TGCMM Chapter 3 – Suspicion

~ BOSS: “……” ~

What is Tian Feng Jin Yu planning to do? If Shu Yu could hear Fu Wang’s vigilant and confused thoughts, she would definitely tell him, with a red face, that she just wanted to check on his wounds and would never do anything bad to him.

Shu Yu stood beside Fu Wang’s bed and stared at his sleeping position like a pervert. She stood there for a long time, feeling helpless.

It’s not her fault if the healing skills are not activating!

As Fu Wang lay on the bed, the weight in his heart became heavier. Tian Feng Jin Yu is staring at him so intensely, is she preparing to kill him at any moment? As the both of them silently confronted their thoughts, Shu Yu had a sudden realisation.

She is currently Tian Feng Jin Yu! What does Tian Feng Jin Yu have the most of? Of course it’s not an island of slaves but the Tian Feng Household’s supply of treasures, spiritual herbs and medicines! All those items fit into an eighty one storey tower. She doesn’t know how to treat injuries but if she could just get any one of those elixirs from the tower and secretly add it into the BOSS’ drink, the problem would be solved.

Thinking about it, Shu Yu was extremely pleased with herself as she snapped her fingers. Realising it might not have been a good move, she looked to see that Fu Wang was turning in his bed as if he’d be waking up soon. Secretly screaming that she’d messed up, Shu Yu reacted quickly and leaped past the damaged and crumbling wooden door. In a breath, she rushed to the foot of the pagoda at the heart of Tianxin Island. With one hand on a small tree sapling beside her, she grasped her chest with the other and gasped, “Oh my gosh, that was close.”

Wait a minute, isn’t there something wrong? Even if she gets caught, the BOSS can’t lay a finger on her. At most, he’d get suspicious, scheme against her and finally kill her off……forget it, no more thinking. The thought of it makes her heart uneasy to the point that she doesn’t want to live anymore. The feeling of having just finished the original novel and so, to still be immersed in the “BOSS is very scary even though his beautiful and gentle looks are attractive but when he goes crazy, it’s really terrifying” Who can understand this complicated feeling?

She silently cursed as she went into the tower to search for a healing elixir. Everything in this pagoda belongs to Tian Feng Jin Yu and unless she permits it, no one can enter and since she doesn’t have OCD, the things inside looked unusually messy.

The spiritual herb bottles aren’t placed in the cabinets but randomly piled on the ground; various spiritual weapons and instruments are stuffed in a small box like a pile of broken iron and copper; various jade scriptures are scattered all over the floor with other treasures, all piled in a corner chaotically. Just the first storey and it’s already this messy, you don’t have to guess to know the condition of the other eighty storeys.

Upon stepping into the tower, Shu Yu could feel her OCD and sorting habit that had plagued her for many years relapsed again. In that moment, she forgot about the weak BOSS who was groaning in bed [Not at all], she only had one thought, that is “How can these things be placed so messily! I can’t, it’s unbearable, my small universe is going to explode!”

Like a hardworking little bee, Shu Yu used the spiritual powers in her body to arrange the dusty treasures neatly. With half of the first storey tidied up, she straightened up to see that the place was much neater than before, feeling very pleased. She suddenly snapped out of this ‘magical painting’, remembering that she was not here to clean the pagoda but to find a medicine for BOSS.

Oh my god! Thinking about it, BOSS is still waiting for her to save him! Shu Yu used her strong (?) willpower to forcefully suppress her OCD and grabbed a bottle of elixir beside her. Gritting her teeth, she turned away so she wouldn’t have to look at the place that urgently needed tidying and immediately rushed out of the tower, heading for the BOSS’ small cottage.

She creeped into the small straw hut only to see that the BOSS had already awoken and was putting on his outer clothings. So he just changed his clothes? If she’d arrived slightly earlier she would’ve gotten to see his naked~body!? How could this be, if she’d known earlier, she wouldn’t have dawdled and came here earlier! Such! A! Pity!

