RSMLP Chapter 9 – Youthful Campus Life (1.6)

Gu Jinmi quickly closed the door and leaned against it. She lightly touched her chest and whispered to herself, “Oh gosh. Really, mom. How could you do this to me?”

“Little girl, hurry up! Otherwise, we’ll really miss it.”

“Ah! Ok! Got it, I’m coming soon! Wait for a moment!” Gu Jinmi looked at her full wardrobe and felt conflicted. There are so many clothes, which one to wear?

After waiting outside for a little while, Ouyang Wen could not take it any longer. Pushing open the door, he shook his head at the sight of the little girl daydreaming in front of her wardrobe. Is there any time that she doesn’t daydream? “Little girl, half a day has passed, how are you not done changing yet?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen who had suddenly appeared again, saying “You…why are you in my room again?”

“If I’d waited for you outside, I don’t even know which year and month I’ll have to wait till.” Ouyang Wen looked at her wardrobe and promptly took out a light blue dress, saying “Go, change into this.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the clothes and said, “Aren’t we going to an amusement park? I don’t think a dress is suitable?”

“What’s not suitable? It’s pretty good. Hurry now.”

“Alright, alright! I’m going now.”

Not long after, Gu Jinmi came out and looked at Ouyang Wen uncomfortably. Even though she wore dresses often, this dress seemed to be a bit too revealing.

Disappointment flashed across Ouyang Wen’s eyes as his gaze settles on Gu Jinmi the moment she walked out. Irritation struck him when he noticed her exposed back. He walked to the wardrobe, pulled out a cardigan and placed it on her. He remarked, “Wear this. Really, why do you have these kinds of clothes? You’re only 16, 17 years old, ok?”

Surprised at his sudden anger, Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen and thought ‘Certainly, when a gentle person gets angry, it’s really scary!’ She raised her hands weakly and said, “That…that…can you let me explain myself first?”

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi’s innocent expression and said, “Speak.”

“Umm, to be honest, I don’t know why I have this kind of clothes in my wardrobe. I didn’t buy any of these. My mother has always bought my clothes for me so I’m not too sure myself.”


“Of course! I have never spoken a lie!”

“Alright! I’ll believe you this time, let’s go!” Ouyang Wen held her hand and walked down the stairs.

At that moment, Gu Jinmi didn’t notice his actions as he had been doing this since they were young. She was already used to it. Seeing that Jinmi did not resist his gesture, Ouyang Wen smiled.

Jinmi’s Mother saw their linked hands as they were walking down the stairs and smiled with satisfaction, it looks like the ship has sailed!

Gu Jinmi felt her mother’s scrutinizing gaze and found it weird. She looked to her side, then to their linked hands. She hastily wrenched her hands free “You…Unbelievable…Why didn’t you remind me!”

“Hehe, is there a need to remind you? Anyway, Aunty knows already.”

“Aww! Where are you two little babies going?”

“Oh! Aunty, I’m bringing Jin’er to the theme park. We might be back late.”

“Oh! It’s fine, don’t worry. You two go play, as long as you both have fun. It’s alright if you’ll be back late, or even if you don’t come back.”

“Mommy, are you selling your daughter?!”

“What nonsense! How could mommy bear to sell you away? Alright, hurry along now, it’s getting late already. Ouyang, take care of Jin’er please.”

“Aunty, please don’t worry. I will take good care of Jin’er, nothing bad will happen.”

“With you bringing Jin’er out, how can I worry? It’s the girl that I’m worried about.”

“Mommy, have you seen anyone else who harm their daughter like this?”

“Haha, Aunty, please don’t worry. So we’ll be going now.”

Upon arriving at the amusement park, she frowned helplessly upon seeing the vast sea of people. Although she had been hoping to come to the amusement park, she is a reserved person by nature. The sudden bustling and crowded environment are intolerable.

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Ouyang Wen noticed Gu Jinmi’s discomfort and took out his phone, saying “I’m going to make a call and will be back soon. Do not wander off, alright?”

Gu Jinmi pursed her lips, saying “Seriously? I’m not a kid.”

“Sure, sure, sure. I’ll be back soon!”

Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen’s retreating figure and spotted a big tree nearby. The sun is so bright today! She walked over and leaned against the tree to rest. Really! She finally got to come here for the first time but in the end, there are so many people. Ugh!

“Why are you here alone?” A voice beside her suddenly spoke.

Gu Jinmi’s eyes snapped open in shock. What is Yuchi Feng doing here?! “You…you…”

“Cat got your tongue? Say, what are you doing here all by yourself?”

“Oh! I came with Brother Ouyang.”

“Brother Ouyang?! Looks like you and Wen are progressing quickly. So where is Wen?”

“I don’t know, it looked like he went to make a call. How about you? Are you accompanying your girlfriend?” Gu Jinmi smiled, seeing Wang Quanquan who was behind Yuchi Feng.

“Girlfriend?!” Yuchi Feng pointed at Wang Quanquan and asked, “You mean her?”

“Yes, her! Your girlfriend has quite a unique style.”

“She’s not my girlfriend! She’s just my housemaid. We had the time today and came to the amusement park to play.”

Hearing Yuchi Feng’s words, the sparkle in Wang Quanquan’s eyes dimmed. Haha, what a joke! She actually thought that he had some affection for her but that’s just wishful thinking on her part. No, no way, she absolutely does not want to go through her previous sufferings again.

The life she lived in the past was an absolute nightmare. Her parents hit and scolded her from time to time and all the money she earned was snatched away by them. No, no way, absolutely not.

Gu Jinmi looked at Wang Quanquan’s expression and smiled “Oh! Really? I’m sorry. I must have misunderstood. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. By the way, I still don’t know your name?”

“Yeah, my name is Gu Jinmi. 照顾的顾,云锦的锦,寻觅的觅[1]

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuchi Feng, Ouyang Wen’s good friend.”

“I know, I heard it when school started. Senior, you are famous.”

“Oh! Really? I really don’t know when I became so famous!”

“Haha, I’m afraid that just based on the beauty of this senior, the hearts of a large number of people have been captured.”

Looking at their laughing faces, Wang Quanquan was filled with jealousy. How could Yuchi Feng treat Gu Jinmi this way even though they’ve just met for the first time? It was not easy for her to gain Yuchi Feng’s acceptance! Damn it!

This translation is brought to you by:

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Translator: Maelani

Editor: Sugakookie (Roughly edited)

1. She was explaining her name is made of which Chinese characters. So, 照顾的顾 means that her Gu (顾)is from the Chinese word zhào gù (照顾). 照顾 means to care. 云锦的锦 means that her Jin (锦)is from the Chinese word yún jǐn(云锦). 云锦 means cloud-patterned brocade. 寻觅的觅 means that her mi(觅) is from the Chinese word xún mì(寻觅). 寻觅 means to seek or find.

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