RSMLP Chapter 19 – Youthful Campus Life (1.16)


Ouyang Wen and Gu Jinmi are getting married today.

Gu Jinmi was woken up by a group of people very early in the morning. She was poked and prodded by brushes and combs for 3 hours.

“Ding dong, ding dong.”

“Haha, it definitely is Ouyang Wen fetching the bride. Haha, I shall go scold him for a long overdue revenge.”

Gu mama looked at Ouyang mama and said, “let it just be just playing, don’t go overboard, it wouldn’t be good if we pass the auspicious time.”

“Don’t worry! I know my limits.”

Ouyang mama walked out, blocked his way and said, “you can come in but only after you can get through me.”

“Mum, what are you doing?!”

“Humph! Today, I am the eldest so listen to me. If you want to receive your bride, you’ll have to be able to give me enough red packet first.”

Ouyang Wen looked to the people beside him, and they immediately took out a few big red packets and passed it over to her.

“can I pass through now?!”

“No, no, that is just the beginning! En, let me think, ah yes, sing me a song!”

Ouyang Wen looked at his mother helplessly, knowing that she wouldn’t let him go so easily today. So he opened his mouth and sang, “let me sing you a song, for the whole world to listen to it with you, this is love, you will understand that you are my only one, nothing can replace. Let me sing you a song, close your eyes and give me your heart. At this moment I want you to listen to this lucky colour…”[1]

Gu Jinmi listened to Ouyang Wen’s singing from inside the house and sighed, so nice to hear! Didn’t know that Ouyang Wen can sing, wow, so talented! Gu Jinmi thought, smiling sweetly.

“Sing finish, then do 200 push-ups!”

“Mum, be so insatiable! Give you an inch, and you want to take a yard!”

“What give an inch, take a yard. You just tell me, are you doing or not?!”

“Do, but let me go to the toilet first, when I come back then I’ll do it. Can?”

“Can, can, hurry go!”

“Ouyang Wen smiled, turned around and left.

“Ha! You… you… why are you here?!” Gu Jinmi jumped when Ouyang Wen suddenly appeared in front of her.

Ouyang Wen stared at Gu Jinmi mesmerised, walked over to her, grabbed her waist and said, “Jin er, you are so beautiful today.” He immediately bent down to kiss her.

Gu Jinmi stopped Ouyang Wen in a rush, shook her head and said, “don’t, I have lipstick on, you’ll ruin it.”

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“It’ll be fine, no matter what, Jin er is the most beautiful bride ever.”

“You, don’t be so loquacious.”

“Jin er, I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to marry you, thank you.”

“Me too.” Gu Jinmi replied, leaning into Ouyang Wen’s arms

“Ok, let’s go now! If we don’t leave now, I wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore.”

Gu Jinmi glared at Ouyang Wen, immoral, pervert.

“Do you Mr Ouyang…”

Ouyang Wen interrupted the pastor and replied, “I do.”

The pastor was a little embarrassed. He could only thicken his skin and asked, “then how about this lady?!”

“Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen and firmly nodded her head, saying, “I do.”

“Keke, the groom may now kiss the bride.”

Gu Jinmi felt shy. She peeked at Ouyang Wen and immediately looked down. Ouyang Wen smiled when he saw Gu Jinmi shy look and softly kissed her lips. He then said, “a night of sexual bliss is worth a lot of money and riches. I have to save all my energy for tonight.”

Upon hearing that, Gu Jinmi became very embarrassed. She wanted to bury herself into a hole! Ouyang Wen that immoral pervert.

“Let’s bless this beautiful couple once the wedding ends.”

“Little girl, I’m finally married to you. Did you know that from the time I set my eyes on you at the banquet hall, eating the cake without any care in the world, I fell in love with you? Thank you for giving me this chance to take care of you for the rest of your life.”

A few years later, a beautiful young woman, stood at the door facing the yard, looking at 2 playful children angrily.

“Ouyang Jin! What do you think you are doing?! How can you bully your sister?!” that’s right, this beautiful young woman is our Gu Jinmi.

