TGCMM Chapter 4 – Loser with a Fighting Power of Five

~ Little Puppy hiahiahiahia ~

In the original novel, Tian Feng Jin Yu is completely a cannon fodder, her sole purpose was to torture the supporting male character. In the end in order to win against the supporting male character in a match, she was killed by the vengeful BOSS. The novel basically had no description of her but after Shu Yu attained this body, she’d gained Tian Feng Jin Yu’s memories too and for the time being, she had been relying on these memories so that she would not slip-up.

However to Shu Yu, it was as if these memories were separated by a screen, like she’s watching a movie. Although she knows everything, she didn’t have an ounce of awareness, resulting in her giving herself away no matter how cautious she was.

Suddenly realising that she’d crossed into the novel’s dangerous world, her life constantly hanging on a thread and being a small BOSS that’s destined to die, the fact that Shu Yu didn’t make a big fuss is already considered great emotional control. However, for her to really accept her identity as Tian Feng Jin Yu all of a sudden is not possible, which is why she’s still unaware about all her flaws.

It’s not as simple as in the novels she’d previously read, whereby with just the original person’s memory, one could immediately become an Oscar winner. To perfectly become the original person is a very difficult thing to do in reality.

If she hadn’t holed up on Tian Feng Island for the past two days with only about two people seeing her daily and them cowering due to their profound fear of her, afraid to question her even if she did anything unusual, she would’ve already been found out.

One should know that demons from the Meng Ze world are different from mortals in the mortal world. Most of the demons here have lived a long life and even if they don’t live for long, it’s mostly because everyone is overly concerned about the “law of the jungle”.

With that said, if Shu Yu were to go out for a walk with a harmless disposition that didn’t belong to the original Tian Feng Jin Yu, many demons will immediately grow suspicious of her. The original Tian Feng Jin Yu is a crazy tyrannical killer and that kind of temperament is not something that Shu Yu could imitate with just a cold laugh or sneer. Even if she managed to get by for a while, she could still be very easily exposed.

Just like this moment, Fu Wang had already begun to suspect her, whether it was his intuition or rational mind, both were telling him that this “Tian Feng Jin Yu” is just like a little puppy that’s trying to disguise itself as a ferocious wild wolf.

Unlike the other slaves on Tian Xin Island who were scared out of their wits by Tian Feng Jin Yu, Fu Wang had only heard rumours about her but hadn’t seen her in person. His impression of her was all superficial, thus he’s able to notice the difference in this “Tian Feng Jin Yu” more quickly than others.

What if she really isn’t Tian Feng Jin Yu? As Fu Wang proceeded towards Tian Feng Jin Yu’s residence, he lowered his eyes as he pondered over this issue. After a long time, his smirk deepened a little. If she’s not Tian Feng Jin Yu, that would certainly be the best outcome. That way, he would be able to do so much more things, he thinks, that this time he might even get an unexpected pleasant surprise.

While Shu Yu, who was about to be exposed by the BOSS, hurried back to her residence, extremely worried. She charged into the tall and spacious bedroom and rushed straight into the huge bathing pool linked to the bedroom.

Everything that Tian Feng Jin Yu uses is the best, just like how this bathing pool is also a spiritual pool which has a calming effect. For someone who seems to be stricken with something akin to a violent illness, only having thoughts of killing, like Tian Feng Jin Yu, she’ll have to soak in the spiritual spring everyday in order to suppress that violent feeling.

Outsiders know that Tian Feng Jin Yu is tyrannical but don’t know that her violent illness originates from a mixture of the demon clan and god clan blood that she has. She will only continue to get crazier until it becomes incurable. Yet somehow, when the body’s soul was switched, this problem seems to have followed the previous Tian Feng Jin Yu’s soul and disappeared without a trace.

However Shu Yu, who didn’t have these perplexing symptoms, is unable to behave in a manner not different from the former Tian Feng Jin Yu. Everyday, she feigned a headache before throwing a temper then soaked in the pool. Normally, she’d have to soak herself for one to two hours but at the thought of BOSS coming to serve her today, she didn’t dare to soak for long, washing herself in a hurry before preparing to get out.

Unfortunately, the moment she stood up, she heard the BOSS’ voice coming from outside, softly greeting: “Servant Fu Wang is here to serve my Lady.”

