TGCMM Chapter 1 – Migrate into the story

“I presume you’ve heard of Lady Jin Yu’s temper so I won’t go into the details. Just remember this. Do not disobey the lady. Otherwise you should know what the consequences will be.”

The housekeeper of Tian Feng Manor snapped coldly as he walked with his hands crossed. His dark tone and occasional backward gaze emitted a superior and arrogant demeanour.

Behind the housekeeper was a young man dressed in blue who kept his head down respectfully with a perfect smile on his face as he listened to the housekeeper’s teachings.

Seeing that the young man was obediently listening to his instructions, the initial gloomy tone of the Tian Feng housekeeper changed for the better. The housekeeper thought about the troubles the previous chosen servants had created and warned: “It is a blessing for you to be selected to serve Lady Jin Yu. You must cherish it, don’t do anything that will upset the Lady. Otherwise not only you, but everyone from the Qing Hu Clan will be implicated. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Fu Wang understands. I will take good care of Lady Jin Yu.” There wasn’t a hint of dissatisfaction on his face as he said that and he seemed obedient, which was reassuring.

However, his inner feelings didn’t match the gentle look on his face. He lowered his head to see the magnificent walkway made of white jade that was under his feet and his eyes misted over.

It was widely known in the world of Meng Ze that the Tian Feng family’s pride is Tian Feng Jin Yu. She was the most highly-respected lady in the Tian Hu Clan and along with her high status, came her tyranny.

It could be due to the fact that she was born from the union of the Demonic Tian Hu Clan and the Deities, tabooing heaven’s laws. Tian Feng Jin Yu was granted unimaginable, natural-born powers but at the same time, also cursed by the heavens. When she was ten years old, she went berserk and devoured half of the people in Tian Hu Clan’s Tian Feng Manor. Ever since then, she became more and more violent and sought pleasure in swallowing and killing servants. It became a routine for her to kill someone every two days.

The great world of Meng Ze honoured those with strength and especially with Tian Feng Jin Yu’s superior status, she didn’t care about other normal high-ranking demon clans, let alone killing a few of those from low-ranking demon clans. No number of deaths by her hand would change her status.

Demons from clans of little to no ranking like Fu Wang were sent here only to be tortured by Tian Feng Jin Yu, just for her pleasure. Although their official job description was to serve her, it was an unspoken truth in Meng Ze that these low-ranking demons would not live for more than three days.

Fu Wang was born from a servant of the Qing Hu Clan that was tied to Tian Hu Clan. Not long after his birth, his mother passed away and since then, there was no one in the Qing Hu Clan who truly cared for him. In Meng Ze, it was the survival of the fittest so while growing up, he struggled to survive.

Unlike the other demon foxes who looked beautiful and charming, Fu Wang was very handsome to the point of elegance. His looks paired with his modest and gentle demeanor kept him safe and brought him convenience as everyone naturally loved beautiful things. It was a pity that it was also the cause for him being sent to this place.

A maiden from the Qing Family was secretly infatuated with Fu Wang and in order to improve his life, he didn’t mind leading her on. It was easy. He just had to profess his fake affections for her and he would be able to improve his position as a slave. However, there was also a nobleman’s son who was in love with the maiden and couldn’t stand losing her to a lowly slave, so he secretly arranged for him to be sent to the Tian Feng Manor to die.

No one can steal anything that belonged to Tian Feng Jin Yu, not especially with her violent nature. Therefore, since being forced to step foot into the household, Fu Wang gave up all hope that the maiden would come to his rescue. No, we should say that Fu Wang didn’t believe that when he’s in danger, someone would save him because all demons were cold-hearted. Regardless of how deeply they loved, they would not risk their own life.

While walking slowly behind the housekeeper, Fu Wang had been racking his brain for ways to save himself. Even if the only thing left in store for him was death, he would not give in to fate and wait for his demise. In his twenty odd years of life, he had been mocked by others because of his status. Even though he had fallen into countless traps, he had always managed to survive till now. He would definitely be able to save himself from danger this time.

Who knows? This could be an opportunity. For him, Tian Feng Jin Yu’s noble status and immense power would undeniably be a reliable support unlike any other. If it weren’t for the high risk of death that everyone avoided, a slave like him wouldn’t have been able to get this close to Tian Feng Jin Yu. If only he could make use of her…

The housekeeper walking in front of him stopped behind an ornate wooden door. Fu Wang stopped his train of thoughts, regained his composure and stopped there too.

Having heard the housekeeper’s previous arrogant tone, it was as if he were a different person. The housekeeper bowed and spoke politely: “Lady Jin Yu, your servant Chang Yuan has come to bring you news.”

After a long time passed, a faint female voice could be heard permeating from inside the house: “What is it?”

The housekeeper kept his signature smile and hurriedly replied: “The new slave has arrived to serve you, my Lady.”


