TGCMM Chapter 8 – Night Talk

~ At a moment like this, BOSS’ self-control has practically fallen apart. ~

Although he’d uttered the words asking who it was, the truth was that Fu Wang clearly knew that the person is Shu Yu. Not only because other than Shu Yu, no one was so careless when tailing and peeping but also because he’d purposely made the medicine in front of her to lure her here.

She’s an easy-to-read girl, compared to him who struggled in the muddy waters, she’s like a clear pool of deep water that can be seen clearly with a glance. Therefore Fu Wang had already almost figured out her thoughts and could guess her behaviour correctly eight or nine times out of ten. He knew from the blinking light of curiosity in Shu Yu’s eyes that she would definitely come.

But Shu Yu doesn’t know that BOSS knew, so she’s feeling a little embarrassed now. It didn’t matter who it was, to be found peeping would bound to feel awkward, though she clearly knew that she had absolutely no bad intention, just pure curiosity.

She initially wanted to run away, but thinking about it again, it is said that when BOSS is demonising he turns weak. What if she ran away and an accident happens when BOSS chased after her. BOSS is a paranoid person and if he didn’t know who was spying on him, he definitely won’t be reassured and will find ways to get the answer. Instead of being found out by him, it’s better to surrender myself…….Shu Yu recalled the incident where she was mischievous and broke her grandfather’s tea pot when she was young.

After giving it some thought, Shu Yu dragged her feet as she walked out, pulling on her clothes as she strived to put on a serious expression: “It’s me, I was a little worried about you, so I came to take a look.”

The young man’s reflection in the pond tilted his head and spoke softly: “Is that so?”

Shu Yu retreated two steps when he flashed his smile, feeling her inner Shu Yu spray blood from her nose as she faints, but she will have to make the “That’s right it is this pureness” expression. She’s unsure whether BOSS would believe this reason but because he’s always smiling, you can’t tell what he’s thinking. Moreover, that smile was too dazzling that she didn’t dare to keep looking otherwise she’d be on heat, and there is no Wang Ji herbal tea to cool down.

To break this awkwardness, Shu Yu touched her nose as she looked at her own toes: “Aren’t you feeling cold while soaking in the pool?”

“This pool is a Spiritual Water, the gathering of clean air and the Spiritual Moonlight is a great antidote for the Demon Clans. While I, a half demon, turn weak whenever I demonise, I’ll emit some smell that will attract some low-level beast, it can be suppressed here.” His eyes drooped with an indifferent tone, looking up it seems somewhat inexplicable and pitiful.

Shu Yu’s throat tightened, she is not touched by the fragile state BOSS, no one here understood BOSS more clearly than her, nine point five out of ten times he’s acting pitiful, she is just horrified that BOSS told her about this, told her that he would be weak.

Afterall, there are many mixed demons in Meng Ze but half-demons are rare and they’re generally weak, with few living to adulthood. Many half-demons will hide their secrets to their grave, but Shu Yu realised that BOSS did not hide anything in front of her, although she knew a little more because of the plot. But BOSS won’t believe anyone? In front of her, he did not conceal a single bit, what is he up to? She felt more afraid haha……don’t tell me, right now BOSS is not as blackened as before?

Shu Yu was somewhat unsure, all she replied is: “Yes……is that so.”

Compared to Shu Yu’s uneasiness, Fu Wang was more natural, not seeming to care about his fragile state as he still had the usual smile, while chatting normally with Shu Yu.

“I still need more time here, you can go back and rest first, you’re tired from today’s training, aren’t you?”

“I’ll be waiting for you here.” Shu Yu was infected by his usual behaviour, as she finally felt better. When she finished, she sat on a stone that’s not far from the pool. In fact, she’s scared for the weak BOSS, what if an accident occurs, then she would lose a great partner and a teacher.

Shu Yu sat on the stone and her eyes suddenly met with his. She was unsure of the reason but she seemed to have seen something in BOSS’ silver eyes, that could be called warmth. Suddenly BOSS became more gentle, but she was so scared —— BOSS’ charm is so big and he’s aiming it at her, was he aware?