This lofty palace hall is built open, spacious and tall. As long as there’s a bit of sound, it can be heard loud and clear. The usual Tian Feng Jin Yu loved it when the cries of the person she’s torturing would resound around the hall, their cries delighting and exciting her, like a pervert. What’s weirder is that Tian Feng Jin Yu likes a sense of openness so in the palace where she lives, there aren’t any partitions like a wall, only a heavy and long curtain that hangs from the tall ceiling dome to the ground. At this moment, Fu Wang is speaking from behind a curtain that is near the spiritual bath.

(From here only editing done)

From Shu Yu’s point of view, she can see the curtain’s outline with the shadow of his slim figure bowing down, his soft voice seemed to echo near her ears due to the hall’s width. Shu Yu just thought of taking a quick shower before she regained her cold and mighty composure, but who knew that Fu Wang would return this fast, and even silently return near her, startling her. Her first reaction was to get back into the water and because she was too quick, it caused a loud splash.

Fu Wang heard it, so he bent down again, and leaned his face sightly, whispering: “My Lady, is something the matter?”

“No, nothing!” Shu Yu subconsciously answered back, until she realised that her tone was different from before. She then laughed coldly: “Presumptuous, who allowed you to talk!”

“I’m sorry for talking back, please punish me My Lady.” said Fu Wang as he knelt down right outside the curtain.

Shu Yu saw the way he knelt down, she couldn’t help but feel like crying. Damn it, what is she even trying to do, even she herself didn’t know the answer to that! If that keeps on going, she will be left far behind in the dust never catching up to the original Jin Yu.

Hmm.” Fu Wang suddenly gave off a soft cough and after he stopped coughing, he immediately spoke weakly: “I’ve angered My Lady, and I’ve committed a grave sin.”

Shu Yu is shocked at this current messy situation, that’s because she still hadn’t had the chance to give the Spiritual Antidote to BOSS that she had gotten before and that is why BOSS is still injured, oh my monster!

“Leave, I do not want to see you, do not let me see you for the next 2 days.” Since BOSS is still not fully recovered, she will let him rest during these 2 days, hopefully then she can still try to give him the Antidote.

The more pressuring matter here, is that she was afraid of getting along with BOSS. As long as BOSS sees her, Shu Yu will become guarded unconsciously. Her fear for no reason makes her be more mindful of others.

Still kneeling down and making the sound of fake coughs, Fu Wang blinked as he gave off an expressionless face. He is still suspicious, so this time he observed more carefully, and the result once again confirmed his very suspicions.

If she’s Tian Feng Jin Yu, the monster with overwhelming power that no one in Meng Ze could rival against, how come she is unable to see that he has recovered from his injury. If she is the unpredictable moody monster Tian Feng Jin Yu who takes joy in killing, how can she even fail to bluff and to hide her feelings, that is intolerable, or else she is a lunatic. Just look at her now, he was able to detect a hint of fear and anxiety in her tone.

Ah~ Fear and anxiety? Those 2 emotions were one thing Tian Feng Jin Yu couldn’t show. Fu Wang squinted his eyes and because his other blood is that of the Blue Fox Clan, which makes his eyes look extremely long and narrow, strangely his eyes emitted this unexplainable beauty, it’s as though he can see a faintly visible person through the curtain, yet his eyes hides his dangerous demon in him.

“Yes.” Fu Wang replied softly, as his slightly opened lip curls into a slight angle of excitement.

Noticing that Fu Wang had now disappeared, with the thought that he’d obediently left, she let out a sigh of relief that was stuck in her throat. She unclenched her fist that was on her chest, as she relaxed her back muscles against the warm jade walls of the Spiritual bath: “If this continues, I will surely get a heart attack, why don’t we stop getting to know each other and instead send BOSS far away from here?”

She’d initially thought that BOSS will turn into that problematic big BOSS sooner or later, that’s why she thought that getting to know each other would delay her death in the future, but she’d only met him twice personally, and each time they faced each other, she could feel that her disease was getting worse by the minute. Maybe, she should just avoid him?

Shu Yu kept thinking about it many times, but all she could feel was her headache, she couldn’t help but to shake her head vigorously and whispered: “Ahhhhhhhhhhh I’m not doing this anymore!”

Suddenly a laughter could be heard, and a male voice that scared her is soaring in her ear: “You are really not Tian Feng Jin Yu.”

