RSMLP Chapter 18 – Youthful Campus Life (1.15)


On the next morning, Gu Jinmi found herself laying in Ouyang Wen’s arms, and yelled, “Ahhh! Ouyang Wen you bastard!” however, her anger still has not dissipated, therefore, she whacked him with a pillow.

Ouyang Wen caught the pillow and said, “You have mistaken, it wasn’t my fault, you are the one that rolled to me!”

“Get lost! My sleeping posture has always been very good! Good luck trying to lie to me.”

“Bluff you, why should I lie to you.” Ouyang Wen slowly, step-by-step got closer to Gu Jinmi.

Gu Jinmi stepped back and tripped onto the bed, instinctively grabbed Ouyang Wen’s clothes.

At this time, Ouyang mama came into the room. She immediately saw her son on top of Gu Jinmi. She felt a little awkward and smiled, “Haha, You guys continue, continue!”

“Auntie, it is not what you think.” Gu Jinmi tried to push Ouyang Wen but she was not strong enough! “You still don’t stand up!” She whispered loudly to Ouyang Wen, glaring at him.

Ouyang Wen didn’t understand what was Gu Jinmi saying at all. He looked at his mother who is still standing at the door, looking excitedly at them and said to her, “since you know that you’re interrupting, then why aren’t you leaving already?”

Ouyang mama depressingly said, “leave then leave! Why do you have to be so fierce? I’ll find your father to comfort me then I’ll be happy.”

Gu Jimmi tapped Ouyang Wen and said, “Ouyang Wen, you did that on purpose.”

“Congrats, you have answered correctly! I’ll give you a prize! It is a kiss from a very handsome man.” After saying that, Ouyang Wen pecked Gu Jinmi on the lips very lightly.

Gu Jinmi was stunned. Did she just lose her first kiss?! Wuwu, Ouyang Wen…

“What, little girl, was that your first kiss?!” Ouyang Wen jokingly said to Gu Jinmi.

“You… You… Humph! What if it is?!” Gu Jinmi said.

“Haha, can, can, can. Alright, hurry, get out of bed! Clean up a little.”

At the end of the week, Gu Jinmi let out a sigh. It was only a week ago when she loved going to school and now, it is torture!

“Little girl, go out with me tomorrow!”

“Huh?! But why?! I want to sleep in tomorrow!”

Are you trying to act as if you don’t know anything?! Let me remind you that you are the one who promised to go out with me tomorrow!”

“But, but…”

“What, the period that I was sick, you agreed without any hesitation! Now you want to back out on your promise and was hoping that I am still sick right?”

“Ouyang Wen what are you trying to say?! Then what about the promise you made to me when you are sick? Fine, fine, I’ll go, I’ll go, alright?!”

“En, like this then you are obedient, a good girl.” Ouyang Wen gently stroked Gu Jinmi’s head.

Early next morning, Ouyang Wen pulled Gu Jinmi out of bed and ordered, “wake up, wash up. We are going out already!”

“Ah! So early?! Can’t I sleep a little longer? Just a little longer.”

“No, hurry up, today is very packed!”

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“Ok! Ok! I’ll go now! Young master, ha!”

After getting ready, they went out together. After shopping the whole day, Gu Jinmi felt like her legs were going to break! It was so tiring!

“Ouyang gege, I can’t walk anymore, carry me!”

“Fine, climb on!”

“En.” Gu Jinmi was piggybacked by Ouyang Wen and felt so comfortable! “Are we going anywhere else?”

“Amusement park.”

“Ah! The amusement park, but didn’t we go there the other time?”

“Yes, we did, but that time was in the day, today we are going in the night! It’s different! If we rush there now, we can also catch the water display and music! Don’t you want to watch it?”

“Want! I want to watch! Let’s quickly go there now! Haha!”

There was no one in sight upon reaching the amusement park. Looking at it all lit up, Gu Jinmi felt that the amusement park at night was more attractive than in the day. No wonder there are so many people who like to come here during the night! Haha.

