TDM Chapter 4 – I’m Willing to Retreat


Lao Zhao was stunned and didn’t respond for a while. Generally, when such situation arises, the memory card will be handed over, and the apologies will be finished. Today, how could he request the small newcomer to head over and chat?

“This… I am her master. If there’s any matter, asking me is the same as asking her.” Lao Zhao couldn’t figure out the situation, but he couldn’t watch Ji Xuan being taken away. Naturally, he had to stand up.

The man smiled gently, but his gaze held a hint of danger. “I have just said that our boss wants to see your apprentice. Isn’t this clear enough?”

Ji Xuan pursed up her lips and stood up. “Master, I will go and have a glimpse. Everyone can go back first.”

She was very grateful that Lao Zhao stepped forth in this critical moment, however, this problem can only be solved by her.

Lao Zhao was silent. He looked at Ji Xuan who followed the man to the black Maybach( German car brand).Cheng Mu, who was standing beside him, was worried. “Boss, are we going to just let them take Ji Xuan away?”

“Didn’t you hear what Ji Xuan had said? Furthermore, what did you think both of us can do to help?”

Cheng Mu closed his mouth unwillingly, then he saw Liu Yuwei and the Mr Perfect left the restaurant, followed by the black Maybach leaving the scene.

Ji Xuan sat in the car, not uttering a single word while Sheng Zeyan was holding her camera, carefully inspecting the photos she had taken a moment ago.

Catching sight of the picture of Liu Yuwei and him in the restaurant, his lips twitched upwards and teased, “Mrs. Sheng, catching the act of adultery, this sort of matter, you do not need to do it yourself. Private investigators are able to do it better than you. At minimum, they would not be caught in the act at the scene itself.”

Ji Xuan was greatly angered by Sheng Zeyan, she answered back sarcastically, “ To sum it up, aren’t you admitting that you are committing adultery? Could it be that you have no intention to give me an explanation?”

Sheng Zeyan mentioning “catching the act of adultery” allows  Ji Xuan to remember the suggestion given by Ren Xiaoyou. If you reverse it, does that mean that Sheng Zeyan has another lover?

“Are you jealous?” Sheng Zeyan moved close to Ji Xuan’s face, mirth can be faintly discernible in his eyes, making her feel gloomy.

She ate a ghost’s vinegar! Her mind is only filled with how to divorce him!

( 吃个鬼的醋 – literally translate to ate a ghost vinegar. In Chinese, eating vinegar can mean being jealous. So in this case, eating a ghost’s vinegar means like nonexistent jealousy. Basically, she’s saying she’s not jealous)

“You have misunderstood. My relationship with Miss Liu is strictly business, there’s nothing beyond that at all.” Sheng Zeyan explained but Ji Xuan did not believe his words.

She was not jealous, in fact, she clearly saw it.

When Sheng Zeyan was speaking with Liu Yuwei, his face showed a relaxed and comfortable smile. He has definitely never behaved that way in front of her. It was obvious that he wore a mask in front of her.

Actually , he doesn’t like to be with her too. For what reason does persistently don’t let go of her? Ji Xuan did not understand.

“If you really like that Miss Liu, I can retreat. Furthermore, I can tell others that it was all my fault. This way, it will preserve your reputations, it will also prevent the news of you dating Miss Liu from giving rise to many unpleasant rumours.” Ji Xuan said after thinking for a moment, resulting in drawing a laughter from Sheng Zeyan.

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“Your proposal is very fascinating. However, I have no intention of accepting.”

Seeing that Ji Xuan has a disappointed expression, Sheng Zeyan said, “ Moreover, I do not like Liu Yuwei.”

“Then, who do you like?”

“What do you think?” Sheng Zeyan fixed his sight on Ji Xuan, his glaze seemed to hold a profound meaning.

Ji Xuan was fully aware that she was not Sheng Zeyan’s opponent so she simply kept her mouth shut and looked away. She also shrank her body away from him, trying to treat Sheng Zeyan as air.

