RSMLP Chapter 26 – The Blissful life of the farmer girl (2.6)

Gu Jinmi heard the strange tone in Feng Qingling’s voice and her mood soured. “Hey! System! Shouldn’t you give me an explanation now?! Why is this happening?!”

“Keke, ummm, host! Don’t be too worried! Even after hearing me out, don’t be worried! You know that I have a lot of things to take care of every day, so it’s normal to have a few errors in the middle… host, you should understand and go easy on me!”

After listening to System’s words, she felt that something was amiss and asked, “So, you’re not going to tell me what’s wrong?!”

“Hehe, ummm, host, don’t be in such a hurry. Actually, the problem is not that big, I believe that you, the dependable host has wisdom and is very intelligent, and will be able to find a solution.”

“That’s enough, there’s no need to praise me anymore, I’m not used to it! Just say it! What’s wrong with the mission?”

“Hehe, ummm, ummm, right! Ok! I’ll just tell you! Actually, at first, the mission was simple and easy, but in the middle, a problem came up. Don’t worry, this problem is really very small, it’s smaller than a sesame seed!”

“Haha, oh really? System do you think that I’m still a three-year-old kid?”

“Keke, ummm, originally, in this world, even though the female lead married the male lead and he became the emperor and the female lead had her wishes fulfilled – to be the empress, but as you know, the male lead is from the olden days and the female lead is from the modern days, their way of thinking is very different, so they clash!”

“That’s enough, stop beating around the bush, get straight to the point.”

“Don’t be so anxious! The main point is at the end! 3 years later, the male lead got his sight on a new girl and started to ignore the female lead as and when he liked. Well, you know how men are, the promise of being with the female lead forever was thrown into the back of his mind! Always loving a new girl as soon as he meets one. As his imperial harem grew larger, so did the female lead’s jealousy. That’s why she did all those bad things. In the end, the female lead poisoned the male lead’s most favourite concubine and that concubine lost her baby, which led to a very very furious emperor! So he threw the female lead into the cold palace, taking into account the early days where they were the only ones dating each other, he locked her in alone and never visited her again. As you know, in the imperial palace, the person that ascends and the person that falls into disgrace is totally different!”

“Wait, you don’t mean that after the female lead died, she was reborn!” Gu Jinmi said with a bad expression.

“Haha, Host, you are really smart! That’s precisely the case. Adding the fact that in her previous life the supporting male secretly showed interest towards the female lead behind her back.”

“So, that’s why the female lead came back to find the supporting male. How melodramatic!” Gu Jinmi ridiculed.

“Haha, Host, don’t you worry, I believe you will be able to successfully complete this mission.”

Gu Jinmi rolled her eyes and said: “This mission was about done, but now, this problem suddenly came up, haha, do you really think that I’m not furious with you?!”

“Haha, it’s only this one time! It’s also not on purpose.”

“Puh-lease, up till now, I have only done 2 missions in total!”

“Haha, host, you can relax, when you come back, I will definitely make it up to you.”


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“Haha, yes! Yes!”

“If you want to say it like that, it seems like after the previous mission was completed, you didn’t give me any reward! System, do you think you have the rights to say these?!”

“Haha, about that… after this mission, I’ll give it to you at the same time. Ok, that settles it, Host, you complete the mission properly ok? I’m leaving now, wish you good luck!”

“Hey, hey, hey! Oh my, I have not finished! Why did you are you so selfish and end the conversation yourself! So irresponsible, but for now, the more important thing is to solve the problem with the female lead.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Qingling and purposely hugged Li Minghong’s hand. Then she said, “Husband dear, I’m famished, I want to eat.”

Li Minghong said to Gu Jinmi dotingly, “Ok, let’s eat.”

“But my finger hurts! I accidentally injured myself while preparing the food, so I want you to feed me. If not, I’m not eating.”

Li Minghong looked at her hand worriedly and caringly, blew on it and said, “why are you so careless! Is it still painful? Do you need to go to the doctor?”

Gu Jinmi smiled at him and said, “It’s only a small cut! You exaggerate too much! Feed me!”

“Alright, come.” Li Minghong pulled Gu Jinmi to his side. He then carefully lifted the bowl, scooped up a spoonful of porridge, blew on it and put it in front of Gu Jinmi’s mouth, “it’s not hot anymore, ahhhhhh.”

Gu Jinmi glanced at Feng Qingling provokingly, humph! So what if you were reborn, anyways the person Li Minghong loves is her, Gu Jinmi. Who are you, Feng Qingling, he doesn’t even know you!”

Feng Qingling looked at the couple who are in their own world. Even though she had already developed a hatred towards Gu Jinmi, but just thinking about how Li Minghong cared for her in her previous life, gave her full confidence. Li Minghong just doesn’t understand himself, when they know each other a  little more, Li Minghong will love her again. Gu Jinmi, humph! Who does she think is she! In the previous life, she is just a death-seeking supporting female character, not even worth removing her sandals!”

If Gu Jinmi knew what Feng Qingling was thinking, she would let loose a torrent of abusive words! Where did this person get such a big ego! So narcissistic!

After eating, Li Minghong wiped Gu Jinmi mouth and asked, “are you full? Do you want  some more?”

Gu Jinmi shook her head and said, “No, I’m full, if I eat more, I will be fat.”

“Haha, you won’t! You are too skinny now, you should eat more, there’s more to touch if you are fatter!” and looked at Gu Jinmi with an ambiguous look on his face.

Gu Jinmi glared shyly at Li Minghong and said, “Li Minghong, say, who did you hang out with these days, learn all the bad things.”

“I’m being wronged! Honey, these few days, I didn’t even leave you!”

“Humph! So you are saying that I’m the one who taught you wrongly?”

“Haha, Honey, it makes sense when you say that! I learnt everything from you!”

“Y-you… you…” arghhh, when did this lamb learn how to attack?! No, it should be, when did this supposedly harmless lamb turn into a big, black wolf!

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