RSMLP Chapter 10 – Youthful Campus Life (1.7)

Once Ouyang Wen came back, he saw Gu Jinmi and Yuchi Feng laughing and chatting together happily, his mood suddenly turned sour. He quickly walked over, pulled Gu Jinmi over to his side in one swift move and said “Yo! Feng, why are you here today ?”

Yuchi Feng saw Ouyang Wen placed his hand on Gu Jinmi’s waist, his heart could not help but felt a little uncomfortable but he did not take any mind to it and said, “Hehe, isn’t the school formally starting tomorrow? Today, I came here to relax.”

“Oh! So that’s why!” Ouyang Wen thoughtfully looked at Wang Quanquan who was behind Yuchi Feng and said, “Hey, is this not the woman who hit your car this morning! Why is she here? It can’t be that you are interested in her!”

“What blabber are you saying! Do not speak nonsense.” Yuchi Feng said, looking slightly concern at Gu Jinmi.

“Oh! Is that so? Alright, Jin Er, let’s go!”

“Wait, why don’t we go together? Everyone came here to play anyway.” Yuchi Feng replied.

“Ok! Then let’s go together! The more the people, the livelier it will be! Right? Ouyang Gege.” Gu Jinmi snatched away his chance of replying. She still has a task and that is to rob away the female lead’s fate! If she is not with the female lead, how can she rob it? Haha.

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi. Even though his heart felt a little suffocated, it’s not good to say any more. “Since it’s like this, then let’s go together!” Oh alas! This is how the romantic couple’s world has fallen through!

(二人世界 literally translates to two people’s world. It usually means a world with two people or a romantic couple’s world)

Gu Jinmi saw the surrounding people are all heading out of the amusement park, quickly leaving with only four of them. She could not help but asked with slight curiosity, “What is happening! Why did all of them leave?”

“There’s no need to ask. It’s definitely the work of Wen!” Yuchi Feng said and smiled at Ouyang Wen.

Gu Jimin looked at Ouyang Wen and said, “Really? When you went to make a call just now, it was to chase these people out?”

“Don’t be so direct with the truth! Even though it’s the truth, you have to be a little tactful. What do you mean by chased out!”

“Tch, don’t let me say the truth!” Gu Jinmi said with a smile.

“You! Enough, which ride do you want to play first?”

“Which ride I want to play?” Gu Jinmi searched around in all directions and said, “ I want to ride the roller coaster first! In the past, I saw that people who rode the roller coaster were having fun !”

“Are you certain?!” Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi with a face filled with surprise. Generally, girls do not like this ride.

“Why? Can’t I ride on this ride? Didn’t you say anything is fine! Do you not wish to accompany me to play?” Gu Jinmi said, looking expectantly at Ouyang Wen.

“Nope, nope, since you wish to go, I will risk my life to join you! Feng, are you both joining?”

“Go, let’s go together!” Yuchi Feng said.

Gu Jinmi sat on the roller coaster with an excited face, just like a child. Ouyang Wen attentively helped Gu Jinmi to fasten her safety belt and said, “If you are scared, just clutch my hand tightly.”

“Humph! I won’t be frightened! What’s there to be scared about!”

“That, Jin Er, it can’t be that this is you have never ridden on a roller coaster before ?”

“En, yep! Didn’t I tell you earlier that this is my first visit to an amusement park!”

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi helplessly, not knowing what to say, he could only say, “Hai.”

( 嗨 is pronounced as Hai, it represent sighing)

Once the roller coaster started, Gu Jinmi’s face was filled with excitement! Wow! Today, she finally rode on a roller coaster! Hehe!

Ouyang Wen glanced at Gu Jinmi with slight worry. This girl has never ridden a roller coaster before, he was not sure whether she will be scared later.

Once the roller coaster reached the peak and was about to rush down, Gu Jinmi shouted in excitement.

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Once the ride ended, Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen excitedly and said, “Ouyang Gege, let us ride again! The ride just now was so fun!”

