RSMLP Chapter 5 – Youthful Campus Life (1.2)


Actually, when Yuchi Feng and Ouyang Wen walked in, the first person they saw was Gu Jinmi eating in the corner. No choice, who asked Gu Jinmi to be so special!

Ouyang Wen couldn’t help but smile when he saw Gu Jinmi. This girl is really different from everyone! He wondered which rich family is this girl from.

Yuchi Feng saw Ouyang Wen staring at Gu Jinmi, his heart filled with dissatisfaction, asked “do you have interest towards that girl.”

“Feng, don’t spout nonsense. I only feel that she is really interesting. Okay, let’s hurry! Uncle is still waiting for us!”

“Fine, let’s go!”

Gu Jinmi saw their leaving backs and felt a little annoyed. She forgot to start a conversation with them, what should she do now! In the original version, Yuchi Feng and Ouyang Wen only appear this one time. So she has wasted her efforts this evening. Forget it, forget it, I’ll just wait for school to reopen.

After a busy night, Gu Jinmi exhaustedly threw herself onto the bed. Hai! Attending this kind of events is just too tiring. She made many acquaintances there, but none she could remember, hai!

“Jin Er, sleep early! You need to go to school tomorrow. It’s your first day tomorrow, you can’t be late!”

“Yes, mummy I understand, I’m gonna sleep now.”

The next day, Gu Jinmi woke up very early in the morning because she wants to leave a good impression on Yuchi Feng and Ouyang Wen.  After running around, she sadly realised that having a healthy body is important! No need to be afraid of anything.

“Daddy, mummy, you are up!”

“Wah! Jin Er, you woke up so early! I thought you were still in bed! I was going to ask the housekeeper to wake you up.”

“Haha, school starts today and I was too excited, that’s why I woke up so early.”

“Oh! Really? Hurry, eat your breakfast then! Today, we made your favourite sandwiches.”

“Alright! Thank you, mummy.”

“Ask the chauffeur bring you there.”

“Mummy, There’s no need! I want to go by myself.”

“By yourself?! I can’t let u go alone! Your school is so far away, it’s too dangerous.”

“Mummy, nothing will happen! I’m not a kid anymore, I don’t want anyone to know my identity. If they know my identity, my schoolmates will fawn over me.” She thought carefully about wanting to use the female lead’s luck. If she does, it’s better to be friends with the female lead.

Her father looked at Jinmi pleasingly and said “Jin Er has matured already! Good, good, good! Everything also listens to Jin Er.”

Gu Jinmi has no choice but to allow Mr. Lu, her chauffeur to send her to the bus stop closest to her home. It takes around 30 minutes to walk from her house to the bus stop!

With some difficulties squeezing in the crowded bus, she finally reached her school.

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As Gu Jinmi looked at the gorgeous and grand school gates, lots of emotions flashed through her, this is her school! It looks so awesome! Haha, she is even looking forward to her school life!

“Omg! The princes are here!”

“Ah! It’s the first day of school, I wonder if the princes became handsome!”

Gu Jinmi turned around and saw the two guys looking so splendid. She pouted unhappily. Every time, when she sees them, her ears have to go through such torture!

When Ouyang Wen saw her pouting, he found it really funny. He did not know why he felt that she was complaining about something.

“Ah! What’s wrong with you! Don’t see where you are walking!” A female’s voice suddenly sounded out beside him.

Gu Jinmi looked over and saw a beautiful and vivacious lady glaring at Yuchi Feng. So this is the so-called female lead! The male lead’s taste is really bad! He actually fancies this kind of woman. Gu Jinmi shook her head.

“Why are you shaking your head?”

“ Ahhh! You… Why are you here?!” Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen who appeared out of nowhere and had given her a big shock.

“So little courage, next time what will happen to you!” Ouyang Wen said.

What next time what will happen! You are the one that suddenly appeared! It is not that I have little courage!”

“Okay, okay, okay, it’s all my fault. But seriously why did you shake your head?!”

“Humph! Why should I tell you?”

“I am only curious as to why you saw her and immediately shook your head.”

“Oh! You see that girl, don’t know why, but I feel that woman is so fake, don’t you think so! You see Yuchi Feng is obviously standing there, yet she still bumped into him, don’t you think that is weird! From what I see, it’s on purpose!

Ouyang Wen frowned. At first, he didn’t think that she (female lead) did it on purpose, but after listening to Gu Jinmi, he realised that she (Gu Jinmi) was right. The place where Feng stopped it’s already very close to the side, yet that woman still can knock into him! She is too scheming! He still thought that she is pretty and innocent, turns out, he is the one that is too innocent!

Ouyang Wen, with newfound respect, said to Gu Jinmi “haha, really?”. He saw Gu Jinmi keep staring at Yuchi Feng and his heart felt a little uncomfortable. He said “what, have you also fallen in love, at first sight with Yuchi Feng.”

“Ah! What!” Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen puzzled, wondering how he suddenly pulled Yuchi Feng into their conversation.

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi’s doubtful face, the sour feeling in his heart disappeared a little. However, once the image of Gu Jinmi staring at Yuchi Feng intently popped up, he still felt extremely unhappy. “Just now, you kept staring at Feng!”

“I… I didn’t!” Gu Jinmi, who felt wronged, looked at Ouyang Wen and said with her head tilted, “I was only looking at that female student, wondering what she would do next!”

“Oh! So it’s like that! That’s good.” After hearing her answer, Ouyang Wen released a sigh of breath.

Curious, Gu Jinmi asked Ouyang Wen “like this, what like this?!”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing, are you new here?”

“Yes, today is my first day, I’m not familiar with my surroundings, so…”

Ouyang Wen interrupted Gu Jinmi, “since it’s like that, do you want to take a stroll with me?”

What! What is going on! She hasn’t even asked, already have people offering to walk around with her! Such a good opportunity, it will be such a waste if she rejected the offer! “Okay! Okay! Then I’ll trouble you. Wait a moment, until now, I still don’t know your name!” Even though she knew a long time ago, but she still has to have the courtesy to ask!

“Haha, hello, I am Ouyang Wen, in senior year class one.

“Oh! Hello senior, I am Gu Jinmi, in, in, I think I have not seen what class I am in.” Gu Jinmi said, embarrassingly scratching her head.

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  1. Oh man. Did the author seriously put that many punctuation marks? Every time i read, i feel like they’re shouting at each other hahahahahah. On the other hand, the interest of both ml’s are too easily caught it’s kinda unrealistic. I hope that this is not the classic love triangle case. It’s better if the focus is just on the 2nd ml. Anyway, thanks for the chapter.


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