TGCMM Chapter 2 – What is she trying to do?

~ The female lead’s foolishness is making me cry. o(*≧▽≦)ツ┏━┓ ~

Crap! I’m going to die! If the BOSS asked me to lay with him and I refused, would he be humiliated and in anger, come for my pathetic life someday in the future? Ahhhhh!

No no no, calm down. I need to think about what the actual Tian Feng Jin Yu would do. Shu Yu thought about the bloody scenarios and almost puked in disgust.

In the past, whenever Tian Feng Jin Yu came across such a situation, she would put on a charming and evil smile as she placed her hand on the person’s head. Then with a crack, she would crush her victim’s head and gaze upon the corpse that was a blur of flesh and blood mixed with the splattered brains that looked like tofu, as she let out a chorus of maniacal laughter.

Could she do that? Of course not! If Shu Yu was able to kill the BOSS, she wouldn’t be having this dilemma!

However, if she had to comply with the BOSS, she wouldn’t be able to do that too. Let’s not talk about the fact that she was a child in her previous life. The actual Tian Feng Jin Yu was also a child! While we’re on this topic, Tian Feng Jin Yu was really a qualified and competent pervert. In her entire life, besides killing and torturing demons, she had no other interest. Anyway, every demon that was sent to warm her bed would be killed by her before they could serve their purpose. Simply tragic.

So, following Tian Feng Jin Yu’s consistent path of ferocity, if she was so afraid of angering the BOSS that she agreed to lay with him, won’t that ruin her character’s image? What if someone noticed? Especially the BOSS, his IQ is astoundingly high.

How would she be able to protect Jin Yu’s character and the BOSS’ fragile heart, protect his current character that hadn’t had time to become perverted. Can anybody tell me?

In this short moment, light years have passed in Shu Yu’s mind. “One hundred tragic endings for being unable to solve this issue” This topic would expand to countless associations. She got nervous the more she thought about it and once that happened, she subconsciously emitted a chill. Oh no, because the one residing within Tian Feng Jin Yu’s body is currently her, the valiant power is also hers. Shu Yu’s lack of control over Jin Yu’s powers plus her anxiety caused this tragedy to happen.

Absorbed in her nervous thoughts, Shu Yu unconsciously released waves of power, causing the BOSS that was currently weak to spit out blood.

“……” Haha, it can’t get any better than this, Shu Yu thought with despair.

Having just vomited blood, Fu Wang struggled to kneel properly and with added respect, he lowered his head and said, “The death of this servant is inadequate. I plead with your ladyship to not ruin your health over this lowly servant.”

“……” She could’ve sworn that she heard the BOSS’ hatred rising like a notification tone, hahaha. Shu Yu fell to her knees mentally.

It can’t go on like this, it needs to end soon otherwise things will definitely take a turn for the worse. Waahhh! Despite it being an agonising predicament to be in, Shu Yu had conviction that was as tough as nails to survive through this. She raised her hand and crushed a flower vase beside her. Shu Yu schooled her face with a raw, ice cold smile, “Scram!”

Fu Wang had honestly believed he would experience more punishments, even death, like the rumours. Shock slapped itself onto his eyes like a bandaid. Today, Tian Feng Jin Yu literally just let him off with only a minor injury. Regardless of whether Jin Yu had any other plans for him, at least Fu Wang was safe right now. From now on, how would Fu Wang deal with this sadist who had constant mood swings? Apprehensive, he would need more time to observe and scheme in order to manipulate her Ladyship.

Fu Wang prostrated towards Shu Yu and quickly left the huge Hua Li Hall silently. The moment his figure disappeared behind the door, Shu Yu’s act of evil charm turned into the state of an insufferable shit sack within a second. She crawled onto the couch and prepped for her funeral.

Looking at the BOSS’ pale face, his unbreaking stature as he walked out and the blood left at the corner of his lips, did he truly suffer such a heavy wound? After attaining such immense power for not long, Shu Yu was still not used to it. She does not know the weight of her ignorance — the lack in control. Therefore, she did not account for the consequences of what happened earlier, of how much she could hurt someone.

Looking at this green and innocent BOSS of his early years, who looks like he is going to fall at the slightest touch, he truly couldn’t hold a candle to that magnificent pervert from his later debut. What if he was crushed to death by the leakage of her domineering aura… Shu Yu felt the need to go after him to check on him. She is a powerful demoness after all, tailing could never expose her identity..

Reassured, Shu Yu peeled off her wide overcoat. With only her middle-layered, vermillion top, she slipped out of the hall and chased after Fu Wang.