Seeing her opened eyes, Fu Wang laughs as he looked directly at her, but it wasn’t an annoyed look. Jin Yu’s looks are stunning on the outside, the type of flaming beauty. If it’s the original Jin Yu, even a pretty appearance will be like a glaring flame that made people not dare to look. But inside her is a different person, she sat quietly over there, with some restraint and shame, it’s easy to feel calm.

She is like water, after combining with her dazzling appearance, she did not purposely imitate Jin Yu, showing off a unique blend of water and fire, it’s extremely attractive. The way she looked now, as if he’s the only one seeing it, it’s a scenery that belongs to him only.

Holy shit BOSS’ gaze is able to see through a person’s character and there’s no clothes underneath, wearing a thin layer of cloth only, with no sense of security! Shu Yu’s inner self thought as she raised her head to enjoy the moon, trying hard to ignore BOSS’ gaze.

Luckily he managed to quickly converge his powers and he stood up in the lake, “It’s getting late, let’s go back.”

Shu Yu was somewhat surprised, “So fast?”

Fu Wang smiled without saying a word, he walked out from the lake. Of course it can’t be that fast, but he had to stay till at least dawn, Shu Yu still needed to rest, how can she rest with him? Not being here just meant getting less of the Spiritual Moonlight, it’s no big deal to do it occasionally.

His clothes are wet and were completely stuck to his body, revealing an outline of the thin figure of a teenager, even though it’s a teenager, it was still a beautiful body that’s as smooth as a streamline. No wonder some people say that a half-revealed body is more tempting, Shu Yu is now deeply convinced. She finally took her eyes off the teenager’s white skin and his beautiful face, and said: “Won’t you be cold wearing those wet clothes? Why not use your Spiritual powers to dry it off?”

“I’m can’t use Spiritual powers in this state.” Fu Wang did not care about that shortcoming.

Shu Yu was dumbfounded, she can’t use it too. This easy magic trick isn’t hard to learn but she didn’t have time to learn these simple easy spells as she was studying the hard tricks of life-saving exercises. Thinking about it, she moved closer and draped her coat over BOSS.

“Then let us go back.”

It was dark in the Silver bamboo forest. After shrinking, Fu Wang’s height has shrunk too. Wrapped in Shu Yu’s coat, he walked silently behind her, picking up the coat because it was too long. In addition, the forest was dark and he didn’t seem to be able to see clearly, struggling slightly with every walk. Thanks to this body, Shu Yu was able to see clearly so she noticed BOSS’ situation, worrying about whether to help or not. BOSS seems to have gotten weaker after demonisation but he’s the kind of person who won’t die easily and will not reveal his dark side.

She silently observed him as he tripped over a small pebble again. Shu Yu couldn’t help but to speak up, “It’s dark in here, why don’t I hold your hands while you walk?”

“Hmm, ok.” Amidst the darkness, Fu Wang quietly revealed a long-awaited smile as he reached out first and held her hand. His hands are tiny too, even smaller than hers. These hands were slender and strong a few days ago, the very hands that taught her many things, but now it’s tiny, only three fingers were holding her hand. I don’t know why, Shu Yu felt the cool touch and felt like her own body had gone stiff and she didn’t know why.

Shu Yu’s hands were warm, walking hand in hand for a while, Fu Wang’s icy cold hands turned warm but back at the Palace, when Shu Yu let go of him, you can see him pulling off the big coat and shivering. His current appearance was too deceptive, even Shu Yu who knew him inside out could only think of “Ah this little pitiful guy come into big sister’s warm embrace.”

“Ok, let me clean up. Quickly get some rest, Shu Yu.” When Fu Wang said these with the look of an adult, the cute ears on his head moved and the big tail that looked soft dangled as he entered the bath.

Shu Yu silently climbed onto the bed and lay in a position, feeling that it was a little hard to sleep. After a while, Fu Wang walked in with light steps and puts out the bright pearl, leaving only a dim candlelight. Shu Yu heard a rustling sound and tilted her head to look, seeing that he had slept in his position too, sleeping there looking like a small group.

He held the blanket tightly, as if he felt cold, perhaps because the temperature in the empty hall was a bit low for the fragile Fu Wang. Shu Yu tidied the blanket and spoke in the dark, “Fu Wang, are you cold?”

“Slightly, just a little, but it’s ok, it’s not unbearable.” Unsure of whether it’s her wrong impression, she felt that Fu Wang’s voice had a hint of a smile.

