RSMLP Chapter 17 – Youthful Campus Life (1.14)


Dr Lin rushed over to their house, examined Ouyang Wen carefully and said, “what has he eaten?”

“What has he eaten? Ummm, dumplings, stinky tofu[1], caramelised hawthorns[2] and barbecued food.”

“What, no way! Ouyang Wen has a weak stomach! With the things he has eaten, it’s no wonder that he has a stomachache!”

“Huh? What? Ouyang gege has a weak stomach?”

“Of course! It is quite serious as well! That’s why I always remind him to be careful with what he eats, but I didn’t think that he is so disobedient.”

Gu Jinmi felt so guilty. Remorseful, she stood up and apologised, “Uncle, aunty, I caused all of this. I didn’t know that Ouyang gege would have gastric illness, that’s why I brought him to eat all those food. I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have brought Ouyang gege to that place to eat all those food.”

Ouyang mama looked at the guilt ridden Gu Jinmi and sighed, “Jin er, this problem can’t be blamed on you, Ouyang himself knew that his stomach is weak, but yet he still ate it. You also didn’t force him to eat all those food. Therefore, Jin er, you don’t have to brood over it.”

“But, regardless, it’s still my fault!” Gu Jinmi said, looking down.

“Why don’t you take good care of him for tonight since you still feel bad.”

“En, ok.”

“Okay then, since Jin er is staying behind, us noisy people should make ourselves scarce. Jin er, take good care of him!”

Gu Jinmi looked at the quietly sleeping Ouyang Wen who has eaten his medicine and sighed in relief. However, she got worried again when she saw him drenched in sweat. If she did not wipe away the sweat, he would catch a cold. Ouyang Wen caused himself to be so sick now, she should do what she think is right instead.

Gu Jinmi went into the bathroom and brought out a basin of water. She attentively wiped down his body, however, upon looking at his lower body, she frowned. Forget it, don’t wipe the bottom part! Anyways, it doesn’t matter.

After pouring the water away, Gu Jinmi went back to Ouyang Wen’s bedside and said while poking him, “You! Hopeless, already knew that you cannot eat those things, yet you didn’t inform me! I also didn’t force you to eat it, are you happy now, stomach pain! You! Only asking for trouble. Hopeless, hopeless, still always say I’m an idiot, I think you are then the idiot. Stupid.”

Gu Jinmi hadn’t vent off all her frustrations yet. She reached out her hand, wanting to pinch Ouyang Wen’s cheeks.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ouyang Wen who was previously thought to be fast asleep, stretched out his hand and caught Gu Jinmi’s hand. He said, “you are caught red-handed!”

“Y-you are awake! Does your stomach still hurt?!”

“No, after eating the medicine, I felt much better, there is no more problem.”

“That… Did I wake you up?”

“Of course! There was a little female pervert who is taking the advantage to touch me while I’m sleeping! Although I don’t mind that you are openly taking advantage of me, but you don’t have to do it while I’m sleeping! Looks like I’ll have to close the door when I’m sleeping!”

“You, you, Ouyang Wen you just woke up, why are you being so sarcastic to me?! Humph! I’ll return to my room since you have woken up.”

“Wait! You caused me to be in pain for half the night therefore you should be taking care of me!”

“You, you still dare to say that!” Gu Jinmi was furious when she heard that! “Did you know that your stomach is weak, causing your gastric illness to be serious?!”

“Of course I know!”

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“You knew but you still create so much trouble! You should have told me! I didn’t know your stomach was that weak! You shouldn’t have eaten all those things! Your stomachache was so bad just now, you made me so worried me!

Ouyang Wen’s heart ached when he saw Gu Jinmi had started tearing from being worried and said, “I’m fine, everything is fine now, don’t cry already! You wouldn’t be pretty anymore if you cry so much. I couldn’t reject you! It’s your first time feeding me by hand! Even if I die from this illness, I’m still willing and anyways, I’m fine now!”

Gu Jinmi smiled angrily and said in a bad temper, “So if I personally feed you poison, you will definitely eat it!”

“Of course! As long as you are the one feeding me, I will eat. Even if it is poison, I wouldn’t hesitate at all.”

“You, you , you, I don’t know how to talk to you, anyhow, in future, you are to take good care of your body, understand? If you get sick, I-we will be very worried.”

“How about you, little girl?!”

“I-I will also take care of my health! Anyways, you are not allowed to joke around with your health, understand?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I understand, little girl, so it is proven that you care about me!”

“N-no! I-I do not!”

“Oh really? Next week, go out with me!”

“Huh?!” Weren’t they just talking about taking care of their health? How did the conversation suddenly went to what they want to do next week? Both topics are so different! Seeing as she caused Ouyang Wen to get sick, she shall not make things difficult for him! “Okay!”

“Remember, you are the one who agreed to go out with me! Let’s rest already, it’s already quite late!”

‘Rest?! Then release me! I want to go back to my room.”

“I’m not letting go, did you forget that you promised to take care of me today?”

“But, but…” Gu Jinmi’s face turned bright red and said, “You are ill though.”

“Exactly! I’m ill! And since I’m ill, what are you worried about? If you did not stay here with me and I get a high fever then how?”

“Ok, ok, fine, but… Yo-you better not do anything.” Gu Jinmi made a pillow barrier between her and Ouyang Wen and continued, “Do not cross the pillow barrier, understand?”

“Yes, relax, I wouldn’t.”

Gu Jinmi originally thought that she definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep as it is her first time sleeping with a male on the same bed! But alas, in the end, she still slept very soundly.

Ouyang Wen looked at the sweetly sleeping Gu Jinmi and secretly took away the pillow separating both of them. He stretched out both of his arms, hugged Gu Jinmi closely to himself and allowed Gu Jinmi to slowly find a spot to be comfortable in.

Ouyang Wen smiled and said, “You are the one that sent yourself right into my arms, so don’t blame me!” Yes, sure enough, her scent is the best smell, it’s not pungent. On the contrary, there also was a faint milky smell. Not bad, not bad.

“Hehe, goodnight, little girl! Remember to dream of me!”

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1. 臭豆腐- fermented tofu, very stinky tofu but tastes good

2. 糖葫芦- its a chinese sweet, red colour, spherical shape, has a few on a stick

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