Hello! Love reading Chinese translated novels? Always wish to play a part for your favourite novels? You can do it now! Iluska & Maelani Team is currently recruiting proofreaders and editors! Below is what the Editors/Proofreaders in our team do: 1) Chase after the Translators for their translations. They can’t give excuses unless it’s valid. … Continue reading Recruitment!

XDTH Chapter 1 – Shang Gu Jun house

Seriously unedited One summer night, when the skies were clear and the moon was shining brightly, the faint moonlight flowed lightly on the lake's surface. A gentle breeze blew, creating small ripples in the water, with bits and pieces of willow catkins drifting on the lake's mirror-like surface. Beside the lake, a tiny white figure … Continue reading XDTH Chapter 1 – Shang Gu Jun house