Shu Yu stayed silent for a while, climbing up while holding her blanket, covering the small child with the blanket. She then turned to go back, but as she did so, she was stopped by a small cold hand grabbing her wrist.

“Let’s sleep together tonight, but if you don’t like being so close to me, I won’t force you, but you will have to take the blanket back and put it on.” Even though he said that, his hand showed no sign of letting go.

Shu Yu reluctantly thought, that they’d be sleeping together the next morning anyway. She’ll just follow what he says, then again, he’s in this state right now, he can’t really do anything. Hmm, he’s just a small fish in a big pond now. As she thought about it, Shu Yu lay beside Fu Wang, covered in a blanket with him.

The two of them did not utter a single word but they did not sleep, one staring at the beam, one staring at the other.

”Shu Yu.” Fu Wang suddenly said.


“You don’t like me, do you? I sense that you’re afraid of me, but I don’t think I’ve done anything bad to you.”

Shu Yu: “……” She had to desperately tell herself that the person in front of her is BOSS that could take a human life, in order to reign in her lecherous heart. Do you know how difficult it is to be an upright person that stayed away from low-level tastes? Little b*tch you still want to act cute?!

“If you don’t like how I was before, then the way I look now, can you accept it? If you like this more, I’m willing to be in this state.” Fu Wang suddenly said as he moved closer, reaching out and holding onto Shu Yu’s hands, enveloping his fingers between hers, holding it tightly.

“No, no it isn’t, I, I don’t dislike you haha, ha
” Shu Yu stuttered as she moved back and tried to stay away but the little boy’s hand was so strong that she couldn’t break away. From being a small weakling to a strong man, he’s truly a monster. Is BOSS acting weak again?

“Believe me, I’ve never been so close to anyone else, only you.” The little boy leaned over, his sweet voice filled with indescribable temptations as it rang softly in her ear. Shu Yu was about to burst, especially when he touched her cheeks.

Little boy, please let go of big sister. Big sister feels like she’s committing a crime now, you know? It’s stressful!

If you don’t let go, I’ll do it ahhhh little devil! Even though her inner self was shouting, Shu Yu did not dare to do it =。=

She pressed her beating heart, firmly deciding to reject Fu Wang and put his hand back into his own blanket before painfully saying: “With your current look, if I really did anything to you, it’s considered illegal and that isn’t right.” Also, did a switch suddenly flip in BOSS, he’d really become spontaneous!

Fu Wang: “……” doesn’t seem to understand but seems to have understood her firm rejection, why is he so disliked by her? He doesn’t understand. Usually, if a woman was insecure, even if you can’t accept an adult man, facing a young boy like him, it’s easier to let your guard down. But for her, no matter what he looked like, she still strongly rejected him.

Shu Yu waited for a while but didn’t hear BOSS talking. She nervously thought about whether she’d refused it too directly but if she’d been more tactful, he would’ve already gone and taken off his clothes.

In the night, a soft sigh seemed to be heard, “I’m serious, I hope you like me.”

Motionless, Shu Yu whispered back: “But I really like you, I’m not lying.” She really liked this person a lot. Beyond this novel, looking at his experiences, feeling sad for him, feeling happy for him and grieving for him. But right here, she’s afraid. This was a man who portrayed himself as a gentle and considerate person. She’s afraid that she’d be deceived by him. No matter who it was, if you give your feelings out, you’ll be easily hurt by it. Therefore she can believe in him, console him, but not love him.

Hearing her words, Fu Wang thought that she’s a gentle and a soft-hearted girl. She was obviously aware of the kind of person he was, yet she still wanted to take care of him, to comfort him even when he was acting pitiful. Such a person is easily fooled. She might meet an evil person like him again, and be fooled again, Fu Wang harboured unhappy feelings.

Fu Wang stayed silent. Shu Yu scratched her head and said again: “To be here out of the blue, it’s actually quite scary because there’s no one that I know, you’ve helped me a lot. When I first got here, I had no idea what to do, if you hadn’t taught me, I’m afraid I would’ve been found out soon.”

