TDM Chapter 1 – Mrs Sheng

In the interrogation room, accompanied by the ticking sound of the clock, a fat police is knocking on the table impatiently.

“Little girl, it’s not that this uncle wants to make things difficult for you, but it is the laws and regulations, so you can’t make things difficult for us.” Ji Xuan who was sitting opposite the policeman, whispered with an uneasy look on her face, “I am already 20 years old, an adult, is it still necessary to…” the policeman’s glare interrupted and made her squeak in fear, resulting her to be able to only complain in her heart.

If she knew earlier that it will result in this outcome, she wouldn’t have agreed to Yuan Yaoyao’s request to take a picture secretly. There is nothing for her gain and still landed in the police station in the end. Now that she has to ask someone to pick her up, who can she call?

“If it’s not convenient to call your family members, you can also call your friends.” another young police officer in the interrogation room, who noticed her difficulties, kindly suggested. His voice is so clear and sweet, like the sound of a gem falling onto a plate, and adding on 100% of his attractiveness, Ji Xuan forgot all about being nervous and looked up at him. That policeman’s appearance is distinctively handsome. Seeing Ji Xuan look at him, he gave her a beaming smile, causing her to quickly bow her head.

“I’ll call a friend then.” Ji Xuan who didn’t feel like wasting time in the police station, went through Yuan Yaoyao’s  phone, and stopped at one of the names.

After thinking a while, Ji Xuan passed the phone to the young police officer and said, “call this number.”

“Sheng Zeyan?” The young policeman keyed in the number seriously, and still asked, “who is this?”


When Ji Xuan answered, she looked uncomfortable. The young policeman looked at her and went out to call the number.

The fat policeman who is still in the room asked,“Don’t call family members, but call your boss, are you not scared that your boss would fire you?”

“If I can be fired that would be good.” Ji Xuan whispered.

“Humph, this is rare, wanting to get fired.” The fate policeman burst into laughter. However, seeing that Ji Xuan did not have any reaction, he kept his laughter and started taking her records.

Ji Xuan absentmindedly answered every question. Her head was bowed throughout the time when the fat policeman was educating her, not knowing whether anything registered into her mind.

When the record was done, Ji Xuan still could not leave as the person picking her had to handle all other legal procedures before she is allowed to leave the station.

After leaving the interrogation room, Ji Xuan looked for the young, handsome police and saw him in an instant. After all, his good looks is a sight for sore eyes in the police station.

“Excuse me.” Ji Xuan very cautiously tugged on his sleeve. Seeing him turn around, Ji Xuan asked, with eyes twinkling, “Mr Policeman, what did he, the person that you called just now, say?”

“He?” the young policeman was a little surprised. With a sudden realisation, he said “your boss? He said he will come here in a moment.”

Ji Xuan gave a sigh of relief and thanked him with a smile.

The young policeman who was staring at her in a trance suddenly said, “I am Yin Haoyu.”

The sudden self-introduction made both of them confused, at that moment, Yin Haoyu didn’t know where to look, remedied the situation by saying, “You don’t need to call me Mr policeman.”

Ji Xuan stared blankly. Not knowing what to answer, she just smiled, but she still sat on a long bench outside the police station and waited.

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As the temperature at night dropped, Ji Xuan couldn’t help but stroke her arm.

“Drink a cup of water, you don’t know how long you still have to wait.”

Yin Haoyu handed a cup of water to Ji Xuan. She quickly received it a softly said thanks.

Before she could even drink the water, a tall and big silhouette appeared at the entrance of the police station, which attracted her attention.

Passing through the thick and dense mist, the man’s appearance reflected into her eyes.

He wore a well-tailored suit, which complimented his looks. Yet, a hint of exhaustion can be found on his face. At this moment, he is talking in a low voice, to a policeman who is at the entrance. He was aware of Ji Xuan and looked at her from the corner of his eyes.

Ji Xuan accidentally looked into his inky coloured eyes. Feeling a little guilty, she looked down, avoiding eye contact with him.

Yin Haoyu noticed Ji Xuan’s unusual behaviour, and looked at her. But he knew that this guy came to pick Ji Xuan, and therefore brought him to complete the formalities.

“Please wait a moment.” Sheng Zeyan walked to Ji Xuan, placed his coat around Ji Xuan and passed her the car keys, saying “wait for me in the car, I will finish soon.”

Yin Haoyu looked over to them and felt slightly suspicious. However, the suspicious feeling did not stay for long, he waited for Sheng Zeyan to come over and brought him to complete the procedures.

Not long after, Sheng Zeyan, bringing along a blast of cold air, entered the car.

“You should wear this, I’m not cold.”

Ji Xuan handed the coat over to Sheng Zeyan. He didn’t decline, instead, he quickly put on the coat, cast a sidelong glance at her, making her feel embarrassed.

Coming to the police station, with his status, it is very disgraceful matter, right?

“You told the police I am your boss?”

Ji Xuan lifted her head dumbfounded, looked at Sheng Zeyan’s unhappy and extremely angry face, her heart started to beat like a drum.

She thought that he would find fault with her about her actions and not about this.

“What was I supposed to say?”

Sheng Zeyan narrowed his eyes, gave a small smirk, and softly laughed, saying “I didn’t think you would like this kind of tactic, I had overlooked it, next time I’ll try my best to cooperate with you, Mrs. Sheng.”

Ji Xuan’s complexion sank at the way Sheng Zeyan addressed Ji Xuan, and that guilty feeling she had completely disappeared.

Glancing at him, she softly said, “So, as Mrs. Sheng, being caught secretly taking a picture, Sheng don’t mind at all?”

“Do you feel that I should mind?”

Sheng Zeyan threw the question he was asked, as if he was kicking a ball, back at Ji Xuan. She replied in a bad temper, “Yes, I feel that you should mind.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Yes, I mind a little.” Sheng Zeyan said with an indifferent look on his face, causing Ji Xuan to feel absolutely furious.

She thought that she went too far this time, feeling so restless at the police station and was also thinking about how to explain to him when he arrived.

How would she know that he couldn’t care less? Whatever trouble she makes doesn’t matter, even her existence doesn’t even make a difference.

This kind of feelings made her extremely unhappy. This unhappiness wasn’t due to Sheng Zeyan’s neglect, but rather, her existence is obviously not essential, she has no choice but to be tied up with him and have no way to be free of it.

Sheng Zeyan paid attention to the changes of her expressions, her bright eyes are literally the windows to her soul, unable to hide anything,  therefore, whatever she is thinking about, he knows.

“I knew from the time we were married till today, I have been busy with work and have treated you coldly, that’s why you would get into trouble recently to catch my attention. I don’t blame you, but wait till I have time to spare then I will accompany you properly.”

This kind of speech did not even move Ji Xuan a little, her eyes still cold. Not showing any emotions, she asked, “What will I have to do for you to divorce me?”

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