The voice grew nearer, until she could feel his hot breath blowing by her ear, it made her chilly all over, as if the whole person became a block of wood itself. Shu Yu was on the brink of crying, as she didn’t dare to look back, if you asked how she’s feeling now, you can say it’s the very scary feeling that happens when someone taps your back in the middle of the night.

No, you can’t look back, you will die! This feeling intensified when BOSS put his hand on her shoulder. His fingertips slightly pressed against her shoulder without much strength, but Shu Yu trembled and before she even knew it, she started to cry.

She was so scared that she cried and that made her look unimaginably weak. Then Shu Yu was stunned by this scene she had caused, she thought that if she’d thought of a powerful spell at that time, and not become like the spoilt brat she once was, who knew that maybe she could turn over the tables and overthrow the weak BOSS. When she sighed, the all powerful BOSS buried his face in her neck, and kissed her earlobe sweetly before laughing.

Fu Wang was surprised at this moment, even though his smile was like a blank expression. Even if it’s almost certain that this is not Tian Feng Jin Yu, she started crying without saying another word, and it’s the moment that made his handsome face twitch.

What in the world is happening, she’s crying just because she’s afraid of him? But he haven’t tried to threaten her yet, it’s just one sentence and she’s already crying, how is he going to continue to intimidate her?

Because his victim is weak, Fu Wang stood there speechless, he could feel it through his fingertips, and that feeling is the very person who’s trembling, with her stiff back facing against him, she silently let her tears flow. She trembled hard, it’s obviously because she’s afraid, but what he couldn’t comprehend is why would she be this afraid.

Just like the previous description, Shu Yu was like a little puppy and because she was suddenly thrown out of her safe nest by a heartless person, and being abandoned made her tremor in fear.

Fu Wang vaguely remembered that a long time ago he came across an abandoned little puppy, it’s fur is white in colour and it had a pair of round watery eyes. When Fu Wang approached it, the puppy was still shaking vigorously, yet it didn’t bark at all. Later, he brought the puppy back home, and it became a companion to the lonely him.

What happened next? Later, it was killed because of his appearance and because he was almost starved to death after getting locked up in that room, Fu Wang had to eat the puppy that he raised. Before he killed it, the little hungry guy was still lying by his feet looking at him with it’s radiant black eyes. Since then, Fu Wang never came near to a fragile little life.

Shu Yu started to fear after it dawned on her that BOSS knew about her identity but she soon calmed down, feeling like breaking a jar. Forget it, what could be worse than this.  Shu Yu was still thinking about it, until Fu Wang started laughing behind her, then his body come from behind, and wrapped her in his arms.

“Don’t be afriad, I won’t hurt you, since I’m from a low-ranking demon clan, I won’t be able to hurt you, do you still remember?”

Oh my BOSS what are you doing! Shu Yu did not hear what Fu Wang had said, in a flash she fell into the depths of horror, internally she wanted to squint her face and shout it out. Oh my gosh, is the BOSS after my body?

All curled up and still soaking in the Spiritual bath, Shu Yu turned red and could only look straight. She could feel the BOSS raise his hand and run his fingers through her hair, then gently touch her cheeks, his touch is as soft as the feathers and it gives a very gentle sensation.

Yes, in the novel, the BOSS is the very epitome of a gentle being, he’s trustworthy and gentle all the time, who would have known about his ruthless means, and anyone who sees him will be captivated by his charm, even if he did something horrible, he’d still appear sorrowful and kind.

“I know you are not Tian Feng Jin Yu, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can only be Tian Feng Jin Yu for now. You are afraid, are you not? You are afraid that you’ll be found out, you are afraid to die, and now you need someone to help, someone who can help you get used to this world, someone who can calm you down.”

Fu Wang’s clear and gentle voice had a hint of hoarseness in it, he’d deliberately loosened his embrace from behind but his voice sounded like he’s sick. Shu Yu stood there motionless, unable to even lift her hand, she felt like she was drowning just by hearing his sickly voice, and the hormones that BOSS was emitting.

To a girl who loves a gentlemanly and sweet voice, Shu Yu is controlling herself so much not to fall for the honey trap set by the BOSS, no one can understand that!!!

