RSMLP Chapter 30 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.1)


After looking through the material, Gu Jinmi felt sorry for the supporting female character! The original owner didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, she was only a fifteen/sixteen-year-old, pure, innocent girl and just because of the female lead’s jealousy, she was misunderstood by everyone, therefore, committing suicide in the end. This was all caused by the female lead.

It is fine that the male lead and the supporting male were deceived by the white lotus flower[1] pretence of the female lead, however, they also were the cause of the original owner’s suicide! Don’t worry! I will definitely help you take revenge, let you live this life free of any anxiety.

But why do I have to start as a baby?!

“Haha, host, actually you are so cute as a baby, very plump.”

“System, you are awful! How am I supposed to capture the supporting male when I’m only a baby?!”

“Aiya, host you already know that all of you are childhood friends, grew up together since all of you were young, becoming a baby would give you more opportunities to capture him! Feelings are fostered from young.”


“Aiya! Precious little treasure, you have awakened! Are you hungry? Mummy will make for you a bottle of milk right now!”

Gu Jinmi drank the milk and gloomily thought of this story’s plot. Looks like, after this week, it should be the original owner first time meeting the male lead and supporting male!

Gu mama felt a sense of stronger affection towards Gu Jinmi when she saw Gu Jinmi’s endearingly silly expression! She definitely is my little precious treasure! So cute!

After a week, Gu Jinmi had already adapted to the life of a baby, she suddenly felt that being a baby is so blissful! No need to work, no need to think, hungry then eat, sleepy then sleep, it’s like living a life of a God!

Today, Gu mama dressed Gu Jinmi fancifully. “Precious little treasure, today is your first birthday! And a lot of children are coming as well!”

Gu Jinmi looked at Gu mama and said, “ma ma.”

Gu mama looked at Gu Jinmi in shock, “Precious treasure, precious treasure, what did you say, say it once more.”


Gu mama heard Gu Jinmi again and went wild with joy! She carried Gu Jinmi and gave her a big kiss and brought her downstairs, “Ahya, big news, our precious treasure spoken, our precious treasure called me mama.”

Gu baba hurriedly walked over and asked, “Precious treasure, say, baba, say baba.”

Gu Jinmi was stunned for a while as Gu baba rushed over, after getting back her bearings, she said sweetly, “baba.”

Gu baba immediately took Gu Jinmi into his arms, “Aigyo, my precious treasure called me baba, she called me baba!”

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Seeing the extremely elated smiles of her parents, Gu Jinmi sweetly smiled. Sure enough, seeing that your family members happy is the best!

At night, Gu Jinmi absolutely cannot hold out any longer. Please forgive her but as a baby, holding out till 8 pm is considered not bad, but why there was absolutely no sight of the male lead and the supporting male! Hai! So sleepy, I’m not caring anymore, I’ll sleep first, think later! Anyways, this matter is not something we need to rush.

When Qin Ming and Jun Hao reached, Gu Jinmi had long gone into dreamland. When Jun Hao looked at the sleeping Gu Jinmi, his heartfelt strangely warm as if he recognised her from somewhere and couldn’t help but gently poke Gu Jinmi’s plump and cute cheeks.

Gu Jinmi felt something on her face and grabbed it feeling dissatisfied. She then shoves it in her mouth and bit it with all her strength!

Even though she had grown teeth, but how much strength does a one-year baby have?!

Jun Hao’s finger felt warm and he felt a kind of itch in his heart! So cute! I want to carry this little sister! She’s cuter than Ling er!

Gu mama saw what happened and immediately rushed over. Taking out Jun Hao’s finger, she said, “Jun Hao, I’m so sorry! Precious little treasure here is very sound asleep.”

Jun Hao looked at his wet finger and felt a little regretful. He said, “Aunty, it’s fine, I really like this little sister.”

“Haha, that’s good, when she grows bigger and have learnt to walk, you have to take good care of her! And next time, come here to play! Precious little treasure will be alone at home, it’ll be too lonely for her.”

“Yes, aunty. Ummm, aunty can I carry her?” Jun Hao looked at Gu mama with expectant eyes.

Gu mama looked at Jun Hao hesitantly. Jun Hao is only a five-year-old boy, what if he falls or drops her accidentally?!

Jun Hao immediately tried to reassure Gu mama, “ummm, aunty, don’t worry, I will definitely not hurt little sister.”

Gu mama saw the seriousness Jun Hao portrayed and said, “ok! Be really careful! Please don’t drop her.”

Gu mama carried Gu Jinmi and very very carefully passed it to Jun Hao. Looking at Jun Hao seriously learning from how she carried Gu Jinmi made her feel a little happy!

Gu Jinmi smelled something familiar. She lightly rubbed her face on his neck, muttered to herself and continued sleeping.

Jun Hao’s heart melted after looking at Gu Jinmi’s adorable face! This little sister is so cute! I want to bring her home and keep her to myself!

After a while, Gu mama said, “Jun Hao, I’m sure you are tired already! Come, let me carry her.”

Jun Hao immediately dodged her and said, “Gu mama, I’m not tired.”

Feeling a little awkward, Gu mama tried convincing him, “but little sister is sleeping! If you carry her like this, she will feel uncomfortable. Let’s put her back into her cradle ok? Later when she wakes up, come back here to play with her. How about that?”

Jun Hao looked at the still sleeping Gu Jinmi, furrowed his eyebrows and reluctantly and unwillingly passed Gu Jinmi back to her mother. He stood there and watched as Gu mama placed Gu Jinmi into the cradle and tucked her into it. He then said, “Aunty, can I stay here and watch her?”

“Of course you can.” Gu mama agreed.

Qing Ming said to Jun Hao, “I’ll go down first since you are staying here, Ling er should be arriving soon.”

“En, you go first!” Jun Hao replied without turning his head. Seems like Jun Hao couldn’t even bear to take one step away from her as he looked at Gu Jinmi pouting her lips and spitting out bubbles from her mouth! Why didn’t he come earlier?! He had come earlier, he could have seen little sister awake! Her eyes are definitely shining very brightly! What a pity, what a pity!

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1. white lotus flower – innocent, pretty, pure, all the good things

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