Silence came after Lady Jin Yu’s reply. The housekeeper turned to face Fu Wang, hinting him to go over. Fu Wang walked to the side of the door and greeted softly: “Fu Wang of Qing Hu Clan is here to serve you, my Lady.”

There was no reply so the housekeeper gave Fu Wang a little push. Following the motion from the push, Fu Wang opened the door and walked in.

The interior was spacious, with tall columns and large curtains made of fine yarn that were impossible to get on the market. The valuable Han Ling flower, that even the Qing Clan’s leader rarely got to use — that increased the users’ spiritual powers — was being used as decoration in a vase…to think that this place held so many luxury items astounded him. But there was one thing that Fu Wang couldn’t keep his eyes off of. It wasn’t the expensive and rare items but the dark silhouette on the long couch. As much as he tried to avoid it, he couldn’t help but to notice it from the corner of his eyes. Whoever or whatever that was, it made him shiver.

That thing, or that person, was the one whom everyone feared…Tian Feng Jin Yu. According to the rumours, she was an uncompromising monster. Anyone who dared look at her would have their heads crushed by her. Sensing her evil presence, Fu Wang didn’t dare to be reckless and knew that he had to be cautious.

The lady that was said to be brutal to the point that no one could look at her, that liked to listen to human skulls as if they were seashells, was sitting at a vantage point in the huge hall. As she looked down at the harmless new slave, she felt a piercing pain in her heart as if she’d been hit in the balls. Yes, although she had no balls, the sensation she felt was akin to that.

Just two days ago, she wasn’t called Tian Feng Jin Yu but Shu Yu. She was just an ordinary female, a senior student in university who was about to graduate. She would never have imagined that she would experience such madness like transmigration, especially not into the book. FML.

If she could go back, she would go onto the weibo of a blogger that liked to post questions at midnight such as, “What is the one thing you regret doing?” She would have written: “In this life, I regret reading a novel before sleeping.”

If only she hadn’t read the novel before going to bed, maybe she wouldn’t have such bad luck of transmigrating into the novel. It was bad enough to have transmigrated into the story but worse still, her identity in the story was just a cannon fodder. Her character was only mentioned in the male lead’s memories, in a single chapter with less than a hundred words.

In short, she was the perverted woman who would bring great harm to a male supporting character before ultimately being killed by him. Moreover, this particular male supporting character who would be responsible for her death was the guy standing in front of her…Fu Wang. It would’ve been fine if he was just a male supporting character but he was also the kingpin, the high-up BOSS.

Now you might be thinking…what’s the BOSS? He’s the one that stays alive until the end and keeps creating trouble for the male and female leads. He’s a crazy, cool, boundless character that has an evil charm, wisdom beyond the heavens and infinite power.

Having read the book titled《Overlord》, Shu Yu was clear about Fu Wang’s attributes. He had the typical attributes of a BOSS: Intelligent, powerful, good-looking, moral character, martial arts skills. At the start, before Shu Yu found out about his identity as the BOSS, she had been hopelessly in love with him. He was the only reason she read the novel. If she hadn’t found out about his additional attribute of being insane…

Speaking of which, we have to talk about the damn book that Shu Yu read before going to bed. It had a cheesy plot that was trendy a few years ago, which evoked feelings of nostalgia, with only some slightly different details.

The story goes that after losing her country to another country’s king, the princess’ parents were killed. She fled with her loyal guards but they encountered the enemy king along the way and they actually fell in love! Emotional drama ensued with palace power struggles filled with games of taunt, captivity, abortion, miscarriage, false accusations and misunderstandings. The female lead was terribly abused — both in body and in mind. Both the king and the princess perished together in the end. After reading this ending, Shu Yu felt like dregs — like a piece of dying shit.

Were it not for her friend who constantly, enthusiastically pledged that the novel was a good read, that the male supporting lead, Fu Wang, was absolutely Shu Yu’s cup of tea, she would’ve broken her computer after reading it halfway through.

The female lead was a masochist and her views were worrying. Do you not understand that towards the sworn enemy that killed your parents and conquered your country, you should refuse to live under the same sky with him? Besides, what’s good about that scumbag male lead? It’s understandable not to choose the perverted male supporting character aka the BOSS, but the young and loyal guard that protected the female lead wasn’t bad either. Why did she have to choose that cancerous male lead!

Thinking that there would be a turn of events later in the novel, with the scumbag male lead being tortured, Shu Yu persevered through the emotional rollercoaster and finished the whole novel. Perhaps it was her resentment that transmigrated her into the world of Meng Ze.

But! What use was it for her to transmigrate into a character that was so out of the main and supporting character’s circles that she needed to think about it for almost half a day before she figured out her identity?

Ah…there’s still one thing that made Shu Yu go all weak. In this traditional nostalgic novel, the author also added a bit of fantasy in order to pursue a new idea. That is, the supporting male character’s identity. He was a fox demon, a totally different species from the leading characters.