No, she isn’t coveting the BOSS’ body, not one bit! Shu Yu crouched on the beam as she reflected on her thoughts, striving to be a calm person.

Below her, because of Shu Yu’s peeping behavior, Fu Wang’s alertness had been raised, he had long realised that the figure on the beam had appeared again.

The demon clan have acute senses, especially Fu Wang who had grown up in that kind of environment. However, it hadn’t even been two days since Shu Yu became Tian Feng Jin Yu so she wasn’t aware of it, causing the tragedy of her peeping behavior being discovered in minutes.

Fu Wang finished dressing and went to fetch some water. Looking at the reflection in the water, he saw that Jin Yu’s image was worse than before. Who knows exactly where she went in that period of time, she had dust on her clothes and both of her long sleeves are still rolled up.

Even the Qing Hu Clan ladies would absolutely not let anyone see their unkempt image, much less the distinguished Tian Feng Jin Yu. How can she let herself look so undignified?

A question rose from the bottom of his heart again, this, really is Tian Feng Jin Yu?

Unaware that within that short period of time, the BOSS had already begun to suspect her identity, Shu Yu was still crouching on the beam, sighing about how the BOSS really loves to be clean, having already washed his face twice. Now, how is she going to put the medicine in his tea?

Just as she was thinking about it, Shu Yu sees Fu Wang bringing in a freshly boiled kettle of water from a small stove outside. Oh, there is no tea here, so the BOSS can only drink plain water. BOSS did it beautifully, he is fair and considerate indeed!

Seizing the moment that he left to put the kettle outside, Shu Yu jumped down agilely from the beam and broke a leg in the process. She gathers herself at a small table nearby and aligns the elixir bottle grasped in her hands to the old kettle, dropping a drop into it.

Not that she’s petty, but through Tian Feng Jin Yu’s memories, she found out that this elixir is of high quality. What if she puts too much and BOSS’ weak body can’t handle it.

Outside the cottage, Fu Wang bent over to put down the kettle before casually looking up. Through a gap in the crumbling wall, he saw Tian Feng Jin Yu jump down from the beam and add some kind of drug in his teapot before going back to crouch on the beam.

Fu Wang: “……”

Straw cottages’ wall: Too old, there are gaps and holes everywhere. Blame me? [doge]

Fu Wang paused and put the kettle on a small earthen stove beside the wall before entering the house. Did Tian Feng Jin Yu actually not realise that he’d already discovered her, or is she doing this on purpose? Doing this to test him, or simply just for fun, or perhaps some other reason he doesn’t know of?

Even though many thoughts were flowing through his mind, Fu Wang’s face remained calm. Crouched on the beam, Shu Yu watched as the BOSS walked to the table, as if preparing to pour a cup of water. Her face showed an expression of “That’s it, quickly drink it”, the BOSS staggered and accidentally knocked over the table, causing it to fall apart and the old teapot follows it, shattering into pieces. The hot water spills all over the floor and sharp-eyed Shu Yu notices that BOSS had scalded his hand.

Not only did you not get to drink the elixir but you also scalded your hands, BOSS why are you so careless! Shu Yu watched as Fu Wang picked up the broken pieces of the teapot and table before walking out of the cottage. Her heart felt uneasy as she crouched on the beam, deciding then and there that she would look for more opportunities from here.

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On the other hand, Fu Wang felt more restless. He’s someone who doesn’t trust anyone so when he saw that Tian Feng Jin Yu had spiked his drink, he wouldn’t drink it no matter what. However, he was afraid that if he didn’t drink it, she would be dissatisfied, so he could only pretend to accidentally shatter the teapot.

Since Tian Feng Jin Yu didn’t openly show herself, that must mean that she had her own considerations. At least she didn’t throw a big fuss and end his life because he accidentally broke the teapot and ruined her plan. He seems to have walked out normally but only he knows that he was on edge when stepping out the door, ready for Tian Feng Jin Yu to retaliate at any moment.

