XDTH Chapter 1 – Shang Gu Jun house

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One summer night, when the skies were clear and the moon was shining brightly, the faint moonlight flowed lightly on the lake’s surface. A gentle breeze blew, creating small ripples in the water, with bits and pieces of willow catkins drifting on the lake’s mirror-like surface.

Beside the lake, a tiny white figure looked quietly at the starry sky as her white clothes fluttered in the wind, making her seem like a celestial maiden. A few strands of her long silky black hair danced with the wind, making her seem like she’d merged into a single body with that heaven and earth. She was just a small girl of around five years.

However, her fair and smooth innocent-looking face revealed an indifference that didn’t match her age. Those pair of black pupils were filled with sadness, confusion and a hidden helplessness.

It’s been five years, five years since she entered this unfamiliar world. Oscar continent, a modern continent where the strong and capable were respected.

One of the country in this continent, Zi Yao empire, was at the center of the continent. It was the continent’s most flourishing capital.

There were 4 great clans and 2 clans growing by generations in this continent: Dongfang clan, Ximen clan, Nanfeng clan, Beiyan clan, Shang Gu Jun house and the Bei Shan Hua house.

The house that she is in, is one of the 2 growing clans in the continent, the Shang Gu Jun house.

Xiebing looked down and nonchalantly glanced at the lake. One by one the events of her past slowly flashed through her mind, swallowing the world in front of her and taking her deep into the recesses of her past.

Jun Xiebing, a genius orphan from the 21st century. She went into elementary school at five years old and entered junior high at seven. As an exception, Qinghua University enrolled her at the age of 10. At 13, she conquered the business empire through sheer reliance on her IQ.

With thunder-like skills and a ruthless, strict work style, her name had spread throughout the international business arena like a virus, and she was well-respected in the world within 5 short years. She was the yin and yang of the business world, taking over both small and large companies without exception. If a business owner even heard a whisper of her name in the passing breeze, they would turn pallid and shudder.

Everything seemed so smooth sailing in this genius orphan’s life, but on her eighteenth birthday, a small, unknown jade ring caused her to enter a different era.

When she woke up, she had already been reincarnated as a baby and that jade ring was already firmly mounted on her middle finger, linked to her life.

Her previous world disappeared like a cloud of smoke. In this life, she could enjoy the family happiness that she could only dream about in her previous life. Family love, those two words, were something that she wouldn’t even dare wish for in her previous life. Because of her family, she had experienced pain, disappointment, loss and hate. In the end, she turned to her studies and work as a form of motivation.

But in this new life, not only did she have a father and mother, but also a loving grandfather, older brother and all the other elders (Buddhist monks). Thinking about them made Xie Bing profoundly joyful, and her pitch-black eyes gradually softened with gentleness and warmth.

Her soft, delicate finger gently stroked the jade ring on her finger. Jade ring, oh jade ring, since you have brought me to this place, let the past events in my previous life disappear with the wind….

This will be a new beginning!

Previous life, too tiring.

This life, it will be easier and I will have more freedom!

The translucent, sparkling light green jade emitted a gentle glow as if it had heard Xiebing’s deepest desires.

Upon the arrival of that conclusion, Xiebing ’s eyes brightened up as she received enlightenment and her whole body lit up.

After a short while, an excited smile appeared on her face. Burning of the Sky technique had finally broken through the third level!

Speaking of this art, Xiebing couldn’t resist but to kiss the jade ring on her finger.

When she was one year old, Xiebing found out, by accident, the way to control the ring. Simply put, it was a ring that controlled space. But in an exaggerated way, it was definitely a ring that defied all natural order!

An unlimited space, with abundant power, containing all different kinds of skills, pills, magical stones. Once Xiebing saw all of those, she was stunned for a while. After the initial shock, she laughed out loud, surprising even herself as she was usually nonchalant.

“Young miss, Master has something to discuss with you. He is waiting for you in his study!” Liu er said to Xiebing respectfully as she walked towards the willow that Xiebing was standing under and was astonished at the sight of Xiebing’s grin.

“Liu er Jie, grandfather called me? En, I’ll go look for him now.” Xiebing replied while smiling at Liu er before she turned around and walked in the direction towards the study.

That smile left Liu er in a daze. It felt like young miss has changed?Although the young miss would smile often, the smile would look more habitual, and carried an aura of apathy and estrangement as if it was a facade for people to see. The smile displayed just now, was a little more genuine. Would that be the young miss’s real smile?

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Xiebing walked to the door of the study and lightly knocked.  “Come in!” A deep, resounding voice answered spontaneously from behind the door, revealing the prestige and arbitrary air of the high ranking person behind. That’s grandfather’s voice.

Xiebing entered the room and observed that her grandfather, father and uncle were chatting with each other. Noticing that Xiebing had entered, the trio straightened in their seats and looked at her with a solemn expression on their faces.

Eh, what is this? A three joint trial? Looking at their expressions, Xiebing remained silent, and rubbed her nose and rolled her eyes.

