TGCMM Chapter 6 – Cure Kidney Deficiency without Sugar

~ BOSS, start towards becoming a Holy Father! ~

Fu Wang gazed sneakily at the crowd of servants, slowly he moved nearer to Shu Yu.

He’s near he’s near! So close that we’re going to kiss!——Right now, Shu Yu and her servants are mentally shouting in their minds.

To eat or not to eat? She’ll need to eat, but she can’t open her mouth while looking at BOSS. In flashing moments, Shu Yu could only think of all the garbled scenarios, and finally settled on a sentence “Don’t worry, just do it!”

Thus her heart is set on that one thing and with a smirk on her face, she extends out her white jade hands, and pinches Fu Wang’s chin gently, while her other hand lifts her body up, and with a laziness written all over her face she grabs the meat on his lips, her lips brushing against his lips.

Regaining her one-hand support on the couch, Shu Yu casually waved her hand, “That will be enough, don’t be spoiled, you can eat it by yourself.”

In fact, her feelings are now complicated, BOSS’ lips are very soft and it seemed like there’s static in it! BOSS’ face is so smooth to the touch! BOSS’ chin, and he is too thin! The meat is delicious, but this kind of feeding is so anti-human, so forget about ittttttt. Thought like this had been going in circles in her mind.

She reluctantly swallowed that piece of savoury meat, feeling like a glutton. She sees Fu Wang sitting obediently by her feet, eating his food quietly, Shu Yu can’t help but to keep glancing over there. Of course, in the eyes of other people, Jin Yu was just looking at her new male pet, look at the hungry looks they had without any disguise.

Guessing that after he’d finished his meal, Lady Jin Yu will take him back to the Hall and mess him over many times. A high wielding power like him from the Fox Clan is undoubtedly strong, compared to any 2 of their combine combat power, the group of slaves couldn’t help but think, that if they wanted to build a great relationship with the male pet, they could send gifts and tonics. Of course that is if he could survive till then.

No matter what environment he’s in, Fu Wang elegantly finished his meal, then he smiled brightly at Shu Yu, and stressed every word “Lady Jin Yu, would you like me to wait on you for the whole afternoon~” He said while, also slightly opening his lips, which meant his words contained deep meaning, anyone can tell.

“ Yes.” Shu Yu thinks that, this love show is enough for this one morning, and there are many things to do next on the list, their time is limited, and shouldn’t waste anymore time here.

The two of them leave together, rushing towards the inner Hall, the rest of the slaves look at one another as no one dared to follow them. Although it seemed that Jin Yu was less prone to getting angry because of the male pet, but who can tell when she will suddenly go berserk and start killing someone, besides if anyone went to them now they shall face the music.

Once inside the Inner Hall, Shu Yu haven’t relaxed yet, and was pulled by BOSS into a big bed surrounded by drapery. Shu Yu did not have time to refuse this sudden situation she’s in, as Fu Wang got close and whispered near to her ears: “Check if someone is listening in this Hall.”

Shu Yu put her guard up, even BOSS’ hurl-onto-her actions could not bother her, first she used the method that he’d taught to check out this Hall, until she confirmed that no one is listening, then she let out a sigh and shook her head: “There’s no one.”

“That’s good news.” Fu Wang moved away to sit on her side and smiled, his behaviour now and what happened outside was a drastic change, that confusing charm he had disappears completely, as it’s replaced with a calm and leisurely feeling.

Fortunately, she didn’t yell at the moment when he came rushing over, if not there’d be awkwardness, Shu Yu feels that right now her Reflex Arc is put to some good use.

BOSS is serious, as he continued on about yesterday night’s topic. Firstly, he gave a good review about Shu Yu’s behaviour this morning, and her touch that killed.

“It’s hard on you, you work well in the morning.”

Looking at Fu Wang on teaching mode, Shu Yu subconsciously sat straight up, which is is a natural reaction that modest students have picked up for more than ten years in school, any students that sees a teacher will go all vincible.

Fu Wang stroked his thumb and thought about it for a moment, and said: “First step is done, the story about me being your male pet has been spread, but because those people are now cautious, we will have at least 3 days, to at most 1 month to prepare. Because we are facing an unknown situation here, we have to be prepared for the worst case scenario, so the following 3 days may be harder on you.”

“Be familiar with using Jin Yu’s power as soon as possible, so that not only can you protect yourself, but our plan can proceed smoothly as well.”

Shu Yu scratched her nose, feeling guilty. Last night when they’d discussed about her current abilities, at that time Fu Wang asked how far could she handle Jin Yu’s power, she bluntly replied that it’s not even 10% of her power. Fu Wang then asked her what can she do, what is her answer then?

