RSMLP Chapter 29 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.0)


She had returned to the Space while waiting for Mu Xianer to wake up. Gu Jinmi’s heart felt like it was weighed down by stones, but what’s even weirder was that everything about Li Minghong from his looks to their relationship was completely blurry to her.

“Host, this is very normal, I have already stored all those memories away. If you retained those memories, the future missions will not be easy to complete.

“En, ok, I understand.” Even though Gu Jinmi’s heartfelt empty, but this was only a mission she has to complete. “Oh! System aren’t you forgetting something?! You said you would make it up to me!”

“Haha, I thought that you have forgotten about that!”

After listening to System, she just felt like laughing out loud! Forgotten? Haha, so if I forgot about it, are you not going to give it to me? Humph, this petty system.

“Haha, how could I forget? Relax! Adding up the last mission, your total points is 3000, an extra 20 points will also be allocated accordingly, the aura of Mary Su, an exceedingly beautiful woman, causing the fall of a city.[1]

“Total points?! Allocated points, the aura of Mary Su? What in the world are you talking about?!” Gu Jinmi furrowed her eyebrows, wondering what he was talking about.

“Aiya! I forgot to explain it to you. Actually, when you have accumulated enough points, you can revive.”

“What, really? So how many points do I need?”Gu Jinmi asked.

“Oh, that! It depends on the situation!”

“Depends on the situation?! If it’s like that, wouldn’t it be like I have to work for you for an indefinite duration.”

“Haha, don’t worry! Host it’ll never be like that. Besides, everytime you complete a mission, a prize will be awarded and this prize has no expiry date! It also can be brought into the real world, in the end, you will still be the one that earned!”

“That’s good, that’s good, tell me about the allocation of points!”

“Oh, that! Then Host, please open your status panel.”

“Status panel?! What status panel?! How do you open it?!”

“Host you just need to think about the status panel in your mind and you will already be able to see it.”

“Ok! Let me try.” After a short while, a few things appeared in Gu Jinmi’s mind.”

Name: Gu Jinmi

Sex: Female

Appearance: 0

Intellect: 0

Strength: 0

Charm: 0

Points of allocation: 20

Total points: 3000

Skills: Aura of Mary Su, exceedingly beautiful woman, causing the fall of a city.

Gu Jinmi looked at the panel shocked, “What’s going on?! Why is everything 0?! How can that be?!”

“Host, calm down, calm down. You have already died, you shouldn’t even still exist in the world, that’s why everything is 0, but don’t be too worried! Everytime you complete the mission, you will get an almost definite amount of points for allocation. These points of allocation are very helpful for you! So do you understand now?”

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Gu Jinmi seemed lost in thought and nodded her head, “I understand.”

“So Host you can allocate your points now!”

“En, allocate 5 points to each status!”


Name: Gu Jinmi

Sex: Female

Appearance: 5

Intellect: 5

Strength: 5

Charm: 5

Points of allocation: 0

Total Points: 3000

Skills: Aura of Mary Su, exceedingly beautiful woman, causing the fall of a city.

Gu Jinmi couldn’t bear to look at her status anymore! “Then what are Aura of Mary Su and an exceedingly beautiful woman, causing the fall of a city.

“Every female have different auras. Aura of Mary Su is morale on the female and can expand unlimitedly. As for an exceedingly beautiful woman, causing the fall of a city, it is to help you leave a positive impression on the male lead and supporting male lead.”

Gu Jinmi nodded her head, “Oh! Ok then System, send me to the next mission world!”

“Eh! You are so enthusiastic this time!”

Gu Jinmi only laughed. My status is so low now, how could I not earn more? What’s more important is that she should earn more points so that she can go home earlier!

“Alright! Since you are that enthusiastic, this time I’ll find you a simple mission!”

“Wait a moment, System, you wouldn’t make an error this time, right? The error made during the previous world wouldn’t happen again right?!”

“Haha, of course! I am a very awesome System! The thing with the world is only an accident. An accident alright?!”

“Haha, oh really?” Gu Jinmi questioned suspiciously.

“Of course it’s true! Seriously, don’t you trust me?”

“Ahh!” Gu Jinmi sight turned black and started scolding System in her heart! He should die, she only suspected System for that one moment! Does he need to be that petty?! Send someone without giving some kind of warning first!

Gu Jinmi woke up and found herself in an enormous house, she couldn’t be sent to some giants’ country right? “Wuwu” Eh? What’s going on? Why did whatever she said become crying sounds?

With some difficulties, Gu Jinmi looked at herself. Her arms and legs are short, looks like she is a baby! “Wuwu” What’s going on?! System you better come out now, I promise I would beat you to death.

“Aiya! Host, don’t be in such a hurry! I’m now transferring all the information to you!”

This story shouldn’t be 4 people love, hate and revenge relationship! These 4 people are childhood friends, but their relationship! You can say it’s more chaotic than chaos! The male and female leads undoubtedly like each other, but this female lead attracts all the different kinds of males! So the supporting male lead also fell for her. The male lead was the same, the original host also had the same feelings!

So as you can see, this is originally feelings from when they were younger! The original owner was very pampered in her home, the protection from her family is like an impregnable fortress, she doesn’t need to put in any effort.

But the female lead always frames the supporting female lead and caused the male lead and supporting male lead to absolutely hate the original owner! Did the reason really need to be stated aloud?! It’s obviously caused by the family background! Even though the female lead can be considered to be in a wealthy family, but compared to the original owner, she is nothing! But the original owner’s family members treat the original owner with such care and concern, but as for the female lead! They always ignore her, only starts comparing between them!

As they grow older, the female lead’s jealousy and hatred towards the supporting female lead continually grew. In the end, the feelings further intensified! But as for the male lead and supporting male lead, they were blind to it! The confident female lead caused the poor supporting female to walk down the path of suicide!

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1. 倾城一笑 – it said that in the dictionary.

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