RSMLP Chapter 16 – Youthful Campus Life (1.13)


Gu Jinmi led Ouyang Wen through a series of turns leading to a place near the school back gate.

“Isn’t this the little food street near our school? You can’t be thinking of treating me to a meal here!”

“Why can’t I? Do not underestimate this place! Even though the shops here a smaller, but the foods they sell are delicious! If you don’t believe, eat it today and you will finally know. Come, I’ll first bring you to eat dumplings. I came here once before, and I immediately wanted to come back. Hehe.”

Ouyang Wen looked at the look of excitement portrayed on Gu Jinmi’s face, not objecting anymore, he nodded his head and said, “ok then.”

“Lady boss, give me two bowls of dumpling soup.” Gu Jinmi looked around, stretched out her hand and pointed to an empty table, saying “Ha! It’s cram in here! Fortunately, we came at the right time, there is still one empty table.”

Ouyang Wen frowned, this place is too small! There are so many people, and we don’t even know if the food here is clean or not, but he can’t say anything when she is so happy! Never mind, next time just prevent this little girl from coming here so often.

Gu Jinmi noticed Ouyang Wen sporting an uncomfortable and worried look, thought for a moment, took a cloth and wipe the chair and table, “you can sit down already.”

Ouyang Wen awkwardly sat down and commented, “We don’t even know if this place is clean or not.”

“Hey, young man, what do you think you are complaining about! Where, in this small shop of mine, is it not clean? Every day, this place will be cleaned, the utensils are sterilised by me! Young man, you are destroying my shop’s reputation by saying that! Moreover, the money we most earn from is the students, how can we commit such an unkind act! If you are not willing to come here to eat, then you are not welcome here!”

Ouyang Wen wanted to respond to the aggressive lady boss, however, he did not know what to say.

Gu Jinmi stood up at once and said, “Lady boss, he did not mean it in that way, it is his first time here. that‘s why he doesn’t really understand. Lady boss, we are in the wrong, it’s all our fault, however, I know you are really kind and generous, .”

“Haha, young man, your girlfriend is so wise (clever)! Even though my dumpling stall isn’t some 100-year-old stall, nonetheless, it has been here since the school has been built. The students like to eat here!”

“Haha, that’s right! That’s right! I also like the lady boss’s dumplings! I came back even though I came with my friend the other time.”

“Good! Good! Young lady, I like you, I’ll add more dumplings in your bowl later!” she left the tea and left.

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Seeing as the lady boss had left, Gu Jinmi released a sigh of relief, glared at Ouyang Wen and scolded him, “Can you not speak your mind? Luckily, we didn’t get chased out. This stall is actually not as terrible as you think. Lady boss is right, she mostly earns her money from students, why would it be so crowded if the students do not like to eat here?!”

Ok, ok, ok, I’m the one at fault. However, this place seems a little….”

“Please, comparing with those five stars and four stars restaurants to this small stall is obviously a big difference! However, I still prefer this place, there is more freedom and is more appetizing to eat here, you would love it! If you don’t like it, we will leave.”

“It’s fine, there’s no need to do that, I’m fine with any place. You have already described and praised the dumplings here so extravagantly, I am not giving you face of I don’t eat here. Also, I am scared to not eat here! Your drool will create a river.”

“Haha, so exaggerated! I’m just stating the truth!”

“Two bowls of dumpling soup! Coming! Take your time!”

Gu Jinmi took a deep breath of the soup and said, “how is it, very fragrant right? Oh yes, do you want chilli? Adding a little bit of chilli into the dumplings makes it even tastier! Come, come, I help you add.”

Ouyang Wen caught the whiff of the spicy smell and frowned but he didn’t hesitate to pick up a dumpling and ate it. The sting of the chilli immediately made him stick out his tongue.

“What is it, is it too spicy? You can’t eat spicy food?! Since you can’t, do you want me to ask the lady boss to make another bowl of dumpling for you?”

“No need, no need. I’m fine with it.” No matter how spicy it is, it is alright. After all, this is the first time she is treating him.

Ouyang Wen helplessly looked at Gu Jinmi sticking out her tongue but still continued stuffing more dumplings into her mouth. Looks like this girl is one hundred per cent a foodie!

After eating, Gu Jinmi roamed around with Ouyang Wen and bought a lot of snacks to eat while walking. She also often fed some to him.

Ouyang Wen enjoyed all of it, this girl is feeding all these food to him personally! Even if it is poison, he also has to eat!

When they reached home, Gu Jinmi looked and said to Ouyang Wen with a smile, “if we have another opportunity to go out together again, can we go to the little food streets again?”

“Ok, as long as you are happy.”

“En, I’ll go back into my bedroom, good night.”

“En, good night.”

At midnight, Gu Jinmi felt a little thirsty and went down for a drink. She suddenly heard movements in the kitchen, oh no, is there a thief? No, can’t yell, it will be bad if the thief escapes! Gu Jinmi looked around her, took a golf club, cautiously opened the door and went in.

It was Ouyang Wen with a painful look on his face, pressing on his tummy, looking for something.

Ouyang Wen instantly released a sigh, walked over to him and said, “Ouyang gege, what are you looking for? Ahh! You, why are you sweating so much?! Are you alright?!”

Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen who fainted, at a loss on what to do and shouted, “Auntie, Uncle, Ouyang gege has fainted, quickly come down! Hurry up!”

Ouyang mama and Ouyang baba[1] ran down and looked at the fainted and really sweaty boy. They quickly carried him to his room and instructed, “quickly call doctor Lin, ask him to quickly come over.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll go now.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen frantically and asked, “Uncle, Auntie, is Ouyang gege going to be alright?”

“Relax! Jin er doesn’t have a problem so this boy wouldn’t have a problem.” She comforted Gu Jinmi even though she was pretty worried herself.

Gu Jinmi frowned. Why would he suddenly fall sick! There wasn’t even any sign, what if something really bad happened to him?

“It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright.” Ouyang mama said, hugging Gu Jinmi.

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1. baba 爸爸- father

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