Fu Wang strolls very slowly, not just due to his wounds, but to cognize the people towards the cause of his injuries. A lowly servant, who hurt when he was serving Tian Feng Jin Yu. Isn’t it a natural case?

Lady Jin Yu’s residence is Tian Feng Manor’s most gorgeous hall, with the wealthiest spiritual flow, and was dubbed as Tian Xin Island. The paradise has its own island that sits in the middle of the spiritual lake that is as pleasant and warm as the Spring. A diversity of flowers and trees filled with spiritual energy sheltered by a pavilion crafted with finesse, surrounded by exquisitely ornamented architecture. A blanket of white fog, condensed by the mass of spiritual energy, covers the island. It’s beauty, comparable to a celestial setting.

Simply by just walking along this haven, simply by just breathing in that air, Fu Wang’s wounds were almost healed. He lowered his eyes. It was no wonder that Tian Feng Jin Yu would be so schedulely brutal and savage. There are still so many clans that wished to send their people here. This is a such a phenomenal place to train. The only issue is that those that enter will have to treasure their lives to survive.

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Walking past a small garden, Fu Wang heard youthful laughter. Looking up, he saw young, eminent men and women, grasping freshly picked flowers, walking towards him.

On this island, there is only one mistress. Tian Feng Jin Yu. Everyone else is underneath her, to serve her. It’s just that the servants have their own ranks and grades as well, and like Fu Wang, these ordinary branch members came here to curry favour. To grant Tian Feng Jin Yu her sadistic pleasure. On the other hand, the ones in front of him, who are filled arrogance, have both credentials and fetching appearances. They are Tian Hu Clan’s young aristocrats.

Those nobles are treasured the moment they were borned into the world, with their lives led far better than any ordinary fox demons. For formalities, they were sent here to serve Tian Feng Jun Yu but are in fact here to train. No doubt the elders that sent them here couldn’t deny the hopes of having their favoured children be fawned over by Tian Feng Jin Yu.

However, with Jin Yu being as per usual, she would not care about them despite whatever background they have. She will heinously kill them for the audacity to take advantage of her, or even as simply as unpleasant sight. Due to this, the prides of these noble clans could only stay far far away from the Lady.

While they couldn’t be near her, those with lower status were able to do so. Even when they know it is a one way ticket to death, the nobles feel indignant, and among these servants, some aren’t murdered by Jin Yu but by the nobles as well.

Within this harsh hierarchy, those born with a silver platter have always felt egoistic whether it is displayed on their faces or not.

Fu Wang stopped walking and bowed in salutations. The group of nobles stopped their chatter, with demure interest, they checked him out from head to toe, with eyes filled with contempt. A miserable and shabby, lowly servant.

“Why haven’t I seen you before, are you new?” A young man smugly asked. It was as if every sentence was a benevolent gift bestowed to Fu Wang.

These stereotypes, Fu Wang has seen countless of them and he knew very clearly on how to deal with them. With great fear laced into his tone, he submissively answered, “This servant was sent from Qing Hu Clan.”

With absolute zero interest, the nobles ignored him after he spoke and left. Fu Wang remained hunched as he listened to their soft laughter — discussing his fate in unfiltered mockery.

“Just another punching bag sent to be played with, I bet he wouldn’t even last past 3 days.”

“That might not be true, the last time, that one only lasted for half a day~”

“Hahaha~ Why don’t we have bet, let’s see in what way will he die?”

Fu Wang rose to his stature, and he looked at their retreating figures. His mouth curled to form a mere trace of a smile as he continued to walk along the path strewed with flowers on either side. There weren’t many people on the Island, and this time he didn’t encounter anyone as he hurriedly retreated back into his room.

This room compared to the other rooms on this Island, is simply a world apart. This is probably the most rundown house in the whole of Tian Xin Island. The only good thing about this place is its secludedness, with the exception of those ramshackled old straw huts. There is only a moss-covered well and an old tree with two or three fully bloomed flowers. No one would seem even pass by here.

Seeing this, Fu Wang wasn’t the tiniest bit surprised. After all, those who stayed here never lived long. Who would care about its next living occupants’ comfort? Having a place to stay is good enough.

There wasn’t much furnishings and decorations inside the house just a bed and an old wooden cabinet. In the pile of debris, Fu Wang found a copper bowl, and he went outside to scoop some water from the well. He placed the bowl on the only 3-legged wooden bench and begun to wash his face. The blood he spew from before left a bloody stain, his shirt had patches blood stained all over too.

