RSMLP Chapter 27 – The Blissful life of the farmer girl (2.7)


At that moment, Feng Qingling realised that no one could step between the two. She clenched her teeth and forced a smile, saying, “Brother Li, you and your wife are really in love with each other! I’m really envious of you two!”

Cheh, you are envious, humph! So what if you are envious, my husband is mine, only mine.

Li Minghong grinned from ear to ear and said, “Oh! Really? Then, I wish that Miss Feng will find your Mr Right early! Miss Feng, you have been out for quite a long time alright, right? You should go home soon! Your parents will be very worried about you.”

Once Feng Qingling heard Li Minghong heard that she couldn’t say anything else. So she stood up, smiled and said, “Oh yes! I didn’t realise time passes so quickly, Brother Li I’ll be leaving.”

“En.” Li Minghong responded, nodding his head.

Seeing that Li Minghong had no intention in seeing her out and felt a little awkward. However, as a female from modern society, she cannot allow herself to lose her dignity.

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Qingling, and looked at Li Minghong in a bad temper and said, “Humph! You created this ‘debt’, you solve it yourself. If you can’t solve it, don’t even think about talking to me.” Then she immediately turned and left.

Seeing that Gu Jinmi’s actions were confident and unaffected, Li Minghong’s heart ached and couldn’t say a word. Honey, he really is wrongly accused! He had only seen this girl once! How would he know that Feng Qingling would suddenly wrap herself around him?! Hai! He was suffering a bigger injustice than Dou E[1]!

Gu Jinmi sat on the bed, although she knew that this matter wasn’t Li Minghong’s fault, the best person to solve this problem is Li Minghong himself. If it was Gu Jinmi, an outsider, who tries to solve this problem, Feng Qingling definitely wouldn’t listen instead would still want to be a vice girl.

About one week later, Gu Jinmi heard rumours saying that Feng Qingling was getting married soon.

Gu Jinmi was baffled, a few days ago, Feng Qingling was still so hung up on Li Minghong! Why would she suddenly want to marry?! Strange! Did Li Minghong do something behind her back?

Gu Jinmi came back to a furiously pacing Li Minghong. She walked over, grabbed him and lifted his head. Looking at him, she said, “Li Minghong, do you have something to confess to me?”

Li Minghong looks at Gu Jinmi and with hesitation, he asked, “Confess?! What’s there to confess about?! You have already known everything about me, even my family background! I didn’t hide anything from you!”

“Then tell me, what’s the matter with Feng Qingling?!”

“Haha, about that… Didn’t you want me to solve it?! Honey, aren’t you happy about this solution?”

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Gu Jinmi nodded her head proudly and with the utmost satisfaction and said, “Satisfied, but tell me what did you say to Feng Qingling? She has always been stalking you, why would she suddenly quietly listen to you?!”

“What’s wrong? You still sound sour from your tone. You must have drunk a lot of vinegar!”

Gu Jinmi glared at Li Minghong and denied, “Humph! I didn’t eat vinegar! I ate salt!”

“Ok, ok, ok, Honey, no matter what you eat, vinegar or salt, your husband will appease you.”

“You… you… you…” Humph! Seriously, Li Minghong you bing black belly.

“Haha, ok ok, didn’t you want to know what was my method?”

“Quickly, tell me, what was your method?”

“Haha, it’s very simple! Just call her parents directly and ask the parent to settle it!”

“What? No way! You actually…”

“What, your husband is smart, isn’t he?”

“Cheh, you only know how to play petty tricks.”

“How is this a petty trick?! This is called being smart! But we should discuss another very serious problem!”

“Serious problem?! What problem?!” Gu Jinmi questioned Li Minghong.

“My dear wife, your husband has been sleeping on the floor for over a week and you should know the floor is very hard! So wife shouldn’t you, en!”

Gu Jinmi smiled. Thinking about the time when she asked Li Minghong sleep on the floor, he still is acting like a crybaby, but! Humph, who asked him to mess with all these lousy, rotting flowers, serves him right. “Aiyoh! You have already slept there for over a week! I think you should get used to it! So I think it’s better for you to sleep there for a few more days. Haa, I’m sleepy, I am going to sleep now, husband, you should sleep early too!”

Li Minghong stared at Gu Jinmi who was walking in, he couldn’t help but smile. Looks like women still has to be pampered! No, he has to assert his authority.

Li Minghong walked up and opened the door. He looked at the blanket covered Gu Jinmi and said, “Honey, I think that we should talk about life.”

“No, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“You can’t do that! This matter isn’t just about me alone!” saying that, he lay on the bed and hugged her from behind.

“Humph! For what matter are you not in the position to decide? Aren’t you in charge of everything related to the household?!”

“Haha, it isn’t like that! Honey, you know I am getting older by the years, but you know by this age, others have 2-3 kids already! But I haven’t had any! So honey, shouldn’t you…”

Gu Jinmi blushed, but after careful consideration, what Li Minghong said was utterly true! Even though the family next door was younger than Li Minghong, but they already have 2 children. Compared to both of them who haven’t even…

Gu Jinmi suspected that Li Minghong didn’t ….. care that he had a beautiful woman by his side. She felt that he was completely at ease even with her in his arms!

He felt bittersweet as he hugged Gu Jinmi.

Gu Jinmi turned around to look at Li Minghong earnestly and said bashfully, “I’ll listen to you.”

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi excitedly and said, “Honey, are you telling me the truth?!”

“I wouldn’t mind if you take it as I’m lying to you.”

“Don’t, a promise cannot be taken back once it is made!”

Gu Jinmi wanted to scold him when she woke up! Wuwu, he should just die, it’s so painful, she wouldn’t have agreed if she knew earlier! Wuwu, it’s really true. A man who was starving for a long time really could not hold back!

“Honey, you are awake. Are you hungry?”

“Humph!” Gu Jinmi turned around unhappily and ignored him.

Li Minghong rubbed his nose, keke, he will admit that he went a little crazy yesterday night, but you can’t blame him! The taste of his wife is too good! He couldn’t hold back! “Keke, honey, it’s all your husband’s fault. I’ll feed you!”

“Ding, mission complete.”

Gu Jinmi heard system’s word and her mood lifted. She stopped being angry with Li Minghong and nodded her head, “Ok.”

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1. popular drama by Guan Hanqing

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