RSMLP Chapter 25 – The Blissful life of the farmer girl (2.5)

Gu Jinmi glanced at the grinning Li Minghong and felt a little bit of sympathy for him.

The life Li Minghong had when he was young had left an impact in him, resulting in his insecurities.

Besides, the most important thing is that the female lead has appeared and she didn’t dare to ask if  Li Minghong has developed any feelings towards the female lead. Even if she did ask Li Minghong, she would just be contradicting herself. Hai! She thought that the mission would be completed easily and quickly however, it looked like this was just the beginning!

On the second day, the female lead came over right after Gu Jinmi made breakfast.

Gu Jinmi looked at the dispirited looking Feng Qingling. What’s wrong with this female lead?! They are not even that close! Why did she suddenly come to our house?!

Gu Jinmi didn’t want to be rude and offend her so she asked, “Miss Feng, it’s still so early! Have you eaten?”

Feng Qingling glared at Gu Jinmi and ‘provoked’, “I have not eaten! Do you two eat breakfast so early? Just nice let’s eat together!”

Before Gu Jinmi could say anything, Feng Qingling had already walked in the house, making Gu Jinmi want to shout in rage! What is she doing?! Female lead, you are going overboard! This is not your house, this is my house! I, the owner had not even said anything and you still dare to walk in! Seriously, does the owner even matter at this point!

Li Minghong came home and saw that Gu Jinmi was standing at the door, looking very irritated. He quickly walked over to her and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong, who made you so angry?”

Gu Jinmi was about to say something when Feng Qingling walked out and said, “Oh! Brother Li, you are back! Hurry, come in! The dishes are getting cold.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Qingling wordlessly, pouted and said in dissatisfaction, “Humph! See for yourself.” and walked in straight after that.

“En! Honey. Honey.” Li Minghong didn’t even look at Feng QingLing and chased after Gu Jinmi.

Feng Qingling stared at the back of Li Minghong, clenched her hands together and looked at the closed door feeling loathful.

“My dear, what’s wrong. Why are you angry?” Li Minghong asked running up to hug her.

Gu Jinmi relied, “humph! What do you think?! Why am I angry?!”

“Because of the girl outside.”

“Humph! At least you know.” don’t think that she didn’t notice the loving warmth oozing out of Feng Qingling’s eyes when Feng Qingling was staring at Li Minghong.

“My dear wife, we don’t have to get angry at people that is not important in our lives! It’s not good to make yourself sick from anger!”

“Humph! I’ll ask you, did you go and find her? If, if you like her, just tell me, I will let you go.”

After listening to Gu Jinmi, Li Minghong was going to blow up in anger, but when he saw tears in her eyes, his anger melted away and his heart ached. He hugged her tighter and comforted, “Honey, what are you saying?! That girl and I only met once on the mountain, how can I fall in love with her? Even though I am not educated, but in this lifetime, I will never betray you.”

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“Really?” Gu Jinmi asked, feeling a little suspicious

“Yes, really, of course I’m sure. More real than gold.” Li Minghong assured her.

“But if it’s like that, why did she come to our house and act like the owner of this house. If other who didn’t know us see that, they will think that I’m the visitor instead of her!”

“Silly girl, don’t anyhow think, she doesn’t have any relations to me, it’s whiter than the white cloth.”

Gu Jinmi look at Li Minghong and said, “humph! If it’s like that, I’ll believe you this time, if I found out that you lied to me, I’ll, I’ll…”

“Haha, what will you do?”

“I’ll, I’ll remarry.”

“You dare? You have already married to me, who would still dare marry you? Don’t say things blindly.”


“Ok, you have not eaten breakfast! Let’s go outside!”

Don’t even talk about eating, just Feng Qingling’s arrogant face flashing in her mind, got her angry already! “I don’t want to.”

“Ok, ok, honey, don’t make a fuss, don’t torture yourself! Don’t worry so much! If she is a tactful and smart person, she would have left already.”

Hmmm, what he said made sense! Plus, it’s hers(Gu Jinmi) and Li Minghong’s house! How can she just hide?

But somebody is just not tactful! Looking at the person who had sat at the table, Gu Jinmi’s whole body felt irritated, what is wrong with this female lead! The two of them have already left her hanging there. The female lead is so thick-skinned.

Feng Qingling noticed Li Minghong walked out and exclaimed, “Brother Li, you have come out!”

Gu Jinmi saw Feng Qingling’s smile toward Li Minghong is like a bright, blossoming spring! Gu Jinmi pinched Li Minghong’s waist, glared sternly at him. Humph! Does this still mean that the two of them do not have any relations? Then to what degree would them having relations be?

Li Minghong glanced helplessly at Gu Jinmi, this girl is so ruthless! His waist will definitely be bruised! But what’s wrong with Feng Qingling? They are definitely not familiar eith each other! And caused his wife to have doubts, how could she do that?!

No, no, he must erase any relationship between both of them completely. “Keke, ummm, you are…”

“Ai! Brother Li, you don’t remember me? You rescued me on the mountain the other time! Brother Li, I have wanted to visit you earlier but I didn’t have time, that’s why…”

“Haha, oh! Is it? But that time was because my wife wanted me to rescue you, so just thank my wife. After all, my wife and I don’t split me and you, isn’t that right, honey?”

Humph! It’s no use trying to pacify me now, you settle this yourself.

Feng Qingling smiled awkwardly and said, “Oh! Really? Then I’ll thank you Miss Gu!”

Miss Gu?! This female lead is crazy! In this whole village, who didn’t know that she married to Li Minghong?! Yet Feng Qingling still called her miss Gu. Looks like the female lead’s aim is so clear! But still what’s wrong with the female lead? It doesn’t seem that she’s in the right mind!

Li Minghong frowned and grabbed Gu Jinmi, “Miss Feng, you called her wrongly, it should be Mrs Li.”

Feng Qingling’s face colour changed and corrected, “Oh! I forgot, right, right, right, it should be Mrs Li, Mrs Li.”

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