XDTH Chapter 2: Innate gold spirit ability?

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The day of awakening of the spirit ability came in the blink of an eye. Today was the day, during the end of the year, where the clan was it’s noisiest.

All 5-year-old children throughout the clan were brought by their parents to attend the testing of the spirit ability awakening. Every year, disciples with spirit abilities rank 6 and above would be allowed into the spirit pavilion to pick out their own spirit beast eggs.

A good Spirit animal was able to increase the owner’s strength by two-folds or even more.

Today, Xiebing was awakened much earlier than normal by her mother to get dressed up. Donning a crystal blueish-white dress, her long black hair spilt over her shoulders. In addition to that, her powdered, chiselled face and shining pitch-black eyes made her look like she was a celestial maiden who had descended from heaven. It was as if she was a fairy or someone above this world.

There were many people waiting outside the examination hall, the direct and collateral relatives and the parents of the 5-year-olds and the 5-year-olds themselves who were going for the awakening of their spirit abilities.

Suddenly, there was a gust of frosty wind, and after the rustles of the leaves calmed down, there was a pregnant pause in the area. The crowd began parting silently, as if there was an invisible force asking, no, demanding for respect for the regal figures passing through.

When all of them saw the beautiful, intelligent-looking Xiebing and Liu Suning, who looked noble and elegant, they breathed in a breath of cold air. Beautiful, was their immediate thought at the sight of the two. Both of them wore white, looking like female celestials from the highest heavens. Some quickly glanced away, as if looking at them once more would be a blasphemy against them!

After quite a while, when everyone recovered, Xiebing was already standing in line, and Liu Suning was watching from the area reserved for family members. Xiebing ignored all the stares directed her way and quietly waited for the examination to start.

Just as Xiebing was annoyed of waiting, the serious voice of grandfather travelled to her ears, “Everyone, please quieten down!” Finally, it’s starting.

Standing on the stage was her grandfather, followed by her dad, her uncle and the 5 elders.

“Today is my Shang Gu Jun house’s once a year spirit ability’s awakening! The 50 children downstairs, tell grandfather patriarch, do all of you have confidence?’

With firm tones, all the children chimed, “Yes.”

Then grandfather said, “You are the future of Shang Gu Jun house! The hope of Shang Gu Jun house! So, children, after your abilities awaken, you have to train hard! That’s all that I have to say, so I now announce the start of the examination!”

After grandfather finished, the people went to their seats which were on the stage, leaving the second elders to stand in front of the spirit ability measurement stone where they called the children’s name in sequence to start their examinations.

Unsure if it was on purpose or by accident, but Xiebing realised, as she watched the sea of children dissipate one by one, that she was the last person on the list!

“Number 1, Jun Ren, rank 6 spirit ability! Pass!”
“Number 2, Jun Sheng, rank 7 spirit ability! Great!”
“Number 3, Jun Zixuan, rank 10! Innate silver spirit ability! Haha! Good, good, good! Our Jun family have a genius!”

“Number 49, Jun Hao, rank 9 spirit ability! Good, good, train well!”
“Number 50, Jun Xiebing!” Xiebing then stood up and walked lightly to the examination stone. Everyone was staring at her with bright, shining eyes, wanting to know the results of this celestial maiden’s examination.

Second elder said with a smile, “Xiao bing er, just put your hand on the stone, there’s no need to think about anything!”

“En!” Xiebing nodded, smiling confidently before she placed her hand on the stone.

It was still alright when she didn’t smile, but when she did, she blinded everyone. The audience snapped out of it and looked at the stones. Once again, they were shocked.

“Rank 1, rank 2… rank 9, rank 10, Oh my God! It’s still rising! R-rank e-ele-eleven!” Xiebing discreetly removed her hands from the stone when it reached rank 11.

Everyone looked at the stone which clearly shown the words ‘innate gold spirit ability’ in disbelief. They rubbed their eyes and looked again! And rubbed again! It was still rank 11!

“Number 50, Jun Xiebing! In-innate go-gold spirit ability!” breaking out of the daze, the second elder stuttered out in extreme excitement.

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The crowd went up in an uproar as they heard the confirmation.

“Oh my! Innate gold spirit ability! It’s really an innate gold spirit ability! That’s excellent!

“She’s a genius! Why didn’t I have this talent? Ai….”

The audience below the stage broke into a murmur, fixing their sight on Xiebing who still did not show any change of emotions. Some of them looked at her with jealousy, some with admiration and some with joy…

But no matter what, all of them didn’t dare deny that an exceptionally talented girl had appeared in the Jun family!

