RSMLP Chapter 14 – Youthful Campus Life (1.11)

3 days later, Gu Jinmi woke up to find out that everyone in the house had vanished. She couldn’t help but find it strange, where’s everyone?! “Mummy, Daddy! Mummy, Daddy!”

“That’s strange, why is there no one!” Gu Jinmi looked everywhere puzzledly, that’s because, at this time, Gu Jinmi’s mother and father would be having their breakfast downstairs! In addition, not a single servant is in the house!

“Feng ma, Feng ma! Mummy! daddy!” Gu Jinmi yelled for them for a long time but there was no response.

She then noticed a piece of paper on the table, she picked it up and read it, and dreaded! Daddy and mommy are truly my daddy and mommy! They just decided to sell their daughter off like that!

“Our dear sweetheart, by the time you see this, your dad and I are already on the way to France, it wasn’t easy for us to find some alone time. I believe my precious daughter won’t be a party pooper and spoil our fun! And! I have given the servants a long vacation break, our home utilities are also unusable but relax my dear, I have informed Ouyang’s mother, and they have agreed to let you stay at their place! I believe Ouyang that boy will be happy and willing so I won’t say much, but I pray that your days at Ouyang’s home will be filled with happiness! From your loving mommy and daddy.”

“Ding dong, ding dong.”

“Eh! Why isn’t there anyone opening the door! Oh! That’s right, I forgot.” Gu Jinmi quickly ran to open the door. She saw Ouyang Wen standing outside the door and said, “Ouyang gege, what brings you here? It’s only 7 am!”

“I’m here to bring you over to my place.”

“Ah! What!”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t know that uncle and auntie have gone for a vacation?  Besides there’s no one in your house right now. Before auntie was leaving, she specifically requested from my mom to take care of you, that’s why I’m here to help you get your things! Have you pack your stuff?”

“No, now then I know.”

“Since that is the case, then hurry pack! Once you finished packing, I will get someone to bring your things over.”

“Orh!” Gu Jinmi followed behind Ouyang gege into her room dumbfoundedly. Ah! That’s not right! She is the master of this house! Why is Ouyang gege being more bossy than the master of the house herself! She wouldn’t allow it.

“That, why don’t you have a seat! I can pack my things by myself.”

“It’s faster if  2 people to packing!  Besides if I allowed you to pack all by yourself, who knows how many years that would take.”

“No way, no way, take a seat on the sofa.” What a joke! How can a girl casually let a guy see her stuff!  

Gu Jinmi picked out a few outfits from her closet and looked around her room. She took her teddy bear that was on her bed, nodded her head in pure satisfaction and said, “Hmm, that should do it.”

Ouyang gege saw Gu Jinmi walking out of her room, hugging the teddy bear tightly in her arms and a large bag hanging on her shoulder, he immediately went to help her. He took the bear and said: “This is….”

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“Hey! He is my best friend, Jieni, I hug him to sleep every night, if I don’t bring him, I’m afraid I can’t sleep, haha.”

“Do whatever you want, as long as you are happy! Are you bringing this little amount of clothes?”

“I’m only living for a few days. Why would I need so many clothes ?”

“Don’t you know auntie and uncle are travelling around the world? I’m afraid they would come back only a few months later!”

“Huh?! What… no way! They are really selling their daughter away!”

Ouyang gege hit her head lightly: “You blockhead, why are you being so paranoid, going on about selling their daughter?!”

Gu Jinmi coughed, “But that’s what it is! Abandoning their own daughter, flying off to their own lovey-dovey world, travelling around the world! I long for it as well! It must be fun.”

“Oh is it? Then when the time comes, I shall bring you there!”

“Ah! What did you just say! I didn’t catch that clearly.”

“Nothing, it’s nothing, let’s go first! I applied for leave in the morning on your behalf.”

“But, but didn’t you say we are going to be late?”

“I lied to you, I just wanted you to hurry up that’s all.”

“You, you, you are evil.”

“Haha, ok, ok, my mom has been nagging at me to come fetch you since early in the morning.”

Sitting in the car, as they reached closer to their destination, Gu Jinmi got more nervous. She turned to Ouyang Wen and said “That, that, will Auntie like me?”

“Haha, Jin er, the look on your face is as though you are meeting my grandparents!  But an ugly daughter-in-law still has to meet her parents-in-law!”

“I, I , I’m not! And for your info I look decent ok? You are the ugly one!”

“Oh! Is that so? Then why are you still so antsy! Ok, we have arrived.”

“Ah! That’s fast! That, I think I will just stay in a hotel, I-I think it’s best that I don’t go!”

“What are you talking about? We are already here, just go in! Relax, my mom is not a man-eating tiger, so you can be rest assured.”

“I, I’m not worried about that!”

“Then don’t tell me that you are scared.”

“Scared, haha, what a cruel joke, I, Gu Jinmi, ain’t afraid of anything, how can I be scared of this!”

“Since you claimed that you’re not scared, then why aren’t you getting out of the car?”

“Get out then get out, humph!” Just as she stepped out of the car, she felt a strong arm embracing her.

“Oh, you are Jin er! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, you are getting more and more like my ideal girl! I remember that you were only three when I last saw you! Now that you are all grown up, you are getting prettier!”

Gu Jinmi was dumbfounded at this scene. She looked at Ouyang gege and sent SOS signals to him.

Ouyang gege noticed and pulled his mom away, “Mom, what are you doing, you are scaring her.”

“What, you stupid child, I’m just showing my concern! Come, Jin er, let’s go in, don’t bother about this stupid person, if he makes you angry, tell me, I will teach him a lesson for you.”

Gu Jinmi felt a little embarrassed as she turned to Ouyang’s mother and greeted, “Nice to meet you, auntie.” Why is her image of Ouyang’s mother totally different from what she’s experiencing! She is just like a child.

“Haha, good girl, come, I’ve cleaned up your room. It’s ready. Go and take a look whether  it suits your taste, if you don’t like it, I shall get someone to change it.”

Ouyang’s mother guided Gu Jinmi to her new room, her room is pink-themed with lots of laces, Gu Jinmi felt weirdly uncomfortable looking at it. But seeing auntie’s expectant expression, she could only helplessly nod her head in agreement, “I love it, thank you auntie.”

“Haha, I’m glad you like it, I just know that you will love it, you should know that I personally design this room myself,  when I had my first child I thought it was a daughter, but it was a son, and then came this stupid child as my second child and had suffered severe hemorrhaging. It was so serious that I couldn’t get pregnant anymore!  That’s why, I have always longed to have my own daughter! It’s just a pity that…”

“That, if auntie don’t mind, I can be your daughter.”


“That you can’t.”  If Gu Jinmi becomes her daughter, then her son wouldn’t be able to have fun chasing her anymore. Even if she agrees, that stupid child wouldn’t agree to it too!  But if that stupid child flares up, then she won’t acknowledge him as her son!

“Huh?” Gu Jinmi asked, staring blankly at Ouyang’s mother.

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