“Hmm? Grandfather, did I do anything wrong?” she asked with limpid eyes. Xiebing blinked innocently at the three solemn elders.

“Ke! Bing er, the main reason for calling you here today was to inform you of the awakening of the spirit ability which is happening in one month time. You are already five, it’s time for you to enter this awakening!” the master of Shang Gu Jun clan, Jun Canghai, Xiebing’s grandfather replied with a domineering voice and a kind smile, feeling a little embarrassed from looking at the innocent-looking Xiebing.

This old man present was only a grandfather who doted upon his granddaughter, unlike the usual persona he presented to others.

“So, my good daughter, what do you think? Do you have any confidence in succeeding? During your father’s- my awakening, my spirit ability was innate silver! Your older brother, Yun er, also awakened the innate silver ability. My obedient daughter, do you have any confidence in surpassing us?” her narcissistic father, Jun Ruotian asked, boasting about his natural talent while reaching out to carry Xiebing.

But this old man had the right to be narcissistic. His face was exceptionally pretty and he had the demeanour of a confident, handsome young man at approximately 27 years of age and at the ninth rank- spirit sage. It would be letting himself down if he wasn’t narcissistic.

“Exactly, Bing er, uncle will be watching you!” Uncle, Jun Ruohai added on. The temperament of her uncle and her father was totally different. Her handsome father was passionate like a raging fire, full of exuberant and blustering self-confidence while her uncle was gentle like water, full of dignity and prestige.

“Grandpa, Father, Uncle, don’t worry! Just wait, in a month, Bing er will definitely bring you a great and pleasant surprise!” Xiebing guaranteed, coming down from her Father’s arms, raising her head confidently towards the three of them and thumping her chest.

A person from 2 worlds taking a spirit ability test, the results couldn’t be too poor, could it?

There were 12 ranks to the spirit ability examination.

From rank 1-4, the breakthrough would depend on your luck at birth. Some would never be able to break through from spirit scholar to spirit master. Rank 5-8 indicated that one had better natural talent. Rank 9 was considered as rare talents and the Family would mainly focus on cultivating them.

Rank 10, innate silver spirit ability! Needless to say, it was exceedingly rare for a person to be of rank 10, probably only one in ten thousand.

Rank 11, innate gold spirit ability! There was only 2 in the whole continent. One in Bei Shan Hua house, young master Hua Chenyi and in Zi Yao empire, Princess Zi Mo er.

Rank 12, innate god spirit ability! Up until now, no one, absolutely no one in the continent had the innate god spirit ability.

“Hahaha… Ok, we’ll wait for your surprise. Go, dinner should be ready. Let’s go eat now.” The trio looked at Xie Bing’s confident face. After laughing, Jun Canghai picked Xie Bing up and went towards the dining room while Jun Ruotian and Jun Rouhai smiled at each other and followed after them.

When they reached the dining room, they went to sit at their own seats. After a short while, her mother, Liu Suning, and her aunt, Chai Jinhuan came in hand in hand. Her oldest male cousin, Jun Xiechen, her second older female cousin, Jun Xiesi and her older brother Jun Xieyun also sat down. Xiebing scanned over all the family member’s face. This really is a family of beautiful people! I see their faces every day, yet why have I not gotten tired of seeing them?

Mother was elegant and refined like a lotus flower blooming on the surface of the water, and aunt was cultured and refined. Oldest male cousin was only 13 years old, but he was formidable-looking and valiant, with the vitality of eucalyptus leaves dancing in the wind, for Xiebing, it was a sight for sore eyes. Second female cousin was 11, very pretty, photogenic, lively and adorable. She would definitely be a source of problems in the future. Older brother, Jun Xieyun, was 7. He was the most handsome with bright eyes and white straight teeth. As for Xiebing herself, she naturally was also a very pretty, delicate-looking little girl.

“Bing er, saliva, wipe your saliva.” Second sister, Jun Xiesi teased, seeing their youngest sister, the darling of the family, who was looking smitten.

Once Xiebing heard second sister, she lifted her hand and wiped at her mouth, “Ah? Where? Second sister, you tricked me!” Xiebing exclaimed, glaring at second sister.

Xiebing couldn’t be blamed for drooling, who asked this family to be such eye-candies?

“Haha, Bing er, you’re so cute!” the whole family laughed when they saw Bing er’s silly expression.

“This child, hurry up and eat, you see us every day, is that not enough?” Her mother asked, smiling gently.

“Hehe, who asked our family to all be beautiful people! How would every day be enough?!” Xiebing smiled at her family members sweetly, like a little bear who had stolen honey from the bees.

All of them didn’t know whether they should laugh or cry. This kid….

The dinner ended with sounds of laughter.

After dinner, Xiebing returned to her little courtyard and stared up into the starry sky. The tips of her lips lifted up, presenting a small smile to the world. Her gaze pierced through the walls of her courtyard, into the deep starry night sky….

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