Ouyang Wen saw that Gu Jinmi’s face did not hold the slightest hint of fear. Instead, Gu Jinmi was looking at him with a face filled with excitement. He praised himself within his heart. As expected, his eyes are good at choosing! If it is other girls, he’s afraid that by now, they would wish to be far from this roller coaster ride!

“Ah! It can’t be! Once again?” Wang Quanquan could not help but say.

Gu Jinmi saw that Wang Quanquan’s face was pale and smiled, “Yep! Didn’t you find it fun? It’s very exciting! I have never felt this invigorating before, the feeling is like I have a pair of wings and is flying in the sky. Ouyang Gege let’s ride on it again! I guarantee this will be the last time.”

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi’s pitiful face, then looked at the pale face of Wang Quanquan and said, “Feng, why don’t you accompany this lady while I accompany Jin Er for another ride.”

“It’s nothing, she can handle it alone. I will accompany both of you! After all, I came here to play too!” Yuchi Feng replied without thinking.

Once Wang Quanquan heard his words, she clenched both her hands immediately and looked at Gu Jinmi with resentment. However, she knew she can only swallow her anger. “Hehe, I’m fine, I’m fine. I can’t let your mood to be destroyed because of me! I still can ride, let’s ride together!”

Gu Jinmi saw Wang Quanquan’s unwilling to admit defeat expression, she immediately laughed and rolled about in her heart. Haha, haha.

Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi’s mischievous smile and immediately realised what this girl is planning in her heart. “You really are a very mischievous girl!”

Gu Jinmi saw Ouyang Wen’s expression and knew that Ouyang Wen knew everything she had been doing. She said, “Humph! I’m just giving a certain someone a lesson.”

“Yes, yes, yes, then please go ahead, Miss Gu!”

After riding the roller coaster two times, Wang Quanquan’s legs became weak, she supported herself at one side and vomited everything out.

Gu Jinmi frowned and looked at the Wang Quanquan whose image been destroyed. She said with feigned remorse, “That, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you will end up like this! That time, I shouldn’t have requested to ride another time, I’m sorry!”

Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi’s face filled with remorse. Although he knew that this girl is acting, he still could not bear to see this kid show such expression. He reached out his hands to pat Gu Jinmi’s head and said, “This matter, we don’t blame you.”

Yuchi Feng glanced at Wang Quanquan then glanced at Gu Jinmi and said, “What Wen had said is correct, Jin Er, you do not need to take it to heart.”

“Ah! But….” Gu Jinmi passed a bottle of water to Wang Quanquan and said, “That, you should first drink some water!”

Wang Quanquan took the water unhappily and said, “You do not need to pretend to be kind.”

“Ah!” Gu Jinmi was suddenly dumbfounded.

When Ouyang Wen saw Wang Quanquan glaring at Gu Jinmi, he hastily held Gu Jinmi in his arms and said, “What are you doing? Jin Er gave you water out of good will yet you treat her this way”

Wang Quanquan saw Yuchi Feng’s facial expression gradually turned cold, she hurriedly changed her facial expression and said with grievances, “Miss Gu, I’m sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that I just came down from the roller coaster, so I felt a little unwell. That’s why my mood is a little bad, I’m so sorry!”

Gu Jinmi buried her face into Ouyang Wen’s bosom and quivered sadly, not uttering a single sound. Actually, she was laughing sneakily in Ouyang Wen’s bosom.

Ouyang Wen looked helplessly at the girl who was buried in his embrace but looked especially strict at Wang Quanquan and said, “This apology, I think there’s need for it. It will be better if we play separately. Jin Er, we will go first.”

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  1. Isn’t Wang Quanquan as a female lead too weak?! That’s not how a female lead in a novel usually acts X’D She seems more like a second lead now…and it hasn’t even been a day since she met our MC o.O There shouldn’t be that many changes in the story yet D: Even the way she acts does not really resemble a female lead’s way… Ah, if this mission is too easy then it’s kind of boring ;A;

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