“Does flying count? Oh and I used Spiritual energy to clean the room……” Shu Yu tried hard to answer so that she’d look less guilty. Now you can’t blame her, Jin Yu’s ability derives from her very blood, that means Jin Yu can use it freely, but without a solid foundation, Shu Yu could not adapt to this vessel she only had, she practiced her wind power and spiritual power all while following BOSS. She’d only came to this world for a few days, before she believed that everything has a scientific reason to it, so it’s impossible for her to become a great demon immediately!

Even with Jin Yu’s memories, Shu Yu still needed time to recollect, finding information is a strenuous thing to do, not to mention the effort in using other abilities. Her body remembers, her powers aren’t gone, but physiologically she feels unfamiliar with it that’s why she can’t use it. Another important thing is that Jin Yu didn’t know what drove her crazy mad, and during that time her mind was unclear, even her memories are blurred.

A large segment of this vague memory kept emerging, causing Shu Yu’s current abilities to decrease greatly. Even if she could attain Jin Yu’s power to the peak of her abilities, that would need some time too, but now what she lacked is time. If she’s discovered by someone who harboured ill intent before she fully possessed this self-protecting ability, then she’d be in grave danger.

Hmm……it seems that she’s been discovered by the most dangerous monster. How do I put it, BOSS is a dangerous being, but in this unknown world, being one of the most important characters and having been loved before, for Shu Yu right now there is still some barrier in her. After all, she really feels uneasy, so it’s natural to subconsciously want to be close to something that you are familiar with.

Then again, BOSS’ character really makes people feels safe, really! Although she was still lacking her self-protecting ability before last night, she finally decided to rely on BOSS, but after that night, she can’t help but to feel that, those who qualify to be a big villain have their own extraordinary charm, even her slightly-afraid-of-BOSS inner self couldn’t help but want to trust him.

Circumstances are stronger than humans, Shu Yu secretly ranked Fu Wang as her superior in her heart, thinking back about last night, there was a kind of guilty feeling that when an interviewee is asked by the boss about his skill and he cannot answer that.

Fu Wang always observed things carefully, once he looked into Shu Yu’s uncertain eyes he could guess what she’s thinking, he smiled with a comforting tone: “Don’t worry, things are bound to happen, no matter what happens there’s always a way to fix it. You are doing pretty good yourself, and you will get even better the next time. Don’t worry about your abilities, after all this body is still conscious, you just lack synaesthesia and ample practice, you can use it again once you are familiar with it, I’ll be by your side to help you.”

“First, let’s practise your abilities here.”

Shu Yu looked around at the gorgeous furniture, and ask: “Here? What are you thinking? We’ll be noticed.

Fu Wang laughed with honesty, “We won’t, they’ll think that we’re just….doing some serious stuff. And during these 3 days, I’m afraid we’ll have to put up a show, before you can control at least 30% of Jin Yu’s power, it’s best if you go out less, if not it’s easy to be exposed.”

Doing serious stuffs, and to top it off it’s going on for 3 days straight, what a shame. Shu Yu flashed a convincing expression on her face.

The whole afternoon, loud noises kept roaring from the Inner Hall, the deafening sound of the instrument can be heard miles away from the Inner Hall by the slaves. The slaves exchanged glances, and whispered among themselves, it’s not surprising that she’s the most violent goddess in Meng Ze, doing a task can be this intense, once this pass, can that male pet even live?

It’s best if he’s dead, so that others will have better chances. It’s just that, considering this position, being a male pet has far greater risks. In a distance, the palace seems to tremour, the slaves couldn’t help but to tremble, feeling a stinging pain in their mouth.

In the palace, where Shu Yu was now at the Inner Palace, on one side trying hard to recall Jin Yu’s power whom she’d hardly used in her poor memories, while on other side attacking the surrounding furniture under Fu Wang’s instructions.

Yes, Fu Wang is giving her guidance. Her current combat power is weak, but her head is fine, last night, he gave Shu Yu some secret Art-of-the-fighting books that he found in the Pagoda, and today he started teaching her.

Shu Yu couldn’t fully comprehend those skills and moves in the books, but with Jin Yu’s memories it helped her to understand a little, it’s like trying to comprehend English words by using an English dictionary to do so, knowing half the stuff and having to read it slowly to understand. But BOSS isn’t like this, he sees ten sentences at a glance, flipping over the pages and continuing to do so with another book.

