RSMLP Chapter 31 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.2)

One big time skip that made me keep going back wondering what happened since the author didn’t signify it. You have been warned… * this will signify time skip



When Gu Jinmi opened her eyes, she realised there was a little boy looking at her very fervently and was a little weirded out by it. “Ge Ge.”

Once Jun Hao heard Gu Jinmi velvety voice and words, he got extremely excited! Little sister called me gege! She called me older brother! Haha!

Gu Jinmi saw the silly smile on the boy’s face and wondered, who in the world is this boy? Why do I feel that he is really silly?!

If Jun Hao were to know what Gu Jinmi was thinking in her mind, he will definitely vomit blood! He only wanted to express that he is friendly, who knew that this girl would think that he is a fool?!

“Ahya! Precious little treasure you are awake! Are you hungry? Come, mummy will bring you some milk! Eh?! Jun Hao when did you enter?!”

Jun Hao smiled and said, “I was here for quite some time already. I told uncle already.”

“Oh! That’s good. Oh, Jun Hao, have you eaten?”

“Yes, I have.” Jun Hao said not looking away for a moment at Gu Jinmi.

After drinking her milk, she also stared back at Jun Hao. Is this supporting male that free?! Didn’t the story say that the supporting male only cares about the female lead?! Why is he still looking at me, shouldn’t he have went to look for the female lead by now?! I feel so awkward now! But strangely, why does Jun Hao feel so familiar, I can’t remember.

Jun Hao stared at Gu Jinmi’s staring at him and he felt really very ecstatic! Little sister keeps looking at me, doesn’t that mean little sister likes me?! What should I do, what should I do? I’m so happy!

“Gege, gege. Carry.”

Jun Hao looked at Gu mama overjoyed. Gu mama nodded her head and passed Gu Jinmi over for Jun Hao to carry.

Gu Jinmi stared up at the ceiling, feeling very bored. Jun Hao didn’t come today because school started today! Not happy, not happy, I’m so bored! “System, system, can you speed time up?! If this goes on, before I finish my mission, I would have already died of boredom.”

System thought for a little while, “I can, but Host, your head will feel a little painful.”

Once he said that Gu Jinmi felt like her head was exploding. This is called a little painful?! He should just die!

“Jin er, Jin er, hurry come down, your Jun Hao gege is here! Jin er.”

“Ah! Mummy, I’m coming now!” Gu Jinmi looked at the endearingly silly looking girl in the mirror and nodded her head satisfactorily. She dares to vouch for her face, knowing that she is really pretty and sweet. Even if she did anything wrong, she just needs to act a little silly and cute and everything will be settled! Haha.

System cannot help but cover his eyes as he looked at the smiling girl who had lost all her image. This is definitely not the host, definitely not.

Gu Jinmi ran down the stairs and pounced on Jun Hao, “Jun Hao gege you are here already! You are so early!”

Jun Hao petted Gu Jinmi on the head and said, “You! How many times have I told you, don’t run when you are on the stairs, what if you fell?!”

Gu Jinmi stuck out her tongue at him and rebutted, “It’s fine, it’s fine. I know that Jun Hao gege will definitely catch me, you wouldn’t let me fall.”

Jun Hao helplessly looked at Gu Jinmi and said, “You ah! I really can’t stand you, have so many excuses.”

“What excuses! This is all facts ok? Or is it that you are willing to see me fall? Can you bear to?” Gu Jinmi said, acting cute.

Gu mama looked at the flirtatious banter between the two which was something that she was already used to seeing and said, “Jin er, hurry up come eat your breakfast. Today is your first day in high school, it’s not good to be late.”

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“Ok, mummy, I’m coming.”

After breakfast, Jun Hao sent Gu Jinmi to school and said, “If you are bullied by anyone in school, or anything else happens, go to the university next door and look for gege you understand?”

Gu Jinmi said to him grudgingly, “Jun Hao gege, you have repeated this 10 times! When did you transform from an extremely handsome young man to a stay-at-home dad?!”

Jun Hao looked at her with a deadpan expression and said, “Isn’t all this still for your own good?!”

“Haha, Jun Hao gege, don’t worry! No one will be able to bully me, don’t forget, I did specialise karate! Most people are not my match.”

“Yes, yes, yes, our Jin er is the best, since that’s the case, I’ll find you at noon. So, don’t run out of the classroom at that period, understand?”

“Understood, Jun Hao gege, if you are still not leaving, you will be late!”Gu Jinmi reminded friendly.

“Ok, I’ll leave first, bye bye.”


Gu Jinmi became bored listening to the teacher teaching, can’t blame her for not being able to pay attention! She has learnt whatever knowledge the teacher was passing on! She has no interest whatsoever! But, she should start planning how to tackle the female lead.

She had never hated someone so much before! She must find a way to expose the true colours of the female lead. She was the one that caused the supporting female to such a terrible end. It’s really unforgivable!

Noon reached pretty quickly. Gu Jinmi sat in her seat and boringly looked at her classmates leave one by one.

“Ummm, classmate Gu, are you not going for lunch?”

Ay! Gu Jinmi lifted her head and saw a delicate and pretty looking boy standing beside her. I think this is our class monitor. Gu Jinmi smiled and said, “No, class monitor, my brother will be coming here to look for me, so I’m waiting for him in the classroom.”

The male student then replied, looking a little disappointed, “Oh! Is that so? Then I’ll leave first.”

“En, ok, class monitor, see you later.”

When Jun Hao walked in, he saw Gu Jinmi talk and laughing with a male and felt a little out of sorts. He glared at the male student as they walked towards each other.

The class monitor looked at the other male party baffled. I don’t recognise him! Why is he looking at me that way?! “Ummmm, excuse me, you are not from our class, right? Who are you looking for?”

Jun Hao darted an unenthusiastic look at the class monitor and walked towards the still seated Gu Jinmi, ignoring the class monitor. “Are you hungry? Let’s go! I’ll bring you to eat delicious food.”

“Hey! Jun Hao gege, you finally came, I almost starved to death.” Gu Jinmi complained while rubbing her stomach.

Jun Hao petted Gu Jinmi head and said, “ok, ok, ok, it’s my fault, I came late.”

Gu Jinmi face reddened when she heard Jun Hao. Why did I suddenly feel like I’m very unreasonable?! Wuwu, this is not me, definitely not me.

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