When they reached, it was already 10 pm. Gu Jinmi told Ouyang Wen, “Ouyang gege, let’s go home! It’s already very late.”

“Jin er, wait a moment,” said Ouyang Wen, pulling Gu Jinmi’s hand.

“Huh?! What is it?”

“Jin er, um, I don’t want to just be your Ouyang gege. Gu Jinmi, I, Ouyang Wen, likes you, no, it should be I, Ouyang Wen love you, Gu Jinmi. Under the witness of the fireworks, would you, Gu Jinmi, give me the honour of being my wife?”

Gu Jinmi looked at him startled. Her heart was telling her that it was not touching, so this definitely is fake, but this was so sudden. “But, you don’t have a ring, don’t have flowers, I definitely will not agree!”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, music played and groups of people appeared. One person from each group came up and gave Gu Jinmi a stalk of rose until Gu Jinmi couldn’t hold any more roses.

At this moment, Ouyang Wen went down on one knee and took out an exquisite diamond ring from his pocket, saying “how about now? My beautiful princess, will you marry me?”

Gu Jinmi haven’t even said a word and the people around them were cheering, “say yes, say yes, say yes!”

Feeling shy, Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen, wanting to say something.

Ouyang Wen softly said, “Little girl, you are not thinking of rejecting me right? Do you hope to embarrass me in front of so many people?”

Gu Jinmi smiled softly and said, “since when does our school’s genius, Ouyang have so little confidence? How many people do you think can resist your gentle advances? Of course, I’m no exception.”

“Brat, I’ll take it as you are agreeing.” Ouyang Wen joyfully put the ring on Gu Jinmi’s finger, stood up and said, “Little girl, I feel like I’m in a dream.”

“Humph! If you think that you are dreaming, then you are definitely dreaming!”

“Little girl, you have to keep your word. You are already caught in my trap. This life, next life, no, it should be forever, you are mine.”

Gu Jinmi felt touched but said, “Unreasonable.”

“Humph! I’m unreasonable with you only.”

“Everyone for the remaining of tonight you can do as you please! Thanks to your cooperation, I am able to hug this beauty. I will pay for everything.”

“Brat, are you tired?” Ouyang Wen said, looking at Gu Jinmi as she yawned.”

“En, a little.”

“Let’s go back then! My bride-to-be.”

“Congratulations on completing the mission.”

“Huh?! I have Completed the mission? Are you kidding me?!”

“The mission is indeed completed, even though it took a long time, and too little emotions, but since it’s you, I cannot expect too much!”

“Huh?! But I didn’t strip the female lead character of her good luck!”

“Because you didn’t create any trouble for the male and female lead, their feelings towards each other didn’t develop, therefore, over time, the male lead lost interest in the female lead. The female lead became very selfish due to the disappointments she felt in her life. That’s why your mission this time can be considered as accidentally completed! All in all, it became like this, as for the other matters, when you have died and returned to the void, then I’ll discuss it with you! I wish you a very happy life. ( ^_^ )/~~ bye bye.”

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7 thoughts on “RSMLP Chapter 18 – Youthful Campus Life (1.15)

  1. Yup, anticlimatic. I hope there will at least be an epilogue for this world.
    ~Side note: Why does returning to the void just sound so dark?


  2. Oh wow…their “love” story is kind of lacking… I can now appreciate all the drama and unrealistic problems in other storys X’DDD And the MC…honestly…she felt nothing, did she? It seems like she just went with the flow without trying to make the guy fall for her X’D
    The male lead(?) was lacking too…the way he fell for her, and was immediately amazed by the way she looks, acts, speaks and thinks…gosh. Everything felt dissatisfiying XD But this is my first Quick Transmigration novel…so maybe these stories are just this way?

    & thank you so much for the translation! I really appreciate your hard work 🙂


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