TDM dropped

Hello all readers!

To all who’ve been looking forward to TDM, we’re sorry but we have to drop it. We will start by telling you how things work in Iluska & Maelani Translations. As we’re relatively new, there’s bound to be changes here and there. Which is why you’ll sometimes see that some unedited chapters have many errors. At first, our editors usually edit after posting hence we put a little “unedited” at the beginning of the page. However, some people didn’t notice that and commented on the errors. So, we have decided to shorten our translators’ deadline (even if they are busy) so that our editors (who are busy too), will have enough time to edit. For TGCMM, we’ve changed the people in charge. We’ll switch our translators and editors based on their capabilities after reviewing the chapters they did. So please do not trust the calendar for TGCMM. Now back to the main point of this post. Iluska & Maelani Translations usually ask for permission from authors. If we’re unable to find the author’s contact, we’ll start with the translations while continuing our search. Once found, we’ll ask for permission and if the author doesn’t permit the translations, we will drop the novel. TDM’s author did not give us her permission. Therefore, to those who were looking forward to the story, we’re sorry. The author’s reason for denying us is due to the contract she has signed with 17k publisher, which transferred all her rights to the novel over to 17k. This means that even though she’s the author of the novel, she doesn’t have the right to permit our translations.

We could be like most of the other translators and not ask for the authors’ permission but we respect their work and thus try to find them and respect their wishes.


Here is a list of novels we’ve taken on and their status:

  1. RSMLP – In the process of searching for author’s contact
  2. TDM – Found, permission not given
  3. TGCMM – Found, permission given for translations but not for Patreon chapters
  4. New novel – Found, author currently MIA

The new novel will be released mid or late August and the translator in charge will be Iluska. She will not be releasing it yet due to her busy schedule and also having to manage other aspects of Iluska & Maelani Translations.

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