TDM Chapter 3 – Mysterious Mr Perfect

“Xiao Xuanxuan, are you okay?!”
Ji Xuan had just reached the newspaper office and she was engulfed in a bear hug.
She stiffened, feeling a little helpless, “Senior, I came to work looking fine, of course, I’m alright.”
“That’s good, I was so worried for the whole night, I was scared that something had happened to you. If an unexpected accident happens to you, Master is going to tear my skin out.”
Twitching her mouth, from what Yuan Yaoyao says, it sounds like it was her that did something wrong.
“Senior, relax, the thing that happened yesterday is our secret, Master wouldn’t know.”

Yuan Yaoyao nodded her head before she can repeat what Ji Xuan said, a steady sound sounded out behind them.
“Wouldn’t let me know what?”
Yuan Yaoyao was so scared she did not even dare let out a breath, however, Ji Xuan was evidently much more composed. Not batting an eyelid, she said: “I already said it’s a secret between me and Yaoyao, of course, I wouldn’t tell Master.”
When Ji Xuan was talking, Yuan Yaoyao kept tugging on her sleeves, hinting her not to expose themselves that quickly.
Ji Xuan ignored Xuan Yaoyao’s hints and stood really straight without showing any signs of guilt.
She knew that Master Zhao, has already heard the conversation between her and Yuan Yaoyao. If she was too secretive about it, it would give rise to more suspicion. Since they didn’t say what was it, Lao Zhao wouldn’t ask anymore if she was honest about it.
Exactly as how Ji Xuan thought it would go, Lao Zhao only looked at them for a while and didn’t ask any more about it.
Ji Xuan released a sigh of relief, Lao Zhao is also known as “the number one reporter of the empire”, if he knew that both his disciples not only followed and took pictures of a celebrity, but also flipped their car and landed in the police station, he would have died from anger.
“ Someone has spotted Liu Yuwei at Lan Kwai Fong, Ji Xuan, take the camera and follow me there.”
Lao Zhao didn’t share any other information with them as the job at hand is more important, they can’t lose this big, hard-to-obtain-scoop.
Liu Yuwei is a lively actress acting as a vivacious young female of questionable morals in one of the Chinese operas on television. She is low-keyed and never had any dubious relationship with the male celebrities. Only an odd number of rumors about sex scandals that resurfaces sometimes, therefore, she obtained many womenfolk good impression.
Lao Zhao felt that those in the entertainment circle wouldn’t be so clean, but would have people backing them, not letting outsider be able to catch them.
As the “number one reporter of the empire”, Lao Zhao hardened his heart to dig out sensational news on Liu Yuwei. This two months, she took place as the priority, and he can finally see the results.
Ji Xuan glanced at him, quickly went into the office to take the camera and went with Lao Zhao to capture this ‘Big Fish’.
As what Sheng Zeyan had said, Ji Xuan worked in the entertainment industry with the purpose to oppose him. She does not like this kind of job, digging into other’s personal and private matters, she even felt some resentment for it.
A person has to always pay for any decisions they have made. At that time, she chose this job to damage Sheng Zeyan’s reputation. She definitely cannot wash her hands off this matter and walk away even after seeing that this strategy has failed.
Ji Xuan could only love whatever job that she took up.
“Master, how about me?” seeing that Lao Zhao and Ji Xuan are leaving, Yuan Yaoyao, who does not know what to do, chased after them.
“Of course you are going to wait in the office for our news, after that, do not waste any time and post the first news.” Lao Zhao almost cried because of his disciple’s stupidity, if only it is not because of Yuan Yaoyao’s incisive writing style, being able to write an excellent piece of news, he wouldn’t have been willing to take this disciple, who always makes a mess of things, out to document events.
Looking at Ji Xuan, Lao Zhao heaved a sigh. True enough, no man is perfect. Ji Xuan have the talent for photo taking and the angles are all perfect, however, her writing is a mess. The task of writing the news cannot be passed on to her.

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Luckily, these two disciples complete each other, if not Lao Zhao’s title of “number one reporter” would be destroyed by both of them.
Lao Zhao’s thoughts had drifted away. He quickly returned his thoughts to the present situation and told Ji Xuan, “Let’s go, so that the ‘Big Fish’ will not escape.”
Ji Xuan gave Yuan Yaoyao a comforting look, and followed Lao Zhao to Lan Kwai Fong.”
When they reached, the person who was stalking her, Cheng Mu, called back, saying that Liu Yuwei went to a family restaurant and her mysterious partner appeared.
Lao Zhao and Ji Xuan quickly went to the family restaurant that Cheng Mu mentioned. They were looking for quite a while before they managed to find Cheng Mu who has been hiding behind a rubbish bin, sneakily waving his hands at them.
“How in the world did you find this awful place?”

“Boss, on this bright and sunny day, there is nowhere to hide, only this place has the best field of vision and is able to see everything clearly.”
Cheng Mu was right, in the area that they are hiding, they can see the opposite glass windows very clearly. Wearing a black tee dress with exquisite makeup, Liu Yuwei was comfortably talking and laughing with the person sitting opposite her.
Ji Xuan was fixing her camera lens and adjusting the focal length, Lao Zhao said, clicking his tongue, “No wonder Liu Yuwei does not have any rumours with the other actors in her social circle, the person she pursued is much powerful than the other actors. Plus, look at his car license plate number, it’s definitely very expensive!”
“It should not be the kind that can’t be on the news right?” Ji Xuan asked, planned to take a few pictures, but stared at the familiar license number in a daze.
“We can’t afford to offend this person, we can only name him as ‘The Mysterious Mr. Perfect’. Lao Zhao felt a little regretful and instructed Ji Xuan, “This kind of identity is special, take lesser photos of his face, you find an angle to take first, I’ll tell you how to take the picture later.”
Lao Zhao took a picture as well. After two months of observing her has resulted at this moment, they can’t let it go.
Looking through the camera lens, at the man and woman talking, Ji Xuan couldn’t concentrate, she could only hold down the camera shutter inattentively.
“Boss, would the ‘Mr. Perfect’ be…”
Cheng Mu didn’t finish his sentence, he mouth dropped open and he tugged on Lao Zhao clothes, “Boss, Boss!”
“Can’t you see that I am busy? What troubles are you creating at this time?” Lao Zhao pushed away Cheng Mu’s hand, however, his hand was placed back on Lao Zhao shoulder. Lao Zhao was about to get angry but felt that it wasn’t right.
The hand placed on Lao Zhao is not Cheng Mu’s hand.
The camera in Lao Zhao’s hand was snatched away. At this moment, Ji Xuan snapped out of her daze, turned around and saw the person behind Lao Zhao.
A guy wearing a suit was standing behind Lao Zhao, he quickly took out the memory card on Lao Zhao’s camera and returned the camera, then stared back at him again.
“Everything is on that card, there is nothing else, don’t worry, we didn’t see anything.” Lao Zhao sneered, the person in front of him is obviously sent by the ‘Mr. Perfect’, unsure of how they get caught in this prickly predicament.
His attention then turned to Ji Xuan, Lao Zhao immediately said: “She is my disciple, a newbie, she may be using the camera but she actually does not know how to take a proper picture.”
Seeing Lao Zhao blocking Ji Xuan, he wrinkled his eyebrow saying: “Our boss wants to talk to your disciple, you don’t mind right?”

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