TGCMM Chapter 7 – Half Demon Transformation

~ BOSS is playing a big game of chess ~

Shu Yu subconsciously rolled over, suddenly feeling like something was amiss. The place where she’d touched, the soft and delicate touch is accompanied by repeated movement, apparently it’s not the soft big pillow she held before going to bed.

Shu Yu who was still in a daze suddenly woke up, her eyes had yet to open but she quickly retracted her hand. Hmm, right now you don’t have to look at her to know what she touched, it’s the BOSS’ chest alright.

Talking about this matter really brings tears to the eyes, because it was the plan to quickly train within these 3 days, to at least to regain 30% of Jin Yu’s power, she had to live with a teacher and a male pet BOSS Fu Wang. And because there is the anticipation of the Tianfeng Elders who are seeking the truth, they are always ready to make the bed, even a camouflage scene is ready too.

And those servants who brings the dishes, in order for them to spread the news, Shu Yu had to reenact the scene over and over, so many were they till she became numb, and too for the fact that the BOSS and her sleeping together in the same bed is nothing to disagree about. Anyway BOSS doesn’t seem like the type to force himself on her.

Then again, Jin Yu’s bed is seriously huge, huge enough to roll over seven to eight times and you won’t tumble down. But who could tell her, it is such a huge bed, they are both sleeping at the far ends of the bed, then why is it always that she find herself touching BOSS’ warm chest everytime she wakes up!

The first time she woke up, she sees that BOSS is sleeping in his spot, but she was in a more awkward position than before when she slept last night, obviously she rolled herself over. And, her head snug into BOSS’ waist, her hands touching his chest, just that she almost make him fall out of the bed.

Faced with BOSS’s kind smile and sincere comfort, Shu Yu feels guilty, she can’t remember her sleeping habits being this bad. That even after falling asleep, she could still climb mountains and brave the waters to take advantage of BOSS.

Going on that train of thoughts was dangerous hehe, that night the empathetic BOSS bought her a pillow, but she is too ashamed to sleep in that pillow, following the second day the pillow was torn open with a big hole on it and was cast aside under the bed, she was in that same position with her head against the BOSS’ waist.

Maybe it’s because the stress of being here was too great that when she slept at night she developed the habit of sleepwalking? That was Shu Yu’s guess, and again she laughed and stood up from the comfort of BOSS.

As expected, BOSS is right next to her, he must have been awake for some time, he took into consideration that when she was asleep he wouldn’t move, now that she’s awake, he sat up, and the first move was to cover his chest with a large coat. Shu Yu couldn’t help but to glance at that open coat, even doubting that she was the one who opened it…that must’ve been pulled opened by itself! After these three nights’ experience, Shu Yu can’t be certain what she’d do after she fall asleep.

Noticing Shu Yu’s gaze, Fu Wang’s hands paused, then very gently and comfortingly said: “It’s of no big matter, don’t mind it.” Pausing there and then in between, he continues: “If you want to sleep closer, in fact you can do so, you don’t have to force yourself.”

……You have misunderstood, I really don’t wish to sleep so close, really! But if I said these words, it feels like BOSS won’t believe it, so with lots to say[1], Shu Yu merged it into 2 words ——“Hehe.”

Fu Wang certainly knew that this girl in front of him in fact doesn’t want to be near him, and she slept very peacefully, just resting in the far corner away from him not making a single movement. What’s more interesting is that she pushed herself extremely hard during practise every morning, until she was dead tired and at night she slept like a log. Even when she was moved by him to his side, she didn’t notice it at all. Now, every morning she thinks that her sleeping position is bad, it looks safe and she did not suspect him at all.

Fu Wang had to confess that every move he made had a hidden agenda behind it, but this girl’s reaction amused him. The demon clan were loyal to their desires, the leader of QingHu Clan is a female, therefore the women in the QingHu Clan were respected. A male slave like him, if he stayed a slave, if he only had a few tricks, his future achievements would’ve long been picked clean, in this buried land it might be populated with weeds of a few inches long.

To suddenly see such a girl who was easily ashamed and able to resist the temptation, felt quite interesting. As early as when he cooperated with Shu Yu, Fu Wang had decided to depend on her, lending the power and prestige of Jin Yu, even to the extend of controlling her. That’s why, he needed to gain her love or her feeling of love.

