RSMLP Chapter 7 – Youthful Campus Life (1.4)


Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi’s blank face, laughed uncontrollably and asked “what are you daydreaming about! You were in a daze.”

Gu Jinmi glared at Ouyang Wen resentfully. Humph! It’s all your fault! Other than her family members, no one else called her Jin Er! Besides, it has been only less than a day since they met! Isn’t this progressing a little too fast?!

“Relax! This mission is only a trial run for you, if you can’t get through something as simple as this, it can only mean that I have misjudged your ability.”

“Ah! You finally appeared!” Gu Jinmi yelled.

“That’s because I can’t watch it any longer! If it was another person doing this mission, it would have been completed a long time ago, unlike you, dragging the issue on.”

Gu Jinmi felt wronged and said “But you can’t blame me for this! I have not come into contact with a boy before! Oh, that’s not right, it should be that I have not come into contact with a boy other than those related to me. Plus, you want me to date as well, I think I’m doing great!”

Okay, I won’t say anything anymore, you just look out for yourself!”

“Hey, hey, hey, why are you leaving again?”

Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi blanked out state, felt a little helpless. Is it because my charisma has decreased? If it’s not the case, then why does this girl always daydreaming when he is around? “Little girl, why is your mind wandering again?”

Gu Jinmi came back from her daydream and got a shock as her face was very close to Ouyang Wen. She jumped back, saying “you… You… What are you doing?!”

“Nothing! I was just looking, wondering what are you thinking about. You have such a handsome guy in front of you and you still can think about other men!”

“Ah! What?!” Gu Jinmi was annoyed, every time Ouyang Wen talks, she never understands what he is saying! It is like both of them are in different worlds, one up in the sky, the other down on earth, obviously the one on earth is her! “ That, that, I… I…” She really has no idea what to say.

Seeing that Gu Jinmi felt awkward, Ouyang Wen laughed, “okay, okay, I shall not tease you any further.”

Gu Jinmi saw Ouyang Wen laughing and started to be in a bad mood. Humph! What is so funny! What’s there to laugh about, was it that strange! How annoying!

Ouyang Wen paid no attention to her and did not say anything else.

“Ouyang, Jin Er, it’s time to eat.”

Hearing her mother’s voice, she sighed in relief. “Okay mummy, I’m coming.” She left immediately, ignoring Ouyang Wen.

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Looking at Gu Jinmi’s quickly leaving back, he shook his head. This girl, don’t know where have I offended her! I seriously don’t understand her.

At the dining table, her mother kept serving dishes to Ouyang Wen, saying: “Ouyang! Eat more, eat more!”

Gu Jinmi saw that Ouyang Wen’s bowl was quickly becoming a small mountain and felt a little jealous. She stared at the person opposite her and said, “Mummy, I also want.”

“Don’t you have some in front of you?” Her mother said.

Gu Jinmi said while pouting, “Mummy, you don’t care for me.”

Mother scolded, “You! Are you a kid who doesn’t grow up.” and moved to serve some food for Gu Jinmi.

However, another chopstick served the dish to her first. Gu Jinmi and her mother was surprised and looked over to the owner of the chopstick.

Smiling, Ouyang Wen said: “Didn’t you want it? I served it to you, quickly eat!”

Gu Jinmi looked at the dish in her bowl and suddenly had no appetite. How… How… How is she supposed to eat this! Seeing that mother had a weird, ambiguous look in her eyes, she was dumbfounded. Gu Jinmi glared at Ouyang Wen, really, everything is his fault.

Ouyang Wen rubbed his nose, why do I feel like I made this girl angry again!

Mother laughed at the glaring Gu Jinmi and said: “Jin Er, what are you doing?!’

Gu Jinmi answered bitterly: “Mummy, you really don’t care for me.”

“Aiyo, Ouyang, don’t mind her! This haughty girl is always like this. Next time please bear with her!”

“Aunty! You must be joking, I just thought Jin’er’s temper is very cute.”

“Haha, is that so? Aiyo this girl, you don’t have to give me face! I understand.”

“Aunty, I am really not joking, I really like Jin Er’s temper.”

Gu Jinmi felt that the conversation became confusing and quickly said: “Mummy, Senior, the food is getting cold.”

“Aiya! Jin Er, why are you still calling Ouyang, senior? You should know that Ouyang has carried you in the past! Calling him senior, wouldn’t it be treating him as a stranger?”

“Then what should I call him?”

“Call me Wen gege, I don’t mind.”

“Wen gege, I… I don’t want! So cringy.”

Her mother hit Gu Jinmi on the head, “What! cringy! Isn’t it very normal? Last time, you were always following Ouyang around, calling him Wen gege!”

“Last time, I was young and ignorant, besides, we have not met for such a long time, suddenly calling him Wen gege, makes my goosebumps pop up.”

If it’s like that, then call me Ouyang gege! I don’t mind.”

“No, no, why must it be gege!”

“This girl, why do you have to be so troublesome! You choose, either Wen gege or Ouyang gege!” her mother gave the final word.

“Fine, I’ll just call him Ouyang gege.” Gu Jinmi said, not elated about the situation while looking up at a very happy and proud Ouyang Wen.

Ouyang Wen noticed Gu Jinmi’s awkward feelings and said: “Aunty, it’s fine! Don’t embarrass Jin’er already, she is not used to calling me gege, calling me senior is okay.”

“How can that be?! Jin’er, call him Ouyang gege now.” Her mother instructed her.

Gu Jinmi unwillingly called Ouyang gege monotonously.

“Haha, good girl.” Ouyang Wen laughed.

Good, good what! I feel like I’m a little kid.

Mother noticed the silent conversation between them and smiled at that moment. Hmm, he must become my son-in-law! Yes, yes, this matter needs to be discussed with Ouyang Wen’s father. Gu Jinmi’s dad has to go to Ouyang’s household to settle the arrangement of marriage between the two kids. If he does not become my son-in-law, who is going to compensate me! No, no! I must go now!

“The two of you slowly eat! I have to tend to an errand first!”

“Alright, aunty, you go deal with your errand first!”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

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  1. A day in a supporting female lead’s life:Goes to school>> Immediately encounters all the leads>>become insta-friend/senior of Second ML>>Take home turned into meet the parent>>Meeting turns to eating>>Eating turns to engagement match making


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