RSMLP Chapter 15 – Youthful Campus Life (1.12)


As Ouyang Wen was walking up to them, he noticed that his mother and Gu Jinmi were staring blankly at each other. He coughed out, “keke, keke[1], mum, what are you doing?!”

“N-nothing, I only brought Jin er to look at her bedroom.” said Ouyang’s mother.
“Bedroom?!” Ouyang wen peeked in, frowned and said, “Mum, you exaggerate too much! How do you expected Jin er to sleep in this bedroom when its decorated like that?!”
“Brat, what are you saying? Who would talk to their mother like this? Besides what’s wrong with decorating the room like that? You are not the one who is going to use this room and Jin er likes it! Isn’t it right, Jin er?!”

Gu Jinmi peeped at Ouyang Wen awkwardly. Looking back at Ouyang Wen’s mother, she nodded her head, “yes, I like it a lot.”

Ouyang Wen speechlessly looked at Gu Jinmi and said “You, this girl… Mum if you don’t remove this mess from the bedroom, I will tell dad and he will be very willing to deal with you!”

“You… you… you… you brat! Just you wait. Humph!” saying that, Ouyang Wen’s mother stormed off.

Gu Jinmi looked baffled at Ouyang Wen and asked, “What just happened? Why did Auntie suddenly leave?”

“Haha, it’s nothing, it’s nothing, just rest here for tonight, I’ll ask someone to remove this monstrosity tomorrow.”

“It’s alright actually… it’s just too pink! Hehe.”

“Don’t like means don’t like, don’t force yourself to like it. Don’t you know that no one can make you suffer, even yourself!” Ouyang Wen said, patting her head.

“You, why are you suddenly being so sentimental?! Ummm… ummm… I’ll rest first. Bye bye.” she closed the door immediately after that.

Ouyang Wen looked melancholy at the closed door. The mood was so good. Why and how haven’t she understood?

Sitting at the dinner table, Gu Jinmi felt nervous when she met Ouyang mama’s eyes.

“Aiya! Jin er! Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. Eat, eat! Come, come, come, you are too skinny! Eat more meat! More fats, cuter!”

“Oh! Okay, thank you auntie.” Gu Jinmi pursed her lips while looking at the large piece of fatty piece of meat n her bowl.

Ouyang Wen stretched out his chopsticks and took the meat away from Gu Jinmi’s bowl, ignoring surprised looks from everyone and ate it. “Why are all of you looking at me? Are all of you not eating?”

“Brat, y-you actually…”

Once Gu Jinmi recovered from the surprise, she wanted to bury herself in a hole. Wuwu, Ouyang Wen, this bastard, actually, actually…. Did he not see the startled expressions on their faces?

“What’s wrong? Why is your face so red? Did you get a fever?” Ouyang Wen put down his chopsticks immediately, wanting to feel Gu Jinmi forehead.

Gu Jinmi frantically shook her head, “no, no, let go! Your parents are watching!”

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“Okay then, eat a piece of meat! Mom was right for once, you are indeed too skinny and should eat more meat.” as he was saying that, he picked out a meat for her and left it in her bowl.

Now, the only thing Gu Jinmi wanted was to quickly finish dinner and leave.

“Slowly eat, no one is going to snatch it from you. Seriously…”

After eating, Gu Jinmi felt her heart still pounding and her stomach full of butterflies. She awkwardly looked to Ouyang mama and said “Auntie, I’ve finished eating. I’ll go first to unpack my luggage, please excuse me.”

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi leaving, put down his chopsticks and said “I have also finished eating.”

Ouyang mama hurriedly grabbed Ouyang Wen and asked him, “Brat, wait a minute. Do you really like Jin er?”

“Why, can’t I?”

“Haha, of course can! I just wanted to say since you like her already, you must leave a strong impression! What else can we do if she doesn’t become my daughter-in-law. Oh right, why don’t I go to the Gu family to ask for her hand in marriage?!”

“There’s no need for that. I can handle it myself, don’t blindly meddle in my affairs. You are always the one that dug me into a pit[2], that’s why I no longer trust you, mum.”

“You brat, seriously. I had good intentions, ok? Forget it, you settle it on your own! If you really cannot handle, mum will then help.”

“Humph! If I cannot do it, do you really think you will have a chance?”

“You… You… This brat.” Ouyang mama looked at Ouyang Wen’s back and said, “humph! I am going to complain about you to your dad. See how he is going to deal with you.”

Ouyang Wen reached Gu Jinmi’s room, knocked on the door, asked, “Jin er, are you in there?”

“Yes. What’s the matter?” Gu Jinmi replied as she opened the door.

“Ummm, are you free this weekend?”

“This weekend? Yes I’m free! Oh, and to thank you for your help for my exams, I want to treat you to a meal! How about it?”

“Haha, I already forgotten about it. Right, how did you fair in the examinations?”

“Haha, you don’t know! My results placed me in top ten in my class!”

“Only in top ten and you are already so happy! Then wouldn’t I be flying high up in the sky since I am the top of my whole cohort.”

“But, but, you are you, I am me! Comparing last time not knowing slightest knowledge on these subjects to now being top ten in my class, is already not bad already!”


“Humph! I am a good-for-nothing, what about it, humph! I am going to ignore you, you big baddie. I’m not treating you anymore.”

“Ok, ok, ok, it’s my fault, it’s my fault. I implore that Miss Gu be generous and not fuss about this.”

“Humph! I am not that petty! This Saturday I’ll bring you out!”

On Saturday, Gu Jinmi said, “Ouyang gege, we have already came to an agreement! I do not have a lot of money on me, so I will decide where to treat you! Ok?”

“Anything. I’m fine with any place.”

“Really? I tell you, I recently found a place which serves really nice food! Cheap and also delicious, it simply is of good quality yet inexpensive!

“Of good quality and inexpensive?! Where is it?”

“It’s near our school! But I can’t reveal it yet, after eating there once, you will definitely want to go back a second and third time.”

“Where is it?! So secretive, there isn’t any new shop that opened near our school is there?”

“I’m also not sure about that. Anyways, once we reach you will know, haha, let’s go!”

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Translator: Maelani

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1. coughing sounds

2. embarrass him. Without her will have chance but because she meddle he doesn’t have a chance anymore

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    1. I mean she never really left her house and was really spoiled so i can see it, but i do agree. They always makes the fl/mc so childish


  1. Both of the mothers have the same ideas of going over to the other parties house to ask for the hand in marriage. hahaha


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