He already knew that she was not a ordinary demon, but a human. It didn’t matter how a human like her became Tian Feng Jin Yu, Fu Wang felt that the person inside her body is a human, that is because humans are a more easy-to-lure species.

Unlike the other Qinghu Clan male slaves who seduce with their explicit bodies, Fu Wang was an expert at playing with people’s hearts. Something like love would always attract countless of foolish male and females but to him, it was just a useful tool. So bit by bit, he’d weave a net for this foolish girl until she was firmly tied up and unable to escape.

A sudden premonition came over Shu Yu as she was wearing her coat, goosebumps covered her arms. She hesitated as she touched her arms unable to speak a word, her face changed, and turned towards Fu Wang and pressed against him, causing his belt to open. Their posture suddenly became very ambiguous, those with eyes could certainly tell what they were doing.

Shu Yu didn’t have time to speak, her hands pressed hard against Fu Wang’s chest. She’d already detected the presence by following Fu Wang’s method two days ago, putting out her spiritual mind to monitor any movement at every second because Fu Wang had said that someone would come to pry. There was no sign of activity two days ago, but until today, just now, she felt a large presence lurking. Right now in her heart, she immediately understood that this is what Fu Wang had anticipated. The Elders of the Tianfeng Household had finally come to investigate.

Fu Wang’s capability was still not enough, just that even though he didn’t sense any prying, but it has long been expected, so being pressed against by Shu Yu, he reacted fast to match her movements.

That kind of snooping behaviour was only maintained for about three breathes, Shu Yu had just pushed Fu Wang to the bed and taken her hands out from his clothes, she used the only technique she had practiced for the past three days, as she went all out towards that direction with a wave, at the same time making an extremely livid expression.

These series of actions are all based on Jin Yu’s usual behaviour, and he had planned them all nicely for her. God knows how he collected all these information on Jin Yu in just a day, and to anticipate that one of the twelve Elders will pry on them within these three days, most likely it’s the Second Elder and Twelveth Elder.

The Second Elder is a mother of Jin Yu, and the Twelfth elder who’s ranked the last believes the most in Jin Yu’s power. Jin Yu’s family isn’t prominent, but her origin and power put her in a high position. It is the Twelve Elders, who’s in power of the Tianfeng government, who are kind to her.

Naturally, Jin Yu has mood swings, most of the time she couldn’t care about the consequences, only caring that she’s happy. To be interrupted at this point of time, it’s reasonable that she made the same respond, however self-restraint is extremely important since it’s necessary to not let others notice that she is too different from the original Jin Yu, but it is alright to leave them with the impression that the slight change in Jin Yu is still considered normal.

Not a single one of the twelve Elders are to be messed with, it’s just that Fu Wang couldn’t be sure of the news he’d heard from the other slaves on Tianxin Island. He’s just gambling. Betting that his assumption is right, betting on Shu Yu being able to pull it off.

A loud sound rang, the gorgeous palace collapsed in half under Shu Yu’s blow. It was Shu Yu’s first time striking with all her strength and she’d shocked herself. Suppressing the fear in her, she got up with a distressed expression and jumped onto the roof, eying the outsiders.

She wore Jin Yu’s usual crimson gown. On her body, the loose gown flew in the air as her long hair danced in the wind, picturing her as a burning flame, it’s simply dazzling. Not only does Jin Yu bear divine power, but her looks were also first-class, but because of her blood-thirst, most monsters dare not look at her, not to mention even admire her scorching beauty.

Standing on a giant piece of wood outside the Household right in front of Shu Yu, the man in white smiled, looking Shu Yu up and down with a teasing pair of attractive dark eyes, “Good good, Jin Yu is all grown up.”

He is the Twelfth Elder, the Fox Clan is full of dashing men and beauties, even a thousand-year-old Elder doesn’t grow old and still has the look of a young man. He smiled, as though he didn’t see Shu Yu’s disrespectful manner and kindly joked: “Your behaviour has certainly improved a lot but if it’s in the past, it certainly won’t stop here. Since you’ve already experienced the fun that men and women want to have, why don’t I choose some handsome men to serve you.”

“Do as you wish, don’t disturb me, what a bother.” Shu Yu suppressed her uncontrollable eyebrows, with a suffocating demeanor, she turned back and returned to the Hall.