When Jun Canghai recovered from the shock, he laughed out loud. “Haha, very good! Bing er, this old man loves this surprise! Haha, let Hua old man try to boast of his grandson in front of me now! Hahaha!”

Jun Ruotian, Jun Ruohai and all the other elders were also smiling from ear to ear especially Xiebing’s narcissistic grandfather, who had both ends of his mouth reaching the heavens!

Of course, he would be proud! That is Jun Ruotian’s daughter, my daughter! That exceptionally talented girl is my daughter!

He would definitely wake up with a smile after a really sweet dream, after all, who wouldn’t be happy when they have such a gifted, excellent daughter?

Tears of relief and gratitude streamed down Liu Suning and aunt, Cai Jinhuan faces. Her older brothers and sister (which is her brother and cousins) were overjoyed, Xiebing’s relatives also smiled very happily, very brilliantly!

Everybody’s vision turned towards Xiebing and saw that she had a look of indifferent. The older generation nodded their heads, admiration flashed through their eyes. She is an excellent girl. She did not show any signs of surprise with the gracious favour and also didn’t become proud even though her talent was outstanding!

Xiebing looked at her still very excited relatives and silently touched his nose. I wonder what reaction you will show if I told you that I have only use ⅓ of my spirit ability for this examination.

Mm, you would be shocked stiff! But I am very kind-hearted so I will not tell any of you.

Xiebing criticised silently in her mind. A flourishing tree in a forest, the wind will certainly leave destruction (means someone of a higher standing would be more prone to attacks by people who are jealous of them). If she wasn’t knowledgeable even after being from 2 different worlds, she would have wasted living her life for such a long time.

Jun Canghai stood on the stage proudly and announced, “Ok! Today, our Jun family, have 5 rank 6 spirit ability! 15 rank 7 spirit ability! 13 rank 8 spirit ability! 5 rank 9 spirit ability! 2 innate silver spirit ability! 1 innate gold spirit ability! As for rank 5 and below, don’t be discouraged, test it again next year! The prosperity of Jun house lies in your hands, tell me loudly, do you have the confidence to complete your training and make something of yourself?!”

50 children answered in one voice, “HAVE!”

“Good! Since you have confidence, then work hard! As for the rank 6 and above, gather outside the spirit pavilion tomorrow morning to choose your spirit beast! Dismissed!”

After Jun Canghai dismissed everyone, all of them turned towards the stage bowed and walked towards their parents.

Once Xiebing stepped off the stage, second sister Xiesi hugged her tightly, kissed her and said, “little sister, you are wonderful, come on, big sister will cook a big feast to celebrate!”

“Huh? Ummm… Second sister, ummm, there’s no need for you to cook, our chef cooks quite well, there’s no need to trouble second sister to cook it!” Xiebing who was still in the arms of Xiesi kindly objected, feeling a headache coming when she heard that.

Second sister can do everything except cook…. Her cooking… It’s fine that it’s not edible, but it’s just the fact she knows, but still likes cooking!

“You still want to cook?! Little sister, we should just look for the chef.” Big brother Xiechen snatched Xiebing away, leaving Xiesi far behind them.

“Second sister, we shall not bother you with the cooking.” Xieyun ran up to Xiesi, murmuring and laughing at Xiesi, but his eyes portrayed warmth towards his sisters.

“You three… You three! Humph!” being shot down but three people did great damage to Xiesi’s self-esteem.

“That’s enough, you cheeky brats! Today, Suning and I will cook for the celebration for Bing er! How about that?” Aunt Cai Jinhuan looked at their faces and quickly pulled Liu Suning, both quietly laughing.

When the four of them heard that Aunt Cai Jinhuan and Liu Suning were going to cook, they gave a cry of happiness and brisked walked, acting like there was good food already in front of them.

A little while after they have sat in the dining room, grandfather, uncle and father came into the room. Jun Canghai hugged Xiebing overjoyed and praised, “Haha! Bing er is really our Jun family’s precious little treasure!”

Jun Ruohi who was just beside heard that and pinched Xienimg’s cheeks. He boasted, “Of course, didn’t you see who is her father?”

Uncle Jun Ruohai smiled at Xiebing. Even though he didn’t say a word, but his deep-felt joy was clearly and definitely expressed.

Xiebing looked at her delighted family and a warm feeling from the bottom of her heart flowed out. It felt good! I see so you would experience blissfulness just by looking at your family’s happy faces.

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