TGCMM Chapter 5 – Male Pet

~ BOSS’ acting is outstanding _(:з」∠)_ ~

A reader who transmigrated into the novel would love to experience the feeling of her favourite character and to finally get to know the BOSS’ true character and make his status good. Shu Yu failed to act decisively and at the first sight of Fu Wang, she hadn’t sent him somewhere far away, so things turned out like this.
Chapter five isn’t over, but in just a total of 3 encounters Shu Yu had her identity exposed, how can this sad feeling ever be expressed? [lights a fire]
The strange thing is, Shu Yu who is now exposed wasn’t afraid at all, instead there’s this sense of relief washing over her, and a sense of security that the BOSS’ aura emits. Actually, thinking about the short plot in the novel, Jin Yu was not afraid of anything, but ultimately Fu Wang killed her off. In other words, it means that Shu Yu needs to be careful around Fu Wang, but right now Fu Wang was her partner in crime, so there’s nothing to be scared of.
The main thing is, in the novel, the reason why Fu Wang killed her was because the sadistic Jin Yu kept torturing him, thus this led to him planning to murder her. Now look at the image she’s showing, an obedient girl who is so scared that she cried, it’s obvious that the BOSS would lower his defense towards her!
Sensing that her life was not in danger at the moment, Shu Yu let her guard down. As for whether the BOSS would take advantage of her, having finishes reading the novel, Shu Yu expresses that who hadn’t been taken advantage of by the BOSS in the novel? It is said that his true love had been taken advantage of by the BOSS himself, almost causing her death! So, the people who have some value in them are generally the safest, thinking about that, Shu Yu feels more reassured.
Anyway she and the BOSS don’t have any complicated feelings for each other, what’s the point of using each other, moreover isn’t she making use of the BOSS too, so this is called mutual benefit….right? Shu Yu flashed her signature sinister expression, as she looked down at him who was bending over at her feet, his face still had an obedient look.
That bastard BOSS’ acting skills were just too great, but Shu Yu, who knows his true inner self, seeing him in his usual “humble” male pet look, still felt a little tightly weird. Having sat too long in the same pose made her legs a little sore, Shu Yu can’t help but to move her legs and change positions.
When she moved, Fu Wang felt it, his eyes filled with love as his body moved slightly closer to Shu Yu who was now sitting on the couch. He spoke softly: “My Lady, is there any discomfort? Let me serve you My Lady, I shall let you feel comfortable~”
When Fu Wang gets all serious, that’s when he looks like an upright handsome man but if he showed off his charms, his other half blood that belonged to the Fox Clan, he can transform into a mini-powerful little demon in a flash, just like this example right here. He flashed his silky wink and his hands that are about to cast a spell, it’s as if he’s saying “Come come come and quickly love me~”
Holy crap this tone is too embarrassing! How in the world is it so obscene!
The more unbelievable thing is she didn’t get all girl-angry at him doing this, but it’s more of a natural and delicate color that is crystal clear and warm like a lotus, the kind of extreme and fascinating feeling it fits is extremely perfect. It’s so deeply charming, as it hooks onto you, yet it does nothing. Reserved yet it doesn’t lose its beauty, Shu Yu felt that she’s becoming hard (at where?) just by watching.
Fully aware that he’s acting or he couldn’t help it hehehe, Shu Yu chants a few times in her heart. On the surface, she seemed to be supporting herself with her hand, as she hummed softly.
At this moment, they are by a waterfront pavilion on Tianxin Island, which overlooked the lake and is filled with lingering lotus fragrance, the curtains around the pavilion flew in the misty Spiritual aura. Shu Yu leaned in half on the long and narrow couch, thinking about Fu Wang’s training the day before and his superb acting that allowed her see his naked body, just like a humble male pet who solely loves her.
Since Shu Yu allowed it, Fu Wang appeared with obvious excitement and joy on his face, as though it’s a great bestow to be granted permission to touch her. He moved carefully near the edge of the couch, his white jade hands gently separate the red long dress, and moderately pressed on her legs, while he’s pressing it, he stared with tenderness into her eyes.
With only a few presses, Shu Yu felt her once sore legs turn better, and felt that BOSS is an all-round genius, his massaging skills are fast and accurate.
It’s just, so comfortable, so comfy that she had to *beep*, but she can’t, Jin Yu of Tian Feng cannot lose her mind. So after she’d gathered her thoughts, she signalled with a cough: “That will be enough.”
The rest of the slaves who were waiting on her all silently cursed in their hearts, the initial atmosphere was pretty good, but it suddenly disappeared. Sure enough, it reverted back to the usual moody feeling. Even if it’s hard to even look at that ugly male pet, they still had that expression on them, maybe when that little male pet angered her, he would be gotten rid of with a wave of her hand.
This morning, it’s the usual time to collect Fu Wang’s corpse but what they saw was that Fu Wang and the rest of them are still alive. Those who were used to Jin Yu’s merciless ways were stunned, the “Disposables” are not dead? Then later they found out that the master who didn’t like anything other than killing was actually in love with a lowly slave, this is the first time she had a real male pet. This is really a shocking matter to everyone.
This incident had been spreading all morning around Tian Feng Residence. The elders from the Fox Clan caught wind about it and at first light, they contacted their own spies on the Island to find out the truth.
In the past two days, Shu Yu did not leave her Residence after becoming Jin Yu, in total she’d only met two slaves. Even if she didn’t have the urge to kill those two slaves, the other servants won’t dare to think deeply into it but she couldn’t be staying in there all the time and not come out. In everyone’s eyes, Shu Yu now appeared more gentle as compared to Jin Yu and her servants are all used to it. Shu Yu opened up more now that she’s in a good mood, thus the atmosphere looked more peaceful.
That is why, the servants are green with envy, of Fu Wang who was able to gain Jin Yu’s treatment and change her attitude. The servants felt peculiar about this and might even spark some unspeakable admiration and curiosity towards it. What is he, he who is able to bewitch the violent Jin Yu?
Unknowingly, the other demons on TianXin Island and the people of Tian Hu all focused on Fu Wang, while Shu Yu managed to escape all this commotion.
Why did things become the way they are now, it all began last night.
