RSMLP Chapter 20 – blissful life of the farmer girl (2.0)


When Gu Jinmi woke up again, she realised she had returned to the empty space. She felt a little regret and lost, but a bigger part of her felt astonished.

She thought about the moment before her death. Ouyang Wen kneeling beside her, seriously and sincerely looking at Gu Jinmi, saying, “Jin er, even though I do not know why you would agree to marry me, but I understand that in your heart, rather than loving me, you only liked me. But no matter what was the reason you agreed to marry me, I am extremely grateful. Jin er, Even though you didn’t fall in love with me, but I love you. Thank you, for being with me in this life. I am very blessed. Thank you.”

Gu Jinmi sat on the chair in a dazed, asking loudly, “System, System, are you here?”

“I’m here, why, what the problem?”

“Ummm… I just want to ask, why would Ouyang Wen….”

“You had to understand in this world, how much others have invested in you, how much that you should have invested in them, and not just quietly enjoy all of that. There is no free lunch on earth, don’t just act like a fool. They can see what is love and what isn’t love. That is why you had to understand all of this.”

Gu Jinmi silently thought after hearing what System had said. Indeed, the feelings she has for Ouyang Wen is more like a brother and sister relationship rather than husband and wife. But… but… she really doesn’t know how to love, how to respond to his feelings.

System comforted Gu Jinmi seeing that she looked downcasted, “keke, but you still finished your first mission! These things are excusable, many faced these problems when they did their first mission, that’s why you don’t have to feel upset. You have completed it, that’s good enough.”

Gu Jinmi felt even more guilty rather than comforted. Ouyang Wen did a lot of things for her but she….

System quietened down as well, after all, these things have to be figured out by yourself.

After a long time, Gu Jinmi requested, “System, send me to do another mission!”

“Are you sure? Do you not need to rest first?”

“No need. I have rested enough.”

“Ok then! Just a friendly reminder, the next mission is during the olden days.”

When Gu Jinmi woke up, she found herself in an old, worn out house. There was nothing in that house, only a table and chair.

Just as Gu Jinmi was about to stand, she felt a piercing pain at the back of her head. “Ouch! That’s painful! What was that all about?! SYSTEM!”

“Ok, I’ll pass all this world’s information to you, you look for yourself!”

She closed the book after reading it and sighed.

The genre of this book should be under time travelling. The female lead character is from the modern world, studying agriculture, who got transported to this time, to this poor family living in this village. By relying on her knowledge of agriculture, she became rich, allowing her whole village to live very good days. She also unknowingly saved a rich guy, in the end, the two of them fell in love.

But the male supporting character is a hunter in a poor village, his birth is also a very pitiful thing. Once he was born, his parents died, thus he was taken in by his sister-in-law. But one more person to take care means one more person to feed! It was inevitable that he was still miserable in his sister-in-law’s house. When he had the ability to survive on his own, he moved out of her house. Luckily, his parents left him a house, but the house was in a very bad shape.

And she, Gu Jinmi, is the female supporting character. Gu Jinmi’s family in this village is considered not bad, Gu Jinmi is also pretty and a lot of people have asked for her hand in marriage. But ‘her’ parents paired her with the male supporting character. Of course, when the original owner heard it, she was definitely not happy about it! That’s why she went on a hunger strike and what not, but the original body’s parents wouldn’t change their minds.

The original owner doesn’t have any choice but to marry him. Even though she married the supporting male character, but she wasn’t willing! So, after they got married, she talked to him only if she wanted to, don’t give him face, appeared out in public every day, seeking attention[1]. The supporting male character also did not say anything. He thanked the heavens that a girl married him because of his low status, why would he…

Hai! This original owner acted too far already! You tell me, other than the supporting male’s family is very poor, Gu Jinmi feels that everything else is fine. But the original owner doesn’t think about it like that! Creating troubles every day.

The female main character couldn’t stand it anymore and urged them to get divorced. But why would the original owner listen to that suggestion?! At that time, a divorced woman would live the rest of her life in humiliation! So, the original owner either slandered the female main character or opposed the female main character non-stop!

During the period where the male supporting character and the female main character were keeping in contact, he developed a favourable feeling towards the female main character! Last time, the male supporting character just laughed off the actions of the female supporting character, but it’s not the same now! How can the male supporting character allow another person to bully the girl he likes?! The males during the old times are very loyal to their own people and the people they like.

Every time the female supporting character slanders the female main character, the pitying feelings male main character had for the female supporting character slowly turned to hatred and in the end, he hated the female supporting character. Regardless of the consequences, not caring about the female supporting character’s reputation, gave her a letter of divorcement. Once she saw the divorce papers, she was very very mad! To her, not ignoring the poor man completely was considered not bad already, but now, to give her divorce papers is just asking her to die!

Every time she created trouble, the male supporting character lost his patience with her and just threw her out. The whole village soon heard of this matter. Her parents also disown her as their daughter. She naturally lost face to continue staying in this world and decided to drown herself in the river. The main characters then moved out of the village and moved to the capital. The male supporting character hid his feelings for the female main character and was just satisfied with her being happy. He never married again.

Gu Jinmi sighed after reading it, she actually felt sympathy for the male supporting character. As for the female supporting character, Gu Jinmi also doesn’t know what to say, such a good man, but did not know how to cherish him. “Right, so System, what part of the story are we at?”

“It’s the first day the original owner got married to the male supporting character.”

“Whew, that’s good, still have a chance to salvage the situation.”

“Ok, you should already know the mission, so I’m not going to say much. I’ll return when you complete it. Bye Bye.”

This translation is brought to you by:

Iluska & Maelani Translations

Translator: Maelani

Editor: (Not yet edited)

1. it’s unbecoming behaviour of women in the olden days

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