“Hahaha~ then I, as the Twelfth Elder, shall pick a good candidate for my Lady.” Feeling that the Twelve Elder’s presence had disappeared, Shu Yu let out a sigh of relief, immediately her legs turned to jelly causing her to fall. Fu Wang stepped up in time and hugged her.

Knowing that Shu Yu was shaking with her head lowered in his embrace, Fu Wang sat at the side of the bed while keeping her in his embrace. He didn’t put her down, but instead gently ran his fingers in her long hair, as he softly comforted: “Don’t be afraid anymore, you have done well, he won’t notice it, don’t be afraid, everything is alright.”

Just a few days ago, Shu Yu was still a normal girl who blushed while talking on stage, but now that there’s a pressure to survive, and she’s working hard to learn, just a moment ago she faced a seemingly kind soul, but in fact, the old quiet fox, was secretly giving her the power, just two sentences and her back was soaked in cold sweat.

Before this, she felt that she should fear BOSS Fu Wang, but now she suddenly reacted, this is not a novel, this is her life. Her life was filled with endless uncertainty right now, she should be afraid, be guarded against not Fu Wang, but those outsiders who are uncovering her identity. Compared to them, with Fu Wang as an ally, he turned out to be the only person she could trust in a little.

Shu Yu tightly squeezed her hands and bit her lips not saying a word, she’s always being afraid, as she told herself over and over again, that this is not a novel, she may be killed if her identity is exposed. Suddenly, she felt her hands being pulled open, her bitten lips were separated by a small force, and a voice came into her chaotic thoughts.

“Shu Yu don’t be afraid, everything is fine.”

Shu Yu then realised, that she was nesting in Fu Wang’s arms, clutching onto his neck tightly, while Fu Wang embraced and consoled her, their posture was extremely close to each other.

Judging from her expression, Fu Wang knew that she was back, but he did not let her go, instead he smiled and brushed back the hair on her cheek: “It’s your first time experiencing the pressure of a high-ranking demon, to become like this is very normal, you will get used to it in the future. You did well back there, you are safe now, so don’t worry, I will accompany you.”

I guess that in this world, no one is more gentle than Fu Wang. Moreover he is a BOSS, no one can distinguish whether this kindness was real or fake. Shu Yu couldn’t help but to be moved while also feeling stifled. Does this shitty BOSS just want to conquer her or does he especially want to conquer her?

Shu Yu brought Fu Wang to the other side of the Hall just a level above the Household. Half of the main hall was ruined by her, and they couldn’t stay there for the time being so under the Tianxin butler’s careful (?), they moved into a new palace. The new palace was surrounded by the Yinxiang Bamboo Forest and looked a lot quieter than the previous main Hall. Tianxin Island was originally very quiet because of Jin Yu’s unpredictable temper, the slaves never dared to speak out loud. Now that Shu Yu wished for it to be peaceful, there’s not a trace of any servants in the surrounding area near the new palace.

They’d finished the first step, but it’s just a first step. Before Shu Yu can fully grasp Jin Yu’s power, she has to be careful. The original Jin Yu had two slaves to wait on her, but now, they’ve all been sent outside. Fu Wang helps with all aspects of her daily life——including morning cleansing, dressing and hairstyling, bath incense at night, all three meals a day and more.

Shu Yu once again saw the BOSS’ ability, not only does he have the ability to be a professional butler, he also has the ability of a professional teacher, the way he does things is perfect. He’s also well-versed in the method of boiling a frog without making a sound[2]. When Shu Yu came to the realisation that BOSS was serving her, a few days had already passed.

At first, when BOSS was serving her, Shu Yu had refused, but she was unable to resist as BOSS was doing things too naturally and she’s too much of a good-for-nothing. Can you imagine? The clothes here are very difficult to wear and it’s difficult to comb her hair as it is too long. As for food, whatever she wanted to eat, there’s only two people here and only Fu Wang could get it. So, she became a really spoilt brat who asked for food. Everyday, in addition to practicing hard, every other detail was done by Fu Wang.

If not for that Twelve Elder who showed up just a few days ago to interrupt her, causing her sense of danger to go off the charts, Shu Yu felt that this kind of life is simply too degrading. From her meals to clothing there were people dedicated to serve her, and that even comes with a bunch of dashing guys to accompany her all day…..please save me! The sugar coating on this sugar-coated shell is too corrosive, anymore and I will lose soon!