But she didn’t, even when he’d walked out of the room, she remained there. It seems like he’d guessed correctly that for some unknown reason, Tian Feng Jin Yu cannot openly appear in front of him. Yet she definitely wants to do something to him but he doesn’t know the whole story so he can only be passive.

Sitting by the well and drinking the cold water to quench his thirst, Fu Wang lifted his head to see the sky. It’s already noon. It seems that he’s been forgotten by the people on the island as no one had come to deliver his lunch. Lower-ranking demons aren’t comparable to higher-ranking demons and they have to survive like the ordinary humans living outside of Meng Ze, by eating three meals a day.

Although he is used to looking weak so that people will find him harmless, but that doesn’t mean that he will put himself at a disadvantage. If possible, he will try to maintain himself in the best condition. Feeling his own injury, he’s glad that while he was in bed just now, he ran his own spiritual powers to heal his injuries. It’s already almost healed to the point that travelling past the mountain behind him shouldn’t pose a problem. Since no one is delivering his food, he’ll just have to look for it.

Fu Wang calculated his chances and went straight into the mountain forest not far from behind the cottage. Tian Xin island is enormous and among them, there’s a whole stretch of mountain ranges but near the place where Fu Wang lives, there’s only a small hill.

Due to the fact that no one has hunted for animals on Tian Xin island before, plus the abundance of spiritual energy, there are many animals on the mountain. Every single one of them live comfortably and have grown to be plump, which is certainly appetizing to the eye.

As for Shu Yu, she couldn’t understand why the BOSS went into the mountains and after a moment of contemplation, she followed him in. She watches as the BOSS looks down a few rabbit holes before pulling out a huge and fat white rabbit from one of the holes, then using a leaf, he cuts down a few birds standing on the tree branches. He chose all the fatter ones, seeming to be extremely skillful and having done this countless times before.

In fact, Fu Wang had done this many times before because he was a bastard child born from a female slave, he’d been bullied by the Qing Clan since he was young.

He had almost never eaten his fill since young and as soon as he could stumble his way around, he learned to look for food. Rabbits and wild chickens would make up rare satisfying meals but he would mostly have to make do with unripe fruits or wild vegetables. It wasn’t until he grew up a little and gradually learned to fix a smile on his face to curry favour, that his life became easier.

Fu Wang was swift. After catching a rabbit and a few small birds, he began his descend down the mountain. Shu Yu followed behind him, careful to stay unnoticed, but having to keep up with him at the same time was somewhat difficult.

Although the spiritual power exists in her body, Shu Yu was previously just an ordinary girl and suddenly asking her to use her powers skillfully was like asking a child to pick up a sword and wave it. She can only adjust as she improved her skills, while also continuing her peeping behaviour.

Fu Wang was grilling the meat outside the house so Shu Yu crouched at a different spot. This time, she even took reference from scenes in various television series, lying on the roof. She didn’t have a choice as the surrounding area only had a single withered tree with no leafs, there was no other place to hide.

Shu Yu thought that she’d hidden herself well but the reality was that Fu Wang could still see her even if he didn’t want to, especially with her red dress on the cottages’ low roof. As the daylight made everything more conspicuous, no matter how close she stuck to the roof, he’d still notice her. However, Fu Wang behaved as if he really didn’t see her, minding his own business as he took care of the rabbit and small birds, placing them on the grill before starting to fix the broken table.

The sunlight isn’t blinding but instead feels nice and warm. Tian Xin island has a pleasant climate, a beautiful spring scene and an unknown sweet floral scent drifts even into this remote place. Fu Wang sits beneath the withered tree which looks as though it’s already dead but bizarrely, there’s flowers blooming on a single branch. More strangely, it’s a flower that only blooms in winter, plum blossoms, yet it’s currently blooming in this warm weather.

When Fu Wang was immersed in fixing the table, two or three white plum blossoms drifted onto his shoulders, falling when he brushed away a few strands of hair.

Laying on the roof as the fragrance of grilled meat gradually wafted up, Shu Yu realised that she’s a little hungry. As a high-ranking demon Jin Yu doesn’t have to eat everyday but all the high-ranking demons are also particular about these things. Even though they don’t eat these kind of ordinary food, they’ll still consume spiritual water and fruits.