“Mummy, I didn’t bully my sister, she fell down herself.” Ouyang Jin said, looking at his mother, feeling wronged. Hai! Every time she cries, mummy will put all the blame on him. Even though when he was younger, he messed with her before, but that doesn’t mean that he always bullied her!

Other families favour the males more than the female but why is this family the opposite? In addition, this family has a hopeless father who uncontrollably pampers the wife!

“Diedie[2], tell mummy, did older brother/gege bully you.”

“Wuwu, mummy, older brother/gege don’t want to bring me out to play. I fell because I was chasing him.”

“Awh! Ok, ok, it’s not pain, not painful already!” she then glared at Ouyang Jin fiercely and said, “see how your dad will punish you when he comes home.”

“Wife, I’m back!”

“Wen, welcome back home! How are you, are you tired?”

“I’m not tired, once I return home and saw you, all the tiredness from my body disappear, so did you, little girl, stay at home all day?”

“Are you kidding me, I am a mother of two, how am I still a little girl?”

“In my eyes, you will forever be my little girl.”


Ouyang Jin felt very helpless looking at this scene. Look, look at that! It started again, oh my god, this old married couple, always act so lovey-dovey every day, I really don’t get it! The adult’s world is so difficult to comprehend!

“Ouyang Jin did you anger your mother?!”

“Humph! You still bring it up, this brat bullied Diedie, don’t want to bring her out to play.”

“Ok, ok, wife don’t get angry. Ouyang Jin, go back into the house and reflect on what you have done.”

Ouyang Jin pursed his mouth, Hai! He knew this would happen.

“Why, little girl do you like Diedie that much?”

“Of course! If I  have a daughter only, that would be perfect! But I gave birth to a boy as well, that’s so saddening.”

“Since you like daughters so much, let’s go back to the house and create more!” he said and kissed her.

“Stop playing, we going to eat already, are you not hungry?”

“I am hungry, but this hunger can be cured by only my wife!”

“Ouyang Wen why, how are you still such an immoral pervert?!”

“Little girl, you are the one who said you love daughters, if we don’t work hard, then how would we get more daughters! My almighty wife, let this daughter be from me!”

“Ah!” Gu Jinmi screamed, quickly hugging Ouyang Wen’s neck.

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1. chinese song “让我为你唱一首歌,全世界都陪你听着,这是爱,你会明白,你是唯一,不可替代,让我为你唱一首歌,闭上眼睛,把心交给我,这一刻,要你听见幸福的颜色”

2. daughter’s nickname [蝶蝶]- (pronunciation: di-air di-air)

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13 thoughts on “RSMLP Chapter 19 – Youthful Campus Life (1.16)

  1. The translators really did a good job but i wish you could have picked another story. It has been going on for 16 chapters and nothing happened! There is basically no plot, it is boring and ridiculous as hell.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel so sorry for the son. Like if u dont want him, give him to a loving couple instead. Why keep him around and abuse him mentally like that. I hope the next arcs’s sons will have a better life than that. If not, I don’t think I can continue reading this book… there are so many plot holes and I guess her treatment of her son is almost the last straw for me. Kudos to the translators though. I’ll probably continue to lurk around this site even if I drop this story ^^

    Liked by 3 people

  3. The first reincarnation novel where I can’t stand the female lead. Such a bad parent. I do appreciate your translations though. I just think this novel should look at the female leads actions though. Didn’t she criticize the ‘female lead’ for being a white lotus, the scene at the amusement park felt like it more accurately describes the MC more.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks for the updates. Translation was great. However, I’m quite disappointed in the female lead. Like a previous comment, she seems very white lotus and self-centered. I feel like the feelings between the two leads were developed too fast. Dated for a few days and then having an engagement. It felt like the author got lazy writing and just quickly wrapped everything up. I also disliked the biasness in parenting. I feel bad for the son. Instead of even giving her and ML a son to mentally abuse, might as well just give them all daughters. I will continue to read if the second arc can save the novel. If not, I’ll be dropping this novel.


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