That afternoon, after Shu Yu finished her Cultivation that Fu Wang had arranged and was sipping some spiritual water while resting, she noticed that Fu Wang was displaying all sorts of strange medicine.

During this time, Shu Yu had already noticed him making those weird things, such as the the dissonant liquid which he used to disguise the scene, pills that would make someone look like they had kidney deficiency and a pill that would cause dubious marks to appear all over the body. Shu Yu couldn’t help but to sigh, BOSS was really walking the talk, saying that it’s necessary for a male pet to be fully armed.

Every day, he went out with the image of being abused and used. You don’t have to think to know what the servants are thinking, it’s simply too much to even talk about.

She thought that Fu Wang was creating some weird pill again, she gathered her thoughts and asked him, who knew that Fu Wang would look up with a smile, saying: “I am concocting a medicine that can shorten my demon transformation time.”

Demon transformation? Shu Yu recalled that Fu Wang was a half-demon, his mother was a slave from the Blue Fox Clan, his father was not known. Even the novel did not reveal his birth origin, but at the time she could guess that his father is a human and not a demon. That’s because if demons from different species have children which are labelled as a “Mixed” demon, only the children born from the demon species and non-demon species is called a half-demon.

Shu Yu was bursting with curiosity, in fact she was already curious when she was reading the novel. What does Fu Wang look like in semi-demon form? What if he’s the same as that big dog in《Inuyasha》? But it’s a pity that he’d be in a vulnerable state when he’s transforming. The novel did not describe his demon transformation, only mentioning that he would disappear for a while, to search for a safe place to finish his transformation.

In fact, Shu Yu did imagine what his form would look like, maybe a dashing demon with fox ears and tail (口﹃口) slip.

“I’m afraid I can’t stay with you tonight, you have worked hard these few days, have an early rest tonight.” Shu Yu nodded her head in agreement as she watched Fu Wang keep the medicine in his sleeve.

She quietly went to take a look, it didn’t matter right? Oh she did learn the skill to hide her breath! Her tracking voyeurism will not be exposed!

The night is gradually shrouded, and the extravagant pearls on Tianxin Island are illuminated by oil lamps, in turn illuminating the island with a bright light. Except for the dense silver bamboo forest which was dark, only the sparse moonlight shone on it. In the quiet bamboo forest, there was a pool of water that gathered there. At this moment, Fu Wang was sitting in the middle, waiting for the imminent demon transformation.

Following behind Fu Wang was Shu Yu who was now carefully hidden amongst the bamboo forest, staring at him with excitement. She could finally solve this bothersome puzzle right now ~

With the moon on the sky, the silver bamboo forest was overflowing with silver smoke, the very same color as the moonlight, which gradually formed a fog. Shu Yu’s eyes widened and she watched with fascination as Fu Wang slowly transformed in the mist. Finally, he transformed from a young man in his twenties to a young boy of about twelve years old.

His thin body and white shoulders were exposed due to the oversized clothes and he now had more of a childish pure face than he had before. Most importantly was the furry fox ears on his head and the fluffy big tail behind him! It’s really fox ears ahhhhh! It’s a little younger than she had imagined ahhhhh! Sure enough, those fox ears and fox tail came with the perks of his age, this is just unfair! White-haired child! Ohhhh what a plot twist, you don’t have me author!

A demon transformed Fu Wang suddenly emitted bewitching qualities that belonged to the fox clan. Misty eyes and glossy lips, fair and clear skin that seemed to emit the moon’s brilliance. Just looking at him will make people want to put this jade carved boy into their arms to dote on him.

Shu Yu bit her fist and in a moment of excitement, she accidentally stepped on and snapped a dried bamboo under her feet. The little boy who was in the middle of a discussion nearby, immediately twitched his fox ears as he turned to look at that direction, he calmly asked: “Who is it?”

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1. 千言万语 (qiān yán wàn yǔ) Literal translation – thousands of words. Meaning – To have a lot of things to say

2. 物细无声温水煮青蛙 (wù xì wú shēng wēn shuǐ zhǔ qīngwā) Literal translation – To boil a frog silently. Meaning – With Shu Yu as the ‘frog’, Fu Wang was so good at being subtle that she didn’t even realise the danger (Being boiled)

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