RSMLP Chapter 8 – Youthful Campus Life (1.5)

Gu Jinmi motionlessly looked at Ouyang Wen who was sitting opposite her and said, “Ouyang Wen, you are too much! Look! Now, Mummy must have misunderstood our relationship.”

Ouyang Wen said, “Oh! So it’s like this! Anyway, the one who will suffer a loss will be me, not you.”

“You… You… You… Humph! I’m full. I will leave first.”

“Wait, if not, I will tell your mother that you neglected me.”, Ouyang Wen threatened.

“You… you… you are shameless.” Gu Jinmi discontentedly said as she sat down heavily.

When Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi huffing in rage, he picked up a vegetable with his chopsticks and said, “Ok, you have only eaten a little bit, you should eat more!”

Gu Jinmi rubbed her own stomach. It seemed like she really didn’t eat her fill! However, she absolutely cannot yield in front of him.

When Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi’s unwavering expression, he smiled and said, “Alright, quickly eat! Once you finish eating, I’ll bring you out for a stroll.”

“Ok! Ok! I want to go to an amusement park! I have never visited an amusement park before!”

“Sure. I will bring you there after you finish, is that alright?”

“En en en.” Gu Jinmi hastily picked up her chopsticks and ate her meal. Ah ah, she has always wanted to play at an amusement park! Whenever she passed by an amusement park on her way to the hospital, she had seen the happy expression of the people playing there and she looked forward to it.

When Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi’s excited expression, he suddenly smiled and said, “Eat slowly, there’s no one to snatch it from you.”

“Done, I have finished eating. Let’s go!” Gu Jinmi said while looking at Ouyang Wen with a face of full expectation.

“You’ve just finished eating. If you go now, you are asking for appendicitis!” Ouyang Wen said in a bad tone.

Gu Jinmi stuck out her tongue and said, “Hehe, I never thought that far. I was only thinking of playing. Hehe.”

“You! Since it’s like this, I will go home first. I will come and fetch you at 3pm in the afternoon.”

“Alright.” Gu Jinmi nodded her head and said, “ You have to be punctual, ok!”

“Don’t worry, playful little demon! Oh right, help me tell Aunty! I will leave first.” Ouyang Wen turned and left once he finished saying his piece.

When her mother appeared, she only saw Gu Jinmi sitting on the sofa alone, eating an apple as she watched television alone. She asked, “Eh! Why is it only you? Where is Ouyang!”

“Oh! Ouyang Gege has something to do so he went back first.”

“Why did he leave so early! You, why didn’t you let people stay longer? The weather is so hot. If, by any chance, he suffers a heat stroke, what will you do?!”

“Mum, you are exaggerating! He drove here and the distance between our houses doesn’t even reach 500 metres!”

“Humph! Come and tell Mummy, how do you see Ouyang!”

“How do I see Ouyang? Very good.”

“What a great choice!

“Yes, what a great choice! He’s quite gentle and kind. Most importantly, he is bringing me out to play.”

(TL-I: 乐于助人 means willing/ready to help others. I will just put it as kind to make the sentence flows better)

“Oh, so it’s like this! Then, should Mummy pay a visit and propose an arranged marriage?”

Gu Jinmi who was drinking water at the moment spat everything out. “Pu, Ke Ke, Ke Ke, Mummy, what are you saying?! Proposing a marriage arrangement is clearly what the bridegroom’s side should be doing!”

(TL-1: (Pu) is the sound made puffing? 咳咳 (Ke ke) is the sound of coughing)

“Aiya! There’s no need to fuss so much about this! At that time, it was your Mother who quickly chased after your Father and finally married your Father after many difficulties. How can you dilly dally? What if the person runs out of your reach? What will you do then?!”

“Aiyo, my great Mummy! You should not meddle in this situation. Your daughter knows what to do. Speaking of which, how would you know what kind of feelings Ouyang Gege will have towards me! We have only known each other less than a day.”

Gu Jinmi didn’t have the chance to finish speaking before her mother snatched the chance away from her. “What do you mean by less than a day?! Both of you knew each other when you were small.”

“Please, I went overseas when I was only five years old, okay?! Besides, what do you understand when you are young? Anyway Mummy, just leave this matter for me to handle by myself. You’re always bustling around. What if in the end, Ouyang Gege doesn’t have feelings for me? Won’t I lose my face then?”

“You! Don’t worry, I saw the way he looked at you! It was extremely affectionate!”

“Mummy, that’s enough! Anyways, since I don’t care about this matter, neither should you. I will go upstairs first and wait for Ouyang Gege to come!” After finishing her sentence, Gu Jinmi ignored her mother and ran upstairs.

Gu Jinmi’s mother looked at Gu Jinmi’s departing back and could not help but sigh. “This child has really grown up!”

Perhaps today was a tiring day for Gu Jinmi, she has not woken up even though it was already 3 pm.

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi’s mother and said, “Auntie, where is Jin er?”

“Oh! Jin er is still sleeping. Ouyang, why are you here?”

“Oh! I told Jin er that we will  be going to the amusement park at three o’clock this afternoon.”

“Oh, so it was like this! This Jin er is really…It’s already time, but she’s still not up yet. Ouyang, why don’t you go up and see!”

“This is not a good idea! After all, it is Jin er’s room.”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing, you can open the door and go in. It’s nothing.”

“If it’s just like this, then okay!”

Gu Jinmi’s mother looked at Ouyang Wen’s back as he went upstairs and could not help but smile. She created an opportunity for you, Jin er!

Ouyang Wen carefully opened the door and saw that the sleeping Gu Jinmi was as cute as a baby. He couldn’t help but reached out and poked the Gu Jinmi’s cheeks.

Gu Jinmi felt that there seemed to be something crawling on her face. She waved her hand in dissatisfaction, turned over and said, “Irritating.”

Ouyang Wen listened to the soft voice of Gu Jinmi, and couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. This little girl is simply testing his control! No, no, he can’t scare her away!

Ouyang Wen leaned his body towards Gu Jinmi’s ear, sighed into her ear and said, “Little girl, wake up, don’t you want to go to the amusement park?! If we don’t go now, it will be too late!”

Gu Jinmi muttered “Amusement Park?! Oh! Right! I wanted to go to the amusement park! I have forgotten.” Gu Jinmi quickly climbed up. “Oh, it hurts.” Gu Jinmi touched her forehead and looked at the other party with dissatisfaction.

“Ah! You, why are you in my room.” Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen who suddenly appeared in front of her, and quickly moved back, she felt that her face must have turned extremely red! Otherwise, why would she feel that her face is burning! But this loser shall not lose! “You, you, I can sue you for trespassing people’s home!”

“Hehe, then go ahead! It was Aunty who told me to come up and call a certain lazy little pig.”

“What, Mummy, what are you up to?! Also, I- I am not a lazy little pig!”

“Yes, yes, yes, you are not, hurry wake up! Unless you really don’t want to go.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the certain someone who didn’t plan to leave. “You, aren’t you leaving?! I have to change.”

Ouyang Wen shook his head and said, “Oh! I thought I could stay.”

Ouyang Wen hadn’t finished speaking yet, Gu Jinmi threw a pillow towards him and said, “You… you, hurry leave!”

“Okay! Ok! It’s not good if a certain someone flies into a rage from shame!”

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  1. Omg this is so cute! She is so naive and clueless in a way that makes want you love her. Thanks for the translation and keep up the good work.


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