RSMLP Chapter 24 – The Blissful life of the farmer girl (2.4)

“Honey, Honey, wake up!”

Gu Jinmi waved her hand dismissively and answered irritatedly, “No! I’m tired, let me sleep a while longer.”

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi and said, “Honey, you already asked for a few more minutes a few minutes ago. If you do not get up now, we will only be able to make it to father and mother-in-law’s house by noon.”

Father and mother-in-law?! Oh! That’s right! Today is the day she has to return to her parents’ house and she forgot about it!

Gu Jinmi jumped out of bed panicky and exclaimed, “Ahhhh! It’s all over, I’m done for, I forgot about it! Wuwu, why didn’t you remind me earlier!”

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi helplessly and explained, “I did remind you, ok? Come here, wear your shoes. Don’t worry! Father and mother-in-law shouldn’t mind.”

Li Minghong carried her to the bed and sat her down. He knelt down and helped her put on her shoes and said, “Hai! You are already so old and you still do not know how to take care of yourself.”

Gu Jinmi pouted and said, “You’re here with me, wouldn’t that be enough?”

Gu Jinmi was not sure whether it was just a trick of the light, but she could have sworn that Li Minghong’s eyes softened with warmth after hearing her answer.

Upon arrival to the Gu’s house, Li Minghong gave to his parents the animal carcass that he hunted a few days ago and said, “Father, Mother, this is a gift for you.”

Gu mama smiled and told him, “You didn’t have to bring us so many gifts. When you are returning home, bring back some of these gifts for yourselves.”

“Mother, it’s fine! We have enough for ourselves at home, and besides, these are specially hunted by Minghong to pay respects to both of you and you still don’t want to accept it! Wouldn’t that be wasting Minghong’s effort?!”

“Old woman, the children are right, keep it!”

Gu mama looked at Gu Jinmi and said, “Come, Jin er, mother wants to tell you something.”

Li Minghong nodded his head when Gu Jinmi glanced at him. Gu Jinmi then stood up, and followed her mother inside.

Gu Jinmi sat beside her mother. Gu mama opened her mouth then asked, “Child, are you still holding resentment towards mother and father? For marrying you to a man whom you dislike. I know you are suffering in this confinement of marriage,  but we did this for your own good. Even though Minghong doesn’t have much, he is a good person! You shouldn’t struggle so much after you marry him.”

“Mum, that problem has already resolved itself. I know you painstakingly take care of your daughter, which is why your daughter lives very well and gets along with Minghong really well. Previously, your daughter didn’t know anything, that’s why…”

Gu mama was elated to hear such a response and praised Gu Jinmi. “Jin er, you have grown up! I am very proud of you!”

“Mum.” Gu Jinmi said, hugging her mother.

“You are already a grown up and married to someone, but still acting so spoilt. Jin er you cannot be so willful in your husband’s house, ok? Oh and between the two of you…”

Gu Jinmi immediately flushed in embarrassment after hearing her mother’s words. People in the olden days think too much! Why are they so direct as well?

Gu mama looked at the bashful look on Guys Jinmi, smiled and said contentedly, “Ok, we should quickly go back to them! If not, they will be worried.”

Li Minghong immediately went to her when he saw Gu Jinmi coming out. He noticed that her face was beet red and asked, “What happened? Why is your face so red? Did you fall sick during our travel and develop a fever?” He quickly pressed the back of his hand to her reddened forehead and peered closely into her eyes.

Gu Jinmi startled at the sudden contact, eyes widening before she flusteredly smacked Li Minghong’s hand off her and rapidly shook her head and answered, “N-no, nothing’s wrong. And stop staring at me like that!” It suddenly felt like the room had grown ten degrees warmer and Gu Jinmi wanted the floor to swallow her up.

“Really? Nothing’s wrong? But even your ears have turned red…”

“Aiya! Nothing means nothing!” Gu Jinmi shouted frustratedly.

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Li Minghong rubbed his nose, clueless as to why Gu Jinmi was suddenly angry.

“Minghong! When are you both having a child?! Us old folks want to carry our grandchild.”

Now would be a great time for cracks to open up and swallow me whole. Wuwu, mum what are you saying?! She wanted nothing but to escape the burning stares of her parents and husband.