“This is the world of Meng Ze, a place so extremely dangerous but right now you won’t be able to survive here by yourself, but once you are out of here, even if you need some time to do so, you will still arouse suspicions and that’s because you are the most powerful demon here, yet you do not know how to blend in. You need someone to help you and I can help you. Even though I’m just a slave, I’m still dependent on you, so you don’t have to worry about me betraying you, because you are already powerful, you just need some time and you can become “Tian Feng Jin Yu”, and you can still provide me some shelter.”

“Despite my weak ability, I will do everything I can to help you survive in this harsh world. You and I are only aiming to live, believe me, we will become the best partners. As long as you agree to that, from today onwards, I, Fu Wang, vow to be your loyal servant, My Lady.”

Closer, Shu Yu kept looking straight and swallowed, her ears burning red. No innocent girl would get touched by some guy yet she couldn’t resist his foxy charm!  Not to mention that is BOSS, god knows why but just thinking about BOSS with raising stats makes the heart beat fast!

Oh please don’t come any closer, if you come any closer you might see my nosebleed!

Fu Wang didn’t hear her inner thoughts, so he came closer to her, almost embracing her into his arms. Shu Yu is totally naked, while Fu Wang is only wearing a piece of clothing, that piece of thin cloth isn’t really separating anything. Fu Wang gave his body’s warmth by giving his only piece of rough clothes on him to Shu Yu, and that made Shu Yu turn red like a lobster.

No no, if this keeps going, it will lead to some R21 scene! But her body seemed to be uncontrollable, it’s not moving at all!

Right now, Shu Yu recalls a manga called《Black Butler》. Desperate, the male lead sold his soul and made a contract with the demon, why does she think that the BOSS is that demon? This feeling is like he’s luring people into the swamp.

As a person you must be calm! Shu Yu, be calm!

Fu Wang noticed that the person he’s embracing is knocking her head without making a sound, she’s not worried, and he’s aware that she’s breathing normally. He’s planning to attack her fragile heart again, and with his sharp ears he can only hear her muttering, listening carefully again, and finds out about her muttering: “Colour….that is….sky,  sky…. The sky’s colour is, there’s no colour in the sky,… sky… there’s no sky in the colour…”

The thoughts he previously had remained unspoken, as Fu Wang looked at the whorl on the top of her head, the feelings he had right now couldn’t get any more complicated than this. For the first time, he is ready to abandon his consistent style of restraint, and when he’s about to seduce, he’s been stopped by a mantra.

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The author has something to say:
Don’t worry, I don’t have the habit of letting the female get tortured, at least it won’t be a crazy abuse, it’ll mainly be a sweet story. Then the next chapter turns into something sinister? Seduction and having an affair will be in the script.
The female lead will be in charge of falling in love, of course only to the male lead. The male lead’s training is about to begin~

This translation is brought to you by:
Iluska & Maelani Translations
Translator: Isadora
Editor: Sugakookie

Hey people, Sugakookie here.
An explanation on the title “战五渣” because I translated it weirdly.
“战” is short for “战斗力” which means “fighting capacity”
“五” means “five”
“渣” is short for “渣滓” which means “rubbish” or “loser”
Referring to a “loser whose power level is only measured at five” the original saying came from Dragon Ball where the character’s power levels are measured in the millions. Therefore, someone with a fighting capacity of five is really weak.

Also (Again), Iluska will be starting on a new translation, Bao Bao Won’t Die Easily. It’s also a transmigration novel and pretty funny, in my opinion. So maybe check it out if you’re interested? Thank You 🙂

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  1. Many thanks
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  2. This is so pathetic. I hate her. She is pathetic. It’s not funny. It’s not good to read. It’s just pathetic. I had the strongest look of disgust I ever felt. Gods. I can’t read this. Sorry. It was interesting at first. But I don’t do pathetic MCs. I thought from the title and description. She’ll be the one leading and doing things. But no. She’s just another sad, weak, and pathetic girl. Who can’t do anything. Utterly disgusting and pitiful.
    Just laying there naked and not doing anything when some fucking stranger comes up behind her to her naked body. Oh my god. I can’t even. I’m done.

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  3. Hm. I dunno. While I could see myself liking the setup and characters in the future. Right now, all I see is a manipulative bastard tricking and subtly threatening what is essentially a scared and witless child. That’s pretty disturbing. I read good reviews for this and wanted to give it a try, but the beginning is just… Ugh. Yeah.


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