Shu Yu was stunned as she watch him continuously absorb the knowledge like a dry sponge, and learning how to allow her to execute her powers better, her knees turn weak, he is truly worthy to be a villain BOSS.

“Concentrate your Spiritual energy over here, then like this, the way you used it before is too rough, and it consumes excessive Spiritual energy, learn to use adequate amounts.” Fu Wang once again finishes the pile of books, then goes on to guide Shu Yu. Using his fingers to point at Shu Yu’s body and drawing a picture in the air, guiding her carefully.

Because Shu Yu didn’t understand the Spiritual flow and things like the fox-like acupuncture points, since Jin Yu is a natural savage, she relied on her animal instincts, but since Shu Yu didn’t have that instinct, all she could do was to remember by heart. Fortunately there’s Fu Wang to help to cheat at this, his lectures are easy to understand, Shu Yu had felt more than once that if Fu Wang went into modern teaching, she’d definitely get excellent grades.

Following Fu wang’s guidance, with a wave of her hand, she shattered a pillar in the Hall, which surprised her. Then feeling happy again, to have the ability makes one confident, she feels more at ease. Thinking again whether she could get even more powerful than this, gets her all excited about it~

She couldn’t help herself but to turn her head and look at Fu Wang, noticing her I-want-you-to-praise-me expression, in a soft tone he praised her once more, “To be able to reach to this point, you are good.”

“Because there’s not much time to improve all of your abilities at the same time, so far you’ll only focus on practicing this one-shot killing move, the purpose is to shock, there are also some other common abilities as well, in addition, your alertness needs to be improved.” Till this point, he paused, his sparkly handsome face revealed a perfect kind smile, “About that, I’ll think of a way to improve it.”

Suddenly, Shu Yu felt all chilly. She stared at her own hands, and at last she asked with hesitation: “Am I going to kill someone?”

“If you have to shock them, killing someone is possibly necessary, or else you’ll be too different from the original Jin Yu.” Fu Wang flashed his eyes, noticing that Shu Yu isn’t too happy, he said: “Even though I said that, but if you don’t want to do this kind of thing, I will not force you to do it, it’s just a little suspicion I have, I’ll find a way to handle it. Since you do not want to, then you don’t have to force yourself.”

He reached out and touched her head. Shu Yu looked up and happily asked: “Really? I do not have to kill someone?” Growing up in a peaceful world in a comfortable environment, and not a natural serial killer, how could she bring herself to kill, if she’s not desperate she will not think about killing.

The truth is that his answer surprised her, she’d thought that he would say his life triumphed over everything, in this cruel “survival of the fittest” world, a weak and innocent being like her will get herself killed, yet he said something like this. Maybe in truth he didn’t think of it like that, but right now Shu Yu needed some comforting, even if it was a white lie.

Looking at her genuine expression, Fu Wang smiled. This person in Jin Yu’s body must have led a pretty blissful life before. But for someone like him who killed someone since whatever age, the person named Shu Yu who rejects killing others, it might be troublesome for their future plans, but strangely it made him more reassured.

Currently his partner seems somewhat weak but not timid, in fact a kind person. Those with their own principles, after she becomes strong, there will not be a threat of her turning her back and eliminating him.

Even though it’s cooperation on paper, but Fu Wang did not trust her fully, he never trusted anyone, his heart is always guarded and suspicious of anyone, if Shu Yu could get him to trust till this point, it’s considered rare.

Shu Yu immediately knew what Fu Wang was planning, during dinner, she stopped her disrupted moves, and sat on her bed to rest. Fu Wang who had a busy day stood up, slowly he undressed, and threw the tattered clothes by the bedside, he pulled off the curtain and covers part of the bed, tear up the bedding, to look more like a messy place that Shu Yu had created….all messed up in the midst of playing.

Fu Wang had Shu Yu take off her coat too, and threw it on the floor by the bed, he personally spread her hair and let her sit behind the curtain. He dug something from his sleeve, which revealed a small bottle, and sprinkled the liquid over the table and floor. Suddenly a strange smell filled the Inner Hall. Shu Yu was baffled by his actions, and later understood why. Even if she didn’t know about the strange smell, but looking at the viscous liquid, she can guess in about one or two tries.

Then her expression was a bit cracked. BOSS you really sacrifice too much, you smashed so many things just to disguise a scene, are you really ok? How can I help myself but want to stare at your area! BOSS, do you need some tonic there is one in my treasure Pagoda!

Looking back, Fu Wang saw Shu Yu’s uncovered expression, he kept the empty bottle back into his sleeve: “The ancient book shows various methods of blending, it says you can use ordinary things to create a liquid that gives off the scent of a man and woman.” Those words he meant, is not made up.