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi and realised what was said in private between his mother and wife and said, “Mother, these things can’t be forced! While I do wish that it will happen as soon as possible, I wouldn’t want to pressure Jinmi into something that she’s not ready for. Jin er, what do you feel about this?”

Gu Jinmi glared shyly at Li Minghong, die, he did this on purpose.

“We’ll see. Like Minghong said, I want to go with the flow and not force anything.” She responded, not wanting to dwell any more about this topic.

Gu mama and Gu baba looked at the couple’s interaction and smiled. Looks like they didn’t make the wrong decision in this marriage!

After eating, Li Minghong and Gu Jinmi went home.

After reaching home, Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi and teased, “Honey, what should we do? Father and mother-in-law wants grandchildren!”

“Li Minghong, y-you are so mean. I’m going to ignore you.”

Li Minghong stopped and turned to face Gu Jinmi and said, “Jin er, when are you going to completely accept me?”

Gu Jinmi stared at the disappointed Li Minghong and tried to comfort him, “It’s not that I’m rejecting you, it’s just… it’s just…”

“You don’t reject me as a person- as a friend. But as a husband…”

“No! It’s just… just that I’m scared of pain.” What a joke! I could legitimately say that I died in pain before I entered into this second life! Well, as the saying goes, ‘once bitten, twice shy’.

“Scared of pain?” Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi weirdly, “What kind of pain?!” After a while, he the realisation hit him of what pain Gu Jinmi was talking about and started laughing.

Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong angrily and scolded, “Li Minghong, you big meanie, humph!”

Li Minghong spotted Gu Jinmi’s bright red face and said, “Little girl, we are already husband and wife. Anyways, in the end, we have to trust each other fully! Although I can’t promise that there won’t be any pain in the end, I can swear that I will not allow that pain to be the end of you.”

Gu Jinmi rolled her eyes at Li Minghong and said, “How cheesy! Humph! I’m going to ignore you,  I’m going to rest now, as for you, whatever!”

“What, little girl, you are really angry! Fine, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, ok?” he said climbing into the bed, pulling Gu Jinmi closer to him.

Humph! Now then admit his wrongs, too late, humph! She wants to break off with him for one day, no, actually three minutes is enough.

“Little girl, you are really angry!” Li Minghong said, flipping Gu Jinmi around after realising that she is really ignoring him.

“ Humph! That’s right! Who asked you to tease me! I was telling you the truth!”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s the truth, it’s the truth, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have laughed at you.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong seriously, “Li Minghong, I tell you! Even though I didn’t want to marry you at the start, but after all this time with you, I feel that you are the person that is worth for me to entrust my whole life to you. Have more confidence in yourself, I will not leave you. So don’t be afraid.”

Li Minghong was startled, in fact, Gu Jinmi wasn’t wrong. He really did not have any confidence in their marriage.  She was as pretty as a butterfly, and therefore he had always assumed that she would be as delicate as such a fragile creature as well. The rigid confines of marriage would tie her down to him- so he presumed that he was just making her suffer, yet never asked because he couldn’t bear to let her go.

He thought back to his childhood days were he himself was enamoured by the vivid reds and oranges on the paper-thin wings of the insects flying in the fields. He had unthinkingly cupped his hands over the flower that the butterfly perched itself upon, with the fleeting desire of keeping such a beautiful creature to himself. Struck with surprise when the insects began to struggle against his hands, he instinctively pressed his hands closer in an attempt to restrict its movements.

It was then that Li Minghong realised that beautiful, delicate things, should never be allowed into his hands. He had thought the same of Gu Jinmi- with a seemingly delicate frame and kittenish features, he had assumed that he could only hurt her the same ways as time broke down the veil which shielded her from the ugly truth of the confinements of their marriage.

However, Minghong now perceived that in beauty lies deception, for Gu Jinmi was no fragile flower nor insect.

He quickly nodded his head in response to his wife’s reprimand. “En, my dear, I know. Thank you, honey!”

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  1. *Cheers for the editor!* This chapter was so sweet! I really do love this story. Thank you both editor and translator for amazing work.


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