In the few days that Shu Yu has been here, someone would always bring her three meals a day consisting of spiritual food. At this time, there should also be someone bringing it but she’s still here, looking for a chance to slip him the medicine without arousing his suspicion. Forget it. After all, with Jin Yu’s strange temper, no one would dare to touch her and even if they can’t find her, they’d probably just think that she’s going crazy somewhere.

With that thought, Shu Yu lay on the roof with a peace of mind, drooling over the fragrant meat. After drinking spiritual water for three days, she really wants to eat some meat but the former Tian Feng Jin Yu never ate meat and found it disgusting. Worried that someone would figure something out, Shu Yu didn’t dare to ask anyone to prepare it. It’s tragic, she wouldn’t get hungry but she was really craving for it.

Speaking of which, the BOSS is undoubtedly a BOSS. Even a decathlon athlete wouldn’t have been able to do such a highly skilled and dangerous job like the BOSS. Though he was initially weak, BOSS could still enter the mountain to hunt, cook, mend the table and make a stool. Look at him trim the yard, skillfully fix the fence and adeptly clean the house, I give him a 360° spinning clap!

Come to think of it, when BOSS made his main appearance, he could cure any and all diseases, revive the dead with superb medical skills, has mechanical skills, carry out □□, do witchcraft, all sorts of unconventional things. He’ll also know a variety of character building zither, chess, painting and calligraphy, know about things that no one else does, like a walking, breathing encyclopedia. Shu Yu feels that her current posture of lying stretched out with her face downwards is especially able to express her current feelings of awe.

So, if there is a character in a novel that has both high IQ and EQ and is perfect to the point that he doesn’t seem human, he is definitely the BOSS.

As Shu Yu’s imagination ran wild, there came a rhythmical sound of someone knocking on a wood percussion. Just like that, she fell asleep laying on the roof = = (zzz)

Ever since she came here, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep as she was constantly worried, afraid that she’ll do something wrong and people will find out that she isn’t the original. Afraid that she’ll run into a problem that she cannot solve, afraid that she would never be able to return to her own world, afraid that one day the BOSS, whom she didn’t know when he’d appear, would get rid of her.

Now that the BOSS she’d been worried about has appeared in front of her, she feels strangely at ease. Once at ease, she fell asleep and slept till dusk, totally unaware that the BOSS was now beside her.

Fu Wang came onto the roof without making a sound, cautiously stopping when he’s a far distance from Shu Yu. Seeing that she hadn’t made any movement for a while, Fu Wang inched closer, ending up too close to her face, yet she didn’t wake up.

After much thought, Fu Wang had decided to risk his life to sound her out but there was a strange feeling that he couldn’t express with words. All day, he’d been guessing that perhaps Tian Feng Jin Yu was doing these things deliberately but looking at it now, he had a strong intuition that this “Tian Feng Jin Yu” might not be that “Tian Feng Jin Yu”.

Her behaviour was too weird, her attitude towards him was also too weird. In addition, if he stripped away his view of her as his master and just looked at her as a person, apart from her strong manner at the start, he couldn’t see a trace of the violence that Tian Feng Jin Yu should have. He is particularly sensitive to negative emotions but on her, someone who should make him the most fearful, he’s starting to feel that her existence wasn’t a threat to him.

Perhaps, tonight, he can try to sound her out again. Fu Wang lets out a kind smile as he thinks about it.

Shu Yu wakes up after a sufficient sleep, opening her eyes to see the orange red sunset that covered half the sky. So she just slept till nightfall? Awaking from her daze, she sat up suddenly like a corpse.

She remembers that come nighttime, it was Tian Feng Jin Yu’s routine to abuse someone and at an interval of every three days, someone will be killed. The past two days were coincidentally the calm period so she managed to tide through it. However, BOSS the “single-use toy” came today, that is to say that tonight she will be served by BOSS Ah Ah Ah! What is this! Need time to prepare!

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