TDM Chapter 2 – The Method to Divorcement


Sheng Zeyan was not surprised with Ji Xuan’s words, instead, he understood and smiled, “ You created troubles in the past just to divorce me?”

Jixuan did not say anything, seemingly as if agreeing tacitly.

“Your reason for making all these ‘entertainment’ is also to divorce me?” Sheng Zeyan inquired.

Carefully thinking in front of Sheng Zeyan, Jixuan felt somewhat embarrassed and angry.

“So what if that’s the truth?”

Sheng Zeyan glanced at Jixuan and asked meaningfully[1], “Since you wish to divorce me, why don’t you just suggest it, instead of doing these type of superfluous things?”

“Would you agree if I suggest that we divorce?”, Jixuan turned her head, looking as if she doesn’t care, but her voice carried a faint hint of expectation.

“I won’t.”, Sheng Zeyan answered decisively, causing Jixuan to be angry till she almost went berserk.

He won’t do it but yet he asked so many questions, isn’t he deliberately trifling with her?

Seeing Jixuan looked like a cat whose furs are standing on end from its tail being stepped on, Sheng Zeyan hid his smile, “ If all the things you did was to make me suggest divorcing, then it is unnecessary. You will only waste your efforts[2].”

Jixuan was endlessly annoyed, she turned her head and just as she was going to say something, she saw his face was close to her and can only swallow whatever she wanted to say.

“If you do not understand, I do not mind telling you clearer. Since I married you, I won’t give you a cold shoulder or even to the extent of divorcing you because of a small matter. Therefore, you should not take great pains to try to divorce me anymore.”

“Before we were married, we were strangers completely without any feelings for each, why did you insist on this marriage?”, Jixuan blurted out her own thoughts, causing Sheng Zeyan’s expression to become a little strange.

“Would you believe me if I said I fell in love with you at first sight?”

When Sheng Zeyan said this, some kind of feelings can be found circulating in his profound eyes, you will be enlightened just by looking at them.

Jixuan felt her nerves tighten and her heartbeat gradually accelerate. She felt really helpless but when she noticed Sheng Zeyan’s lips that formed a smiling expression was getting deeper, she suddenly fly into rage from shame.

She was played with again by this person!

Before Jixuan could flare up in anger, Sheng Zeyan first took a step back and cleared his throat, “Although I never blame you for whatever you had done, to stir up trouble till you landed yourself in the police station is not good, therefore do not repeat it again.”

Jixuan didn’t care what Sheng Zeyan said. Right now, she’s like a belly of fire that couldn’t find a place to vent and could only tug her clothes to vent her anger.

Sheng Zeyan barely observed Jixuan’s display and drove home feeling rather happy.

Once they reached home, the housekeeper, Sister[3] Chen, welcome them back. Furthermore, she was a bit surprised when she noticed Ji Xuan.

“Sir, Madame.”

“Sister Chen, I will trouble you to cook something for Madame to eat. She didn’t eat dinner. You do not need to care for me.”

“I’m not eating.” Once Sheng Zeyan finished speaking, Ji Xuan threw out this words as she rushed up the stairs. It was obvious that she still remembered the matter that happened just now.

Sheng Zeyan was not annoyed and even told Sister Chen, “Just send the dinner directly to her room.”

After Sister Chen responded, Sheng Zeyan went up the stairs and went to his room, the room furthest away from Jixuan.

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Once Jixuan entered the room, she buried her head in the pillow, thinking of getting rid of that scenario that happened in the car out of her brain.

It’s just that she had lost, she was unable to deny. When Sheng Zeyan said those words that sounded like it’s true but also sounded like it’s fake, she almost fell into his profound eyes. She was aware to the extent that he was fooling her but she was unable to flare up.

He is indeed a dangerous man.

Jixuan’s heart and mind were resentful. She took out her phone to send a text to Yuan Yaoyao, telling her that she was safe and sound. At the same time, she sought her close friend for help.

