Hello! Love reading Chinese translated novels? Always wish to play a part for your favourite novels? You can do it now! Iluska & Maelani Team is currently recruiting proofreaders and editors!

Below is what the Editors/Proofreaders in our team do:
1) Chase after the Translators for their translations. They can’t give excuses unless it’s valid.
2) Edit/Proofread the translation before the deadline
3) Tell the person-in-charge of posting when you are done with your work
4) Be ready to be shifted around when busy

5) Ask the translators if you don’t understand a particular sentence or find it weird. They will clarify with you.

6) Have to be active and contactable.

7) Join the discord group (Duh! Ps, it will be nice if you are talkative as the rest of the team aren’t. We are antisocial peeps)

8) Have a Gmail account so that we can share the google drive with you

9) Fluent in English


Currently, these are the position available:

  1. Editor/Proofreader for RSMLP and XDTH (one person do both. No knowledge of Chinese language required)
  2. Editor for TGCMM un-proofread version( some Chinese knowledge is required. If your Chinese knowledge is great, you can do both the proofread and non-proofread version) (And you have to very persistent. The translator for this novel can be quite uncontactable and forgetful. )

We are not looking for any translations or other positions but if you really wish to apply, you can try your luck and I’ll discuss with the team!


To sign up for the position, just drop me a pm in my discord. My ID is Laurette#6874. Alternatively, you can email us at or You can also just join the discord group and type in the channel #recruitment and any of the members will pm you back. Just remember to tag “@I&M Team”. This is the preferred method as we check our discord more than email.


Do note that we will test you, especially for position number 2.

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