RSMLP Chapter 21 – Blissful life of the farmer girl (2.1)


Gu Jinmi stood up, looked around and discovered that the supporting male lead had gone out. Just thinking about yesterday gave her a headache! Hmmm, nevermind, it should be her stomach aching, since she had a headache before even thinking about yesterday.

The original owner was an impulsive woman. Just because she doesn’t want to sleep on the same bed as the supporting male lead, she knocked her head against the wall and fainted. Now, she(Gu Jinmi) has to clean up her(original owner) mess! Hmmmmm, so what is the best way to solve this problem?

Hmmm, oh, cook. When she had nothing to do and was bored at home, she would cook, now she can finally show her cooking skills off.

When she thought about it, everything was wonderful, but in reality, it was worse, much worse. Gu Jinmi stood in front of the ‘kitchen’ stunned, as she had no idea on how to start!

What is this hole for?! Why is there no ‘on’ and ‘off’ buttons?! How do you start the fire?! Wait, this appeared on tv before, firewood is supposed to be stuffed in this hole!

But there is no lighter! Ai! Why are there two stones here?! What is it for?! Just looking at these made Gu Jinmi’s headache worsen. “System, System, are you there? Please help me!”

“You are so stupid! But since I’m so merciful, I’ll help you!”

After that, Gu Jinmi thought of something to cook. She has to be quick, the supporting male lead is returning home soon!

Gu Jinmi tasted the porridge she made and frowned. It’s a little burnt! However, there was not enough time to make a new one!

Just then, a man walked in. Gu Jinmi stood there in a daze. Hmmm, how should she described him?! Even though the clothes are a little worn out, he still looks fit, like a soldier!

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi questionably and said, “you… you… this…”

Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong embarrassed and said, “that… that… I… yesterday night… I’m so sorry, I-I…”

Li Minghong gazed at the shy-looking Gu Jinmi and said smiling, “ye-yesterday night, didn’t you…”

“That… Yesterday night was not on purpose, but you know… we didn’t meet each other before, that’s why I couldn’t accept at that time!” Gu Jinmi interrupted.

“So, now you have accepted it.” Li Minghong responded.

“Ummm…. Can’t you give me a little time?! I-I also didn’t say I hate you! It’s just… I-I don’t know how to explain…”

Gu Jinmi looked panicky. She wants to explain but couldn’t find the right words. The expression that she had made, made Li Minghong smile. He then said, “marrying me this poor, rough hunter is also difficult on you.”

“No, no, it’s not that. It’s not that I don’t like you. I was trying to say that we understand too little about each other. You know?”

“En, I understand, don’t worry! I will definitely not make things difficult for you.” Li Minghong promised.

“Thank you! Oh, I cooked porridge! Do you want some? I’ll get some for you.” she offered, immediately walking to the kitchen.

Li Minghong’s heart felt warm looking at Gu Jinmi’s back. He thought that she would fight him till the end, but he didn’t think that, haha, there would be such a homey feel!

Gu Jinmi walked out with a bowl of porridge, shyly looked at Li Minghong and said, “actually, the porridge may be a little scorched, if it does not taste good, I’ll make a new one for you.”

Li Minghong drank a mouthful of porridge and said, “there’s no need to do that, the porridge tastes good. Thank you, honey.”

Gu Jinmi turned red after hearing Li Minghong’s endearment for her, and awkwardly replied, “En, as long as you like it.”

“What about you?! Have you eaten? Your head is it alright?! Is it still painful?!”

Gu Jinmi touched her forehead and said, “it’s much better, it’s fine already.”

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“That’s good, next time if you have a problem, just tell me, don’t hurt yourself like that.”

“En, ok.” Gu Jinmi nodded her head shyly, even though she was not the one hit her head against the wall, but she is now the original owner! Just thinking about yesterday made Gu Jinmi feel uncomfortable.

Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong eating happily and satisfied, she felt very accomplished! Looks like doing things herself is also not too bad! Haha.

“Ummm, do want more? There’s still a little more in the kitchen, you were working for the whole afternoon, you should be very hungry!”

“There’s is no need, I’m not very hungry.”

“Orh!” Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong in a daze, not knowing what to say to relieve the tension. Besides, she also doesn’t know how to start a good conversation! It’s so awkward, it’s so awkward, what should she say?!

“Ummm, I…”

“Ummm, you…” they said at the same time.

“You start first!” “you start first!”

They looked at each other shocked, but Gu Jinmi was the first one to say, “Ummm, you start first!”

“En, ok! The day after tomorrow, it’s the day we have to visit your parents[1]!”

“Orh!” Gu Jinmi thought for a little while, oh right, during the olden days, the visitation day is three days after the wedding.

“Ummm, do you have any requests?”

“Requests?! Ummm, don’t have! As long as you go, my parents would be very happy!”

“How can I do that?! Even though I’m poor, but I wouldn’t inconvenience you. These few days I’ll go up to the mountains to hunt, I’ll bring those for your parents.”

“But, you really don’t have to pay so much attention to it, my parents also wouldn’t blame you. In addition, hunting in the mountains is very dangerous, what if something happens to you!” Gu Jinmi asked Li Minghong worriedly.

At first, halfway through the speech, Li Minghong was a little sad. But after listening to everything, he felt warmth in him, is she worried about him? Looking at the very worried look in her eyes, Li Minghong smiled happily and stroked her head. Actually, he wanted to do that earlier, but he was afraid that she will get angry.

Gu Jinmi looked at him shocked. Li Minghong smiled and assured her, “don’t worry! It will be fine. I have gone up the mountain to hunt often, nothing will happen.”

“But, but, what if something happens?!”

What a joke! The day that the male and female lead meets each other is tomorrow when the male lead goes out to hunt! No, no, definitely cannot let them meet each other, what if the two of them create trouble?

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1. 回门- it’s the first visit of the newly wedded couple to the bride’s family; it’s a chinese tradition

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  1. Hahaha! How to keep him home… It’s easy. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Well, I don’t think she’s upgraded her shamelessness to that level yet.


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