Last night, after the event where the fragile Shu Yu cried because she’d been scared by BOSS, in his (unsuccessful) persuasion, she promised to help each other. Oh, because of Shu Yu’s decision and it’s not considered indecent, the plot did not develop in any disharmonious way, the two of them lay on the bed covering themselves with a blanket and chatted their hearts away (tune).
With the strong joining force of the BOSS, it is definitely not the same. Although the BOSS is now merely a powerful fighter, but he can’t hold a candle to someone with a high IQ and EQ. In just the blink of an eye, she’d figured out a few options.
Initially, Fu Wang had hoped that Shu Yu would become like Jin Yu, at least to look like her on the surface. Then Shu Yu discovered that BOSS’ sign must be a Virgo, as everything must be perfect, the coordination down to her description, her variety of poses and even required Shu Yu to make the same exact Jin Yu expression on her face. He even demonstrated those poses that Shu Yu was unable to do, correcting her bit by bit.
Shu Yu faced the mirror while posing many different kinds of crazy bad guy’s expression, worried that she’ll turn into a selective freak in the future and be unable to return to her feminine self.
You have to agree that Fu Wang is a very responsible and great teacher, others are not stern but they can make one obedient.
After a night of emergency training, Shu Yu finally got a little better, at least it’s easier to fool anyone than the silly behaviour she had two days before. The only bad thing is the kind that Jin Yu had, the violent and abusive nature that Shu Yu cannot replicate well, after all Shu Yu was gentle and kind by nature.
In order to make Shu Yu display a little violence just like Jin Yu, Fu Wang had to sacrifice himself for the sake of her training. There were times when Shu Yu couldn’t control it and hurt him, frightened but he still smiled and let her continue to test that feeling, and gently comforted her to not be in a hurry, and she is almost ready to get a sneak peak of the results.
It’s those servants that saw Fu Wang’s footsteps in the morning that turned pale.
Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, wisdom is not learnt in a day, that’s why Shu Yu was still not in place. To make up for her other shortcomings and to let Fu Wang have a better identity so it’s convenient for him to collude with the others (?), in the end Fu Wang thought of a “Because of love a violent queen learns to be a demon” path for her to walk.
Why did Jin Yu’s behaviour change? All because of love! Regardless of whether those old monsters believe it or not, if most of the demons believe then it’ll do. After all, there is a ready-made reason here. So, the thing about Jin Yu is not that big of a problem, it’s that Fu Wang is now in the spotlight here. This could mean that in the days ahead, he might meet some trouble or even have his life threatened by it.
Fu Wang is essentially a gambler who is used to betting his life on it, when there’s risks comes benefits. Since it is an alliance, he will need to show his sincerity.
Blinking his eyes, Fu Wang looked up and flashed his smile towards Shu Yu. Shu Yu received his signal from his “Hurry up and start showing love to let everyone see” smile, and soon follows according to the plan as she raised her hand.
Fu Wang played along with it, as he sat on the cushion of the couch and put his head on her lap. Shu Yu looks relaxed as she ran her fingers through Fu Wang’s dark hair.
Jin Yu had never been so caring before, usually she will touch their heads, which meant that in the next moment that guy’s head will be ripped apart. The great elders’ servants were speechless internally, the Jin of Tian Feng really got it? Really wished to ask Fu Wang if there’s any secret technique to it!
There’s someone secretly planning it. The usual hard-to-please Jin Yu suddenly had a weakness, there might be a storm in Tian Feng Residence. If there’s internal fighting in the Residence, not to mention the whole of Meng Ze does too. Wanting to win over Jin Yu and to kill her soldiers is a lot to deal with, I’m afraid that they will smell something unusual about her and it’s going to get more frequent.
If word about Jin Yu liking a male pet got out, I’m afraid that by tomorrow, the Tian Hu Elders and other foreign clans will send a pet to her.
Afterall, Jin Yu is Meng Ze’s sole demon with God’s blood in her, making her the most powerful demon, those demons desire her identity. Who knows, if you nurture the child you have with her, that will be a great boost!
The day Jin Yu turned into an adult, many sent their prospects to sleep with Jin Yu, however the unpredictable Jin Yu showed no mercy to anyone, even to those either charming or handsome men, stirring their brain with a happy smile. Gradually, no one dared to give her a male pet anymore.
At this point, there are countless demons who want to envy and hate, why must it be that the impure half-fox who got the eye of My Lady!
The half-fox demon who is envied by the hateful monsters and was maliciously ridiculed by, felt that it’s going to be interesting. When his lunch was delivered, he noticed that Shu Yu had an evil vibe on her, as he quietly took a sip of a water.
Fu Wang looked at the spread of delicacies in front of him and looked again at Shu Yu’s Spiritual fruits and water, he laughed. Using a jade chopstick, he picked up a piece of aromatic meat, his eyebrows trembled as he said to Shu Yu in a expecting tone: “My Lady, it would be an honour if you could share this meal with me, I from a humble identity should not raise such unreasonable demands, but……” he bit his lips as he looks up at Shu Yu, and continues: “But I hope to eat with My Lady.”
As soon as he finished talking, his face revealed his shyness and expectation towards her, his humble pleading eyes made it hard to reject.
BOSS’ superb performance is one of a kind! You understand me BOSS! Shu Yu restrained her eyes and didn’t stare at the fragrant food, pretending to be impatient but finally being magnanimous, as she nods slightly.
Her nod came as a surprise to her servants. Everyone knew that Jin Yu, with the exception of Spiritual food such as Spiritual Fruits and Spiritual Water, didn’t eat these cooked food, but now it’s an exception thanks to the male pet! Sure enough, Jin Yu is really fascinated by this male pet. Fu Wang has risen to being the best male in the servants’ mind.
Fu Wang’s hazy eyes became bright, he laughed: “Then I shall feed My Lady.” Then he moved the chopsticks on his hand, he slightly bit his lips as he ate that piece of meat, his eyes smiled at Shu Yu.
Hold on, you can just use the chopsticks to feed, even if you say that it’s all a show to let others see your sincerity, you don’t have to sacrifice your food, BOSS can you just wake up!
Shu Yu squinted her eyes and looked closer at BOSS and the delicious meat he had just bitten into, then she found herself being tested by her desire to eat and the power to restrain herself.