Fu Wang stood before his acting basin. As he reached out for the cooling water, his eyes involuntarily darted to the reflection upon the water surface, a red silhouette was squatting on one of the beams. For a moment, he turned stiff, but soon later he relaxed, he washed his face as though nothing had happened.

Droplets of water hanged on the hairs near his temples, and slid to his cheeks. The beads of water tremble on his eyelashes. Due to the trifling quiver across the water surface, ripples formed and blurred the image of the red silhouette.

From watching many historical dramas that had people try to kill someone by poisoning their drinks,  Shu Yu who was squatting on the beam, thought she had hidden herself well but was in fact discovered. At this moment she was evaluating this broken house, and was struck with a dilemma again. She is considering whether to give the BOSS a new place to live, but how is she going to support him secretly and develop his character value?

According to the novel descriptions, he is undoubtedly a suspecting person. If Shu Yu would to do this directly, he would suspect that she was up to no good. How about the next time when he does something, she would find an excuse to reward him?

Shu Yu realised that Fu Wang is standing by the window holding the basin of water, instead of being by the bench. It must be due to the insufficient light by the bench, she didn’t give it much thought, and once again she began to think of ways to benefit him.

When Fu Wang adjusted the basin of water to the best angle, he could finally confirm that the vermillion silhouette is Tian Feng Jin Yu, who is supposed to be in the great hall. The very same girl who had a ice cold smile, squatted on his dust covered, roof beams, her skirt lifted up to reveal her snow white undergarments and hair wrapped in spider webs. Mannerless.

Fu wang hymned, “…….”

A silent moment later, he didn’t show a hint of indifference and continued to wash his face. At the same time, his droopy eyes covered the surprise in his eyes. Even knowing that one day, someone will be after his life. Hiding in the dark, watching him, Fu Wang even had to act oblivious about it. He acted normally as he poured away the water. Pretending to be exhausted he looked towards the creaking wooden bed, carefully controlling his breathing, and went into a fake state of deep sleep.

While Fu Wang is faking his sleep, he is guessing what are Tian Feng Jin Yu’s intention. He heard quite a few rumours about her. The term “brutal murder” is inseparable for her; a monster who advocates power has the people’s respect, and there are those who hate the way she does things finding her detestable. Besides all this stereotypes of her, he does not understand what kind of person she is.

It is highly unlikely that no one could interpret Jin Yu as a person as no one dared to go near her, those who tried to have been killed by her. Then what about him, is he able to do what other monsters could not?

No, he must do it, and he must be able to do it. So what if Jin Yu observed that he is a weak and inmenacing servant is of no use. He couldn’t let her suspect and hate him even in the slightest bit.

He must do everything possible to be in her good books, he needs to gain the support and leverage that this person can provide. To change his own destiny. To make sure no one can bully those of crippled status! A person with no dignity is like a speck of dust, that anyone could just step on any day. He is convicted to stop living a life like that, and that one day, he will be the one that steps on those that look down on him!

Gazing over at the clothed Fu Wang lying on the tattered bed, soundly asleep, Shu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Even if she knew that her current stats are higher than the BOSS, but thinking about the ending, she felt nervous whenever she sees the BOSS. Worried over him would only manifest a darkness in the pit of her belly. The day of reckoning would come.

Since he is sleeping, should Shu Yu check out his injury? Thinking about it, Shu Yu jumped off the beam like a thief, approached Fu Wang slowly. Extending her hand out to feel his pulse, she retreated and covered her face even before she touched him. She doesn’t even know how to take a pulse, reading those martial arts novels are just like what fantasy novels said about taking a pulse. Something about running the inner spiritual power in a course to find out about the gravity of the injury. More advice on technicalities please!

The original Tian Feng Jin Yu definitely only knows about techniques to kill, she has never helped  to detect and treat their injuries and the sort. So what is Shu Yu going to do now?

The saddest reminder is that there can be no other situation as horrible as now, the injured and weakened BOSS lies in front of you, yet you don’t know what to do.

Fu Wang became extremely weary when Jin Yu got near him. He was careful to be alert and when she reached her arm out, he held his breath. He reacted hastily pretending to be normal. The great thing is she did not sense his uneasiness. He slowly lets his guard down and steadies his heart.

But then again, what was Tian Feng Jin Yu trying to do?

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The author has something to say:
The female lead keeps acting stupid, subsequently the male lead is used to it.
[The original problem is the female lead! What I have written above is the spoiler!]

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