“ You entered the police station today? You really want to divorce. I thought that you just want to cause some mischief !”  After listening to Jixuan spoke about her encounter, Ren Xiaoyou immediately began to make an uproar on phone.

“I’m serious.”

In all seriousness, Ren Xiaoyou regretfully said, “Your husband is Sheng Zeyan, most of the females in the imperial capital wants to marry this very desirable male.”

The Sheng family is one of the four great families of the imperial capital. They have status, reputation, wealth and everything. The capabilities he has need not be said. He could only rely on his own strength to support the family since his parents died young. The most important point is that the girl who marries him does not need to worry about the relationship between her and her mother-in-law. After marrying in, she is the one and only Madame Sheng, naturally becoming the other half is a myriad of girls’ dream.

But it’s a pity, as it is a myriad of girls’ dream but not hers.

“I don’t care who he is, I have already decided”

“Are you not afraid that your dad…”

“Even if he points a knife at my neck, it will not change my decision.” Jixuan interrupted Ren Xiaoyou, her face revealed a hint of disgust.

Ren Xiaoyou cannot help but say “He will only point the knife at your mother.”

Jixuan became silent. The vow she solemnly made, vanished. She only said that to vent her frustration, not to actually divorce. Now, she wants to completely forget that vow completely.

Ren Xiaoyou knew that she said the wrong thing and tried to salvage the situation, “Actually, if you really want to divorce him, there is a way, you just have to force it out of him.”

Rolling her eyes, Jixuan said: “That’s what I have been doing.”

“You can’t create a storm only by creating trouble on such a small-scale, it needs to be bigger and more powerful.”

“I am already starting to destroy his reputation, embarrassing him, is that not powerful enough?”

Ren Xiaoyou sighed, feeling really impatient with her stupidity, and said: “You still don’t understand men, you think that you are ruining his reputation, embarrassing him, but he could be thinking that you are cute and like you being like this.”

Jixuan almost vomited a mouthful of blood, Sheng Zeyan with this kind of status, is his reputation not the most important thing? She can’t help but start to doubt Ren Xiaoyou.

“Whatever, this is not a mistake of the marriage, but if you really want to divorce him, there is only one way left.”

By selling this key point, it provoked Jixuan to ask “What way?”

“By cheating on him.”

“……” Jixuan immediately hung up. She was so stupid to listen to Ren Xiaoyou’s idea seriously.

No, actually just by telling her about this is already a mistake.

“Madame, I have brought your dinner.”

Jixuan started feeling irritated again when she heard Sister Chen call her again.

“ I’m not eating, take it away.”

“But Sir said, at night, you…”

Before Sister Chen could complete her sentence, Jixuan aggressively opened the door, scaring Sister Chen in the process.

Jixuan was about to burst out in anger, but seeing that Sister Chen was innocent, she smothered her anger, but at the same time, she felt annoyed at herself for being angry at someone who is innocent.

Jixuan took the tray that Sister Chen was holding and said: “I will eat it, you may go and  rest.”

Acting as if she had obtained an amnesty*, she greeted Jixuan goodnight and quickly ran back downstairs.

Jixuan laughed bitterly as she ate the exquisite food on the tray.

What a considerate husband, sadly, he is only her husband and not her lover.

*Amnesty = an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses

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Translator: Iluska

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1. 意味深长 is an idiom which means having a deep meaning or significance and 问道 means asked. So I translated 意味深长地问道 to asked meaningfully
2. 得不偿失 is an idiom that means the loss outweighs the gain. In this case, it just means that she is wasting her efforts
3. They are not related even though he called her Sister(姐). It’s just a more friendly way of calling someone older than you. Like Oppa, Ge (哥), etc. I heard that in some parts of China, the unmarried females prefer to be called Sister instead of Aunty even if they are quite old.

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  1. Can I ask if the giving of divorce paper will be close or quite far? in the chapters?
    The description of this novel reminds me of something similar… hmm..

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      1. no worries, it’s just a light question ^^.
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