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The Author has something to say:
I think a girl needs to stay strong, but when you are in love of course you need some love here. Based on my years of experience (Even though I said that but this lonely girl doesn’t have any boyfriend [doge]), you will need to act stupid in front of your charming guy then it will look better, oh, it might seem stupid, but of course not that low IQ type of stupidity, and you can’t act silly to anyone.
That said, if you meet a superwoman, then she and the male lead will have a BE ending, you can’t have that right! All along I have been thinking about which type of pot is suitable for which type of lid but that domineering queen should be shipped along with the Qin (person) right! I can write all sorts of female characters, not only one type.
After that, regarding the leading male character, will he use the female lead till her death and not love her? I think it’s really not a problem. Isn’t a novel the place where the impossible becomes possible. Then again, look at his past character and you will know, how can I write bad things about him [ pout ] then in the end it’s too early to determine who will win, who says the stupidly-in-love female lead won’t have a trick up her sleeve, just wait and see.

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    1. I think the author purposefully draws parallels to male arousal. Probably because there is no easy way to write subtle enough female arousal in Chinese novels? That’s my guess. Different languages have different standards of what is considered ‘obscene’ and not fit to print.


  1. Honestly this chapter was confusing. The author isn’t clear about how much time has passed, and it’s mentioned that she and ML spoke all night long under a blanket, what exactly did she talk about with him? Did she reveal who she really is and how she came inside the body? Or did she feign amnesia?
    And the last paragraph about the food was confusing as hell, what did she mean by ‘sacrificing his food’?? 😐

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  2. She is not the typical head strong female character so i am worried about her.
    And maybe fu wang would eat her in another way. But she is completely useless in the story. I don’t even know what is the purpose anymore.
    Just that this plot is to weird.


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