Shu Yu recalled that when she was in secondary two, she’d imagined what she’d do if she transmigrated. At that time, with a god perspective, she’d been bursting with confidence and despised the weak protagonists in novels, feeling that if it were her, she’d definitely leave the other weak females a few streets behind. She’d be great and would be able to immediately find her life’s purpose, automatically know the best way to do things. Then she’d paste on the original character’s face, change her life, change the world and walk on the world’s peak.

But after it really happened, she realised that it’s not what it seems, she couldn’t even expect it. She can’t adapt to the uncomfortableness, her reaction rate had declined sharply, she could only feel fear in her crazily beating heart, unsure of what to do, she’s really useless. Don’t mention knowing what to do right away, she didn’t even appear in the novel at all.

Have to say that, she’s really lucky to have formed an alliance with BOSS, it’s extremely safe.

Fu Wang let out a giggle, laughing before sighing again, using his tiny hands to touch Shu Yu’s head, “I’m just kidding with you, don’t be so tense. I see that you’re restraining yourself, being nervous all the time, if this keeps up you’ll collapse. Just like a string, if it’s tied too tightly it’ll break easily. If possible, I hope that I can make you relax a little and if you can’t relax in front of others, at least in front of me, I hope that you can relax a little, don’t force yourself to be cautious.”

Fu Wang’s tiny hands had the feeling of a big brother comforting others. He’s used to showing people gentleness, this kind of warm talk, is really full of pampering, there’s also a gentle water-like healing sound, just like taking a hit to the heart.

#Everyday she is being cured by the BOSS#

“Thank you.” Shu Yu lets out her internal thank you from being embarrassed, touching her fingers again: “I wanted to say it just now but was too shy to…”

“Oh? It’s alright, you can tell me your troubles.”

“I want to touch your ears, is that alright?” After she’d said that, Shu Yu hurriedly emphasized “I don’t have any other intention, it’s just that I like these kind of furry feeling.”

“Heh~ of course you can, if you’d like to, you can touch my tail too.”

“Really?” Her voice clearly sounded happy.

Fu Wang’s smile widened. Taking Shu Yu’s hand, he placed it on his head, moving closer to her to make it more convenient for her to touch his ears.

The furry ears were as good as she’d imagined them to be, subconsciously moving whenever she touched it, it’s just too cute. Shu Yu touched the two big ears for quite some time, unwilling to let go to the point that the fur is almost gone just by touching, now time for the big tail.

The big white fluffy tail was like a small blanket that hung over Fu Wang’s body, covering almost half of his body. Even in the dark, the white hair seemed to emit a radiant glow. The touch of the tail is better than the ear, the fluffy hair is smooth and soft like satin. Shu Yu simply couldn’t let go of it. If she kept touching it like this, all the hair will be plucked off, and it’s all thanks to Fu Wang, as he’d let her touch to her desire, without saying a word.

Shu Yu thought to compromise, after seeing Fu Wang’s indulgence, she simply hugged his tail, burying her face into happiness. Unsure of what she’d pressed, she suddenly felt Fu Wang trembling. Quickly looking up, she awkwardly asked: “Am I hurting you?”

After some time, Fu Wang gave his usual reply: “No, you can continue to play, I’m happy that you liked it.” Before this, for many years, he’d never thought that this part of the beast is worthy of being loved because it represented his half-demon self, incompatible blood. In the eyes of many Demon clans, beasts with this body represented the impure and lowest, maybe she’s the only one who liked it.

Seeing the face Shu Yu made as she quietly touched the fur cushion, Fu Wang, who’d decided to show his demonisation to her, realised that he’d guessed correctly again. The only bad thing was that he’d leaked a bit. He’d thought that when Shu Yu said to touch, it’ll just be a touch, but now he realised that it wasn’t what he’d thought of, he didn’t know that Shu Yu would take such a liking to it, to the point of having intimate contact. Plus, his ears and tail are very sensitive.

So in this situation, not being able to tell her to stop, it’s really troublesome. If Shu Yu seriously looked right now, she would’ve definitely seen that BOSS’ eyes are all red. Closing his eyes and letting out a sigh, Fu Wang shook his ears uncomfortably. Shu Yu had unknowingly touched a sensitive part of his tail. Silently, he took a breath as he pulled his clothes on his chest.

At this moment, BOSS’ self-control essentially fell apart.

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