“Since we finished talking about my matter, we should start talking about your matter.” Sheng Zeyan had no intention of being treated as air, he sat straight and his expression was solemn.

“ I don’t think there’s anything to say.” Ji Xuan turned her head to look outside window, not wanting to look at Sheng Zeyan.

“Regarding your work, did you really make up your mind working in the entertainment industry?”

Seeing that Ji Xuan did not reply, Sheng Zeyan was not angry in slightest bit, even said sincerely and earnestly, “I saw the photographs you have taken, you have the talent for it and should not bury it. If you took classes to learn, your skills will be outstanding.”

It is undeniable that Sheng Zeyan’s words are very attractive to Ji Xuan. With his ability, not just famous teachers in the country, there is no problem in going abroad for further study.

Furthermore , she likes photography very much, but she doesn’t have the capital to learn. Now there’s an opportunity, but unfortunately, this opportunity is given by Sheng Zeyan.

“, I’m very grateful for your good intention however, you are wrong. I don’t have any foresight. Being able to fiddle with my camera like this, I’m already very satisfied.”

When Ji Xuan spoke, her hands that were on her lap were subconsciously clenched. She pursed her lips slightly, and her lower jaw drew tight, as if she was suppressing something.

Sheng Zeyan took in all of  Ji Xuan’s reactions one by one with his eyes. Of course, he did not miss a flash of pleasant surprise in her eyes. He said nothing and told the driver to go to a high-end western restaurant. The topic was forgotten.

Sheng Zeyan’s silence made Ji Xuan relieved, but her heart was agitated.

When they reached the restaurant, Ji Xuan passed the menu to Sheng Zeyan as she only wanted a bottle of wine.

Seeing that Sheng Zeyan was sitting silently in his spot, not saying a thing, Ji Xuan became more agitated.

Why is it that this person was able to converse joyously with another woman in restaurant not long ago and is now having a meal nonchalantly with her? This caused Ji Xuan to be in a bad mood.

After a while, the wine, along with the first dish, were served on the table. Ji Xuan refused to wait for the waiter to pour the wine for her. She filled a cup for herself, raised her head and empty the cup in one gulp. The waiter who saw it could not help but be speechless.

Ji Xuan endured the burning sensation in the area between the chest and lungs, looked at Sheng Zeyan with a look of provocation, as if saying :Look, I am this type of person, I’m completely from a different world with you.

Who would have thought that Sheng Zeyan seemed like he didn’t notice her glance, putting the already shell-peeled shrimp into her plate and said, “It’s not good to drink on an empty stomach. You should eat something to fill your stomach first.”

Ji Xuan was thoroughly defeated. She was like a general who wanted to fight to death with the enemy. Who would have thought that she had not attacked, the enemy has already surrendered first. Her fighting spirit is was completely lost.

She ferociously stuffed the shrimp into her mouth, as if she was eating the meat of Sheng Zeyan, and she ate till she gnashed her teeth.

Sheng Zeyan allowed Ji Xuan to vent her anger on the food, and even considerately cut the steak nicely for her just to make it convenient for her to vent off.

Once he saw Ji Xuan finished half the bottle of wine without restrain, he went forth to stop her.

“This wine’s alcohol content is strong. Drinking too much will make you feel unwell.”

“Don’t care about me!” Ji Xuan said grumpy, not in a least bit grateful to Sheng Zeyan, even still wish to take the wine. However, once she received Sheng Zeyan’s swift and fierce glance, she drew back her hand.

The surrounding atmosphere was cold. Ji Xuan was frighten till she dared not move.

She dared to act recklessly in front of Sheng Zeyan but that’s because he always has a gentle attitude. However, he is now showing this swift and fierce expression, making a little fear birthed in her heart.

She had almost forgotten. Sheng Zeyan could have his current status and position, there was no way he could be a gentle person.

Due to her rising fear of Sheng Zeyan, Ji Xuan was filled with grievances, she shrank her body, shriveled her mouth and she was on the verge of tears.

“Why did you choose me? You only wanted Ji Family’s Daughter. Why must it me?”

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