The story began with the depiction of the fall of the female lead’s country. It wasn’t until after thirty pages that the supporting male character appeared and his fox demon identity and past were only mentioned briefly. Besides making him appear cooler, what other purpose was there for this setting? Was it just there to make him more stylish?

At the thought of the novel filled with questionable points that she read yesterday, even with the predicament she was currently in, Shu Yu was unable to remain calm. She schooled her face to show Tian Feng Jin Yu’s narrow-eyed savage expression, her heart pounding fast.

After reminiscing about the past, Shu Yu reluctantly pulled her thoughts back to the present. Ah, standing in front of her was one that looked more timid than the typical daughter-in-law when meeting her in-laws, he is the novel’s BOSS.

Before the BOSS’ identity was revealed, he had seemed like a gentle and pure guy when he first appeared. It had been a blisteringly cold winter day. After having an abortion because of the male lead’s misunderstanding, the female lead had nowhere else to go and wandered around until she found herself at a lake. Just as she was filled with despair, she suddenly heard a zither playing in the distance. Soon after that, from beyond the plum blossoms that grew on the edge of the lake, a small boat slowly emerged. On the side of the boat sat an elegant man dressed in white, playing the zither. He was like a celestial being of the plum blossom lake.

Fu Wang had brought her back to his sanctuary and taken care of her. During this period, he had been so gentle that Shu Yu had let out cries of excitement as she clutched her chest, wishing that she was in the female lead’s shoes. At that time, she had hated the female lead for not loving the gentle Fu Wang but it was only as the plot progressed that she realised that this male supporting character she had thought to be gentle was actually the BOSS. The kind that had already blackened and became a yandere, a man that was extremely sick and deranged.

He behaved liked a crazed person and had a strong need to control everything and treated every person or matter with indifference. Even towards the female lead, he was just like a mental patient who would be kind one moment and crazy at another. In order to make the female lead stay, he had done many perverse things. This was a huge hit to Shu Yu who was already feeling crushed by the male lead’s scummy actions. She became like a bitter flower that could only sway in the wind.

To sum things up, Shu Yu had mixed feelings towards this person in front of her. Those feelings could be mustered up into two words: “Had loved”. Tell my why couldn’t he be a real gentleman?!

Besides this, Shu Yu was also a little afraid of this person. That’s because in the original novel, this identity of hers was killed by Fu Wang! Shu Yu had spent the whole night trying to figure out who she was, which was someone the author had mentioned briefly when writing about Fu Wang’s past. Fu Wang had suffered a lot in the past and even met a sadistic female demon who liked to torture people. She had tortured and humiliated him in every possible way, contributing greatly to his future hidden perverseness. In the end, that sadistic female demon was killed by Fu Wang, dying very tragically.

That’s right. Shu Yu’s current identity was that of the sadistic female demon, the cannon fodder that was destined to be killed by Fu Wang.

For the sake of preserving her own life, was it wrong for Shu Yu to think about……killing him first? But firstly, she couldn’t do something so bloody, she was a very moral and upright person and murder was crossing the line! Secondly, she had truly loved Fu Wang and couldn’t bear to hurt him despite knowing about his abnormalities!

Sugakookie’s re-editing stopped here: 27May’21

Then again, what can the supporting character do to her? Shu Yu knew that if she didn’t succeed in getting rid of Fu Wang first…and what if both of them held grudges for each other? Scratching her head all night, she made up her mind to be nice to him so that there would be no room for grudges. Isn’t that a happy ending everyone wants ~ If there is no other way, she could always send him far far away ~

The idea is great but she had yet to prepare herself mentally. Who would have known that just after she’d made up her mind, the person is already here. So she is currently nervous and totally unsure of what to do.

Shu Yu had that unfathomable gaze on her face, yet she didn’t realise the slender figure standing in front of her. When the sudden realisation hit her, Fu Wang was already bowing and kissing the hem of her skirt as if full of devotion and love.

“My Lady, let your servant Fu Wang serve you.”

No no no! I’m an upright person, I won’t let you serve me! I won’t! Of course, Shu Yu was frightened at this situation as she scurried back, pulling away her long skirt.

Sensing as if he had committed an incorrigible sin, Fu Wang kneeled down immediately: “I have done something sinful and angered My Lady, please punish me.” At the same time in his mind, he is trying to analyse everything that had happened till now. It was obvious that nothing major had happened when he was nearing Tian Feng Household, the initial default reaction he expected from Lady Jin Yu was put off after her unexpected, sudden refusal.

Fu Wang is perspective and is used to analyzing things, but it’s only until now that he could not make sense of Lady Jin Yu’s mood; whether it is anger or impatience…he couldn’t tell.
Lady Jin Yu of the Tian Feng Clan…it is as the legends say: She has unpredictable mood swings. On one hand, Fu Wang begs for divine punishment while on the other, he is silently waiting for disaster to fall upon him.

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