to pretend to be a white locus, she’s afraid that the male supporting lead likes this type of girl! If it’s like this, then let’s just choose white clothes.

The moment Gu Jinmi wore her clothes and went down, Father Gu and Mother Gu couldn’t help but felt surprised. They both understand their daughter’s character very well Ah! Gu Jinmi is famously known to be arrogant but today she suddenly changed to an obedient child. Did anything happen that they didn’t know?

“Mummy, Daddy, we can go! Didn’t you said we don’t have much time?”

“Jin Er, did anything happen to you? Tell Mummy, Mummy will help you.”

Gu Jinmi couldn’t help but hugged her Mother and said, “Mummy, I’m okay! Don’t you think that the white dress I’m wearing looks beautiful?” After she finished speaking, she twirled a few rounds in front of Mother and Father Gu.

“Beautiful, beautiful, my daughter is the most beautiful. Enough, if we dawdle some more, we really don’t have enough time. Let’s go!”, said Father Gu.

Once they reached the banquet site, Gu Jinmi can’t help but feel nervous. This is her first time attending such a grand banquet.

Mother Gu looked at Gu Jinmi and said with a smile, “Ok, Jin Er, you can go and roam around. Once the banquet starts, we will call you.”

“En, ok, Mummy.”

Gu Jinmi wandered aimlessly at the banquet site. Hai! How boring! The atmosphere here is too boring, the perfume is too strong, Gu Jinmi couldn’t help but frown. Luckily, the cake here in the banquet taste delicious!

Gu Jinmi stood at a corner, not caring if anyone was judging her, ate the cake with great pleasure.

When Yuchi Feng and Ouyang Wen walked in, all the young ladies screamed in excitement.

Gu Jinmi can’t help but cover her ears, seriously, do they need to shriek. It’s also not their first time seeing guys. Although the two males that just walked in are really very handsome. Even though one is heartless and unreasonable, the other is warm and well-educated but they actually are not bad looking. Hmph! The most handsome one is still my older brother. Hai! I don’t even know how are my father, mother and brother faring.

A sense of loss flashed through Gu Jinmi’s eyes. Ay! Not right, not right, raise her spirit. Gu Jinmi, you can do it. Fighting, fighting!

1. 差评 means 1 star rating. She is rating his services2. 喽 is pronounced as Lou. It’s just something additional attach to the end of the sentence to call attention. If you are Singaporean or Malaysian, you can take it as something similar to Lor or la3. 嗨 is pronounced as hai. It’s the sound of sighing in Chinese4. 恩 is pronounced as en. In this situation, it’s the sound of affirmationTL-I: After today, updates will be back to once every 2 weeks. Sorry!

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