RSMLP Chapter 22 – The Blissful life of the farmer girl (2.2)


Gu Jinmi saw that Li Minghong would not change his mind, so she bargained, “you can go, but, you have to bring me along.”

Not even taking a moment to consider, Li Minghong immediately rejected her, “Are you kidding me? No way! There are many poisonous snakes and dangerous animals on this mountain, what if you get injured?!”

“You are worried about me and I am also worried about you! You are not alone anymore you know?! Humph! Anyways, I don’t care. If you are going up the mountain, you are bringing me along, if not, I’ll just follow behind you secretly. I’m not joking!”

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi helplessly and said, “Honey, this mountain is really not a place for you to play on, I know are worried about me, but also will worry about you! That’s why can you stay at home and wait for me to come home?”

“No, no! Li Minghong, I’m telling you, I’m not asking or begging you, I’m just informing you, if you are going up the mountain, I am also going, but don’t worry! I definitely will not drag you down. I’m physically fit, and I might be able to help you too! Just bring me along!”

“Honey, don’t argue with me anymore, it’s not that I don’t want to allow you to go with me, it’s just that I really cannot agree with you on this matter. I’m not worried about you dragging me down, I’m just worried that you will get badly injured!”。

“I won’t get badly injured. I guarantee you.”  Humph! If this method doesn’t work, I’ll use the gentler method then. Gu Jinmi forced out a few drops of tears, acting as if she was very very sad and bit her lip.

Li Minghong’s heart softened and ached after seeing this scene. Hugging Gu Jinmi he repeated, “It’s really not because I don’t want to allow you to go, it’s just that I’m worried that you will get injured.”

“But, but I want to go with you! Previously, every time you go hunting, you don’t come home for one to two days. You may think it’s alright, but that’s last time, now you are married to me, can you bear seeing me being scared and worried for you?”

Gu Jinmi could see that Li Minghong just needs a final push for him to agree, so she continued, “Li Minghong, if you don’t let me go with you, I am ignoring you!” and immediately turned her head away from him.

Li Minghong saw the childish act Gu Jinmi was displaying and knew that she is just giving empty threats but couldn’t stand firm to his original decision and said, “fine, I’ll let you go but when we reach the mountains, you have to obey me.”

Gu Jinmi then immediately wrapped her hands around Li Minghong’s neck joyfully and exclaimed, “haha, you are the best!”

Li Minghong’s face turned red after feeling that Gu Jinmi’s body was sticking close to him.

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Gu Jinmi also noticed that Li Minghong’s face suddenly turned bright red, she suddenly had the courage and stretched out her hand to poke his face and said, “haha, Li Minghong, did I mentioned that you are actually very cute?!”

Li Minghong creased his brows and asked in disbelief, “Cute?! Honey, are you certain you want to use that word to describe your husband?!”

Gu Jinmi stuck out her tongue and thought, using the word ‘cute’ to describe a man is certainly not very nice! But he really looks very cute!

“Ok, you rest first! I’ll clean to house up.” Li Minghong then placed Gu Jinmi on top of the bed.

Gu Jinmi hurriedly got out and said, “How can I do that?! The person that should be resting is you, I’ll clean the house. You have been hunting for the whole morning, you should rest!”, pushing Li Minghong on to the bed.

Li Minghong smiled satisfied, looking at Gu Jinmi briskly walking out. He didn’t think that he would be able to fall asleep but in the end, he slept for the whole afternoon.

Gu Jinmi looked over to the bed and saw that Li Minghong was already awake. She then commanded, “Oh! You are already awake! Come and eat now! I cooked a few dishes, even if it does not taste good, you still have to give me face and eat it!”

Li Minghong looked at the vegetables on the table and asked, “these vegetables is…”

“Oh! These vegetables? I went out in the afternoon and saw these growing along the road, so I picked some. They taste good! Try it!” she said, her face full of expectation.

Li Minghong picked some up, put it into his mouth and chewed, “En, it’s good. Didn’t expect that those plants growing outside could be eaten!”

“What! You didn’t know? That’s such a waste!” Gu Jinmi said ruefully.

After washing up, Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong, feeling uncomfortable. This house only has a bed, how are both of them going to sleep?! Are they going to sleep in the same bed? But… but…

Li Minghong noticed Gu Jinmi discomfort and told her, “you sleep on the bed. I’m fine with sleeping on the floor.”

Even though it wasn’t Winter yet, but the season is already in late autumn so the floor is very cold. If he sleeps on the floor, he might get sick! Gu Jinmi looked at the bed and replied, “ummm… actually… the bed is big enough to fit both of us.”

“You mean…”

“Um… what if you get sick, that’s why you should sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep inside, you’ll sleep outside and we’ll cover ourselves using two blankets. That shouldn’t be any problem.”

“Since my dear has such warmly invited me, if I, your husband, decline your offer, aren’t I just embarrassing you? Many thanks to you, my dear wife.”

Gu Jinmi glared at Li Minghong, what a fake. Pretending to be a good person.

Li Minghong noticed Gu Jinmi’s glare. At that moment, he smiled, this little girl is so cute! Looks like he married the right girl!

The next morning, Gu Jinmi semi-opened her eyes and got a fright as she saw a face right in front of hers. After recalling the situation yesterday, Gu Jinmi observed Li Minghong’s face carefully. He is actually very handsome! He is just a little too tanned. She really doesn’t understand why the original owner hated him! From their interaction yesterday, she can conclude that Li Minghong’s character and personality are wonderful!

“So, my dear wife, have you looked enough? You are eagerly observing me so early in the morning, I feel so shy!” Li Minghong suddenly said, opening his eyes.

Gu Jinmi hurriedly used the blankets to cover herself when she realised she got caught by him. Wuwu, that’s so embarrassing! Wuwu, Li Minghong must be laughing. Wuwu…

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi’s actions and said while laughing, “Honey, you don’t have to be so shy, look at your husband! He is not even embarrassed! If you like to look at my face, I’ll let you continue looking for the rest of my life!”

Gu Jinmi ignored him! Wuwu, wuwu.

Li Minghong noticed that Gu Jinmi wouldn’t come out from underneath the blankets and was afraid that it would be too stuffy in there. He urged, “Hurry up, get out of there! Didn’t you say you want to hunt together with me?! If you don’t come out of there, I’m not going to bring you along!”

Gu Jinmi immediately pushed the blankets away, “you can’t! I’m already up!”

What kind of joke is that? How could he not bring her along?

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