Shu Yu: “Oh.” I’m so losing it, if this keeps up, I will become impure_(:з」∠)_

Fu Wang looked pleased at the surrounding, lastly he opened his clothes, which revealed his white chest and the two red fruits on his chest, there’s lots of red marks on his bare skin, his other hand raised to take out his hair band that tied his long hair, and he threw it on the ground. He put on a robe loosely on his body, one second he turned into a little monster who’s been trampled on before.

Shu Yu who witnessed the whole process, silently swallowed her saliva.

Fu Wang had just gotten ready, then came a trembling voice just outside the door, “My Lady and Sir Fu Wang, your meals are ready, I ask if you would like to have it now.”

The door slammed open, the unlucky soul outside the door who was sent to be a slave to a dead stalker, had the face of wanting to cry but not being able to. He’s a grandson of the 12 Elders, although he is more specialised in murdering as a slave compared to Fu Wang, but in Tian Xing Island there not a single outstanding slave here, thus he was chosen to do this chore, maybe some explaining will need to be done here.

Walking with the meals on his hands as he kept looking forward. Along the way, there are instruments that have been destroyed and messy things, letting him figure out thorough bits of broken fragments, holy shit things are so intense here!

Thinking about it, a gulf of murderous intent gushed over him, he peeked up, and saw that Jin Yu, who only had a piece of clothing on her, is hiding in the bed with her hand raised slightly. Noticing that move, this slave is scared shitless until he almost pissed his pants. He had also seen that side of Jin Yu’s murderous look. In short, every time she raised her hand without saying a word, it means that at any moment, someone’s head is going to burst.

What? Why would Jin Yu kill him? Jin Yu needed no to reason to kill anyone. Without a doubt, he estimated that he will die soon.

Monster! Said that this Lady might change for the better after having a man! Isn’t this deceiving a demon!

The poor slave was shaking and waiting for his death when out of the blue, a beautiful sound could be heard. He is as the legends said that will deal with Jin Yu, the male pet.

In a soft and weak tone he begged: “My Lady, he did not commit any sin, will you let him off.”

While on his knees, the slave was dumbfounded, he had never seen anyone who dared to interfere with Jin Yu’s killing, even the great Elders wouldn’t dare to do so, this male pet is really courageous, it’s his sound that is intensely great.

Feeling curious, the slave silently looked up and glanced. In that glimpse, he saw a handsome young man in a blue robe sitting in front of the bed, the traces on his body showed the very sins he had committed. He kissed Jin Yu’s hand, that embarrassing atmosphere lining the surrounding scene, there are simply so many things to say!

My eyes are turning blind.

In the next moment, a miraculous thing happened, he heard Jin Yu hum, and she withdrew her murderous intent, it was this simple after being persuaded by that male pet.

”You can leave.”

Hearing the male pet’s voice again, the slave did not dare to despise him, shakily he quickly put the food down and retreated, leaving the Inner Hall. Then he let out a deep long breath, he was practically scared to death! But now knowing the truth, he isn’t skeptical about it, that fierce beast Jin Yu, was actually conquered by that unknown half-demon slave!

You tend to experience strange things once you live long enough. The slave who rushed to convey the message let out a sigh, deciding to thank him for saving his own life, next time he shall secretly give the male pet a Tonic.

In the Inner Hall only Shu Yu and Fu Wang was left, Fu Wang gathered up all the clothes, and Shu Yu’s sneering could be heard. Recalling the scene just now, she couldn’t help but to think, that if the BOSS kept pretending to stop her, to satisfy her desire not to kill, then his people must be fated to believe in the Father. Thinking about BOSS pretending to be the White Lotus Father from now on, she suddenly felt like laughing.

Blinking her eyes, Shu Yu suddenly saw that two more plates of delicious chicken legs and a pile of meat appeared right in front of her eyes. Fu Wang gave most of the food to the Shu Yu, and her eyes were smiling, he said warmly: “I think you are the one that wants to eat, go on.”

BOSS is emitting a sacred glow!

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Original title: 治肾亏不含糖
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(The following is what I’ve found from my research on the title)
The tagline is just a marketing gimmick for the company.
People with kidney deficiency are usually middle-aged or old people. They’re richer, exercise lesser and life’s stresses lead to all kinds of illnesses, one of them being diabetes. Someone claimed that after eating Liuwei Dihuang, their diabetic symptom of dry mouth and thirst was gone so the vendor decided to use this as a selling point to market their product.

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