XDTH Chapter 3: A weird egg?


The whole family celebrated for half the night. Xiebing was wobbled back to her little compound by her older brother, looking at the sky colour, Xiebing was not in a hurry to sleep. Crossing her legs on the bed, she cultivated to raise the level of her technique: Burning of the sky.

The sky became bright in the blink of an eye. After eating the breakfast Liu er brought to her, Xiebing walked towards the spirit pavilion in glowing spirits.

Xiebing happily pondered over the type of beast she was going to get as her first pet.

“Xiebing, Xiebing, over here.” Xiebing heard Jun Zixuan’s loud voice as soon as she walked to the door of the spirit pavilion. For the 5 years that she was cultivating in her little courtyard, training the art of Burning of the sky, she doesn’t go out much, so within the clan, other than her family members, out of her very few friends, this fatty is her number one friend.

“Eh? Fatty, you are quite early! You didn’t sleep in today?” Xiebing said, smiling broadly, walking towards Fatty. This Fatty is the great-grandfather elder ’s grandson and is the same age as Xiebing.

Fatty is actually not fat, it’s just that his whole body is plump, extremely cute, in addition, he loves to laze around in bed, that’s why Xiebing keeps calling him fatty.

“It’s all because of my dad, he dragged me out from my bed so early in the morning. Oh right, Xiebing you actually are an innate gold spirit ability!” Fatty’s expression turned from complaining to being pleasantly surprised.

Fatty’s change of expression made Xiebing laugh, this brat, only 5 years old and he has already mastered the art of face change.
“Fatty, aren’t you also an innate silver spirit ability?! The grandfathers have arrived, quickly, stand properly!” This fatty’s talent is also not just bragging.

Xiebing pulled Fatty to queue properly and the grandfathers have already stood outside the doors of spirit pavilion.

Jun Canghai and all the others on the stage looked at the properly standing children and said with delight, “Jun family’s little, talented children, I know all of you can’t wait, so I’m not going to say more. When you go in, you can only choose your spirit beast egg from the first floor. Within 30 minutes, you have to come out and register. Remember, each person can only choose one! Ok?”

“Yes, remembered!” young, excited children roared at the top of their lungs.

Looking at this bunch of children, Jun Canghai and the other elders nodded their head and the great-grandfather elder opened the doors of the spirit pavilion.

Xiebing and Fatty walked in the spirit pavilion and looked around their surroundings, feeling exuberant. Big and small very colourful spirit beast eggs of different ranks and characteristics were lined up orderly and neatly, from spirit beast rank 5 to spirit beast rank 9. Xiebing let go of Fatty and let Fatty find his own spirit beast.

Xiebing kept walking straight to a corner in the southwest direction at the back of the spirit pavilion. The jade ring glowed and was pulling towards the southwest direction; just like directing Xiebing towards that direction.

Jade ring ah jade ring, are you helping me choose? Xiebing leaned towards one side feeling a little gloomy, standing in front of a weird-looking egg. She fiddled with the jade ring on her finger grudgingly.

In front of Xiebing was the weird egg quietly laying inside its case but the spirit beast eggs surrounding it was bursting in their own shine and lustre. But the egg in front of Xiebing not only doesn’t have its shine and lustre but is also bumpy-looking.

Whatever, since it is chosen by the jade ring, that means you have your own uncommon, special spot. So I guess I’ll choose you, so next time, we will be partners fighting side by side. She thought to herself, lightly stroking the ‘curvaceous’ spirit beast egg.

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After deciding, Xiebing walked towards the door, but she didn’t realise the egg slightly quivered when she said that they were partners fighting side by side.”

“Xiebing, why did you choose this ugly egg? Look at mine, a large fabulous paradise bird, rank 9 spirit beast!” Fatty, Jun Zixuan, who just chose his spirit beast, said, seeing Xiebing walk out with an ugly looking spirit beast egg, not forgetting to flaunt his glistening large paradise bird.

Did fatty really dare to say that what I chose was ugly? She narrowed her eyes with a dangerous glare, “what did you say was ugly? Hm?

Xiebing has a strong point in her shortcoming, which is kind of like a shield to her shortcoming, whatever that is in her hands is hers! She can say that it is ugly, but others cannot!

“N-no, I was just saying that my paradise is quite ugly… hehe, let’s go register together.” Fatty immediately corrected himself. You are kidding, if I don’t correct myself, should I then be waiting for a beating from Xiebing?

Throwing Fatty an ‘at least you are sensible’ look, Xiebing smiled and walked with Fatty.

Even though she likes to bully Fatty, but she can only be the one to bully him, if others dared to bully him, Xiebing doesn’t mind helping Fatty bully the other party back.

After registering, they walked toward grandfather Jun Canghai. Jun Canghai glanced the spirit beast egg in Xiebing’s hands, wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Bing er, why did you pick this? This egg was picked up in a cave by your uncle. It hasn’t hatched even though it was placed here for so many years, so why did you pick it?”

Jun Ruohai and Jun Ruotian also looked at Xiebing questioningly.

Since it hasn’t hatched after so many years, so Bing er should bring it back home to examine it!” Xiebing said playfully, but her eyes showed a firm gaze. Noticing her gaze, Jun Canghai and the others couldn’t say anything else. From young when this girl set her mind to do something, no one will be able to change her mind. Ok, we’ll just flow with her, next time we’ll just give her a proper spirit beast.

After bidding goodbye to her family members and Fatty, she carried the egg to her little compound. Reaching her yard, Xiebing instructed Liu er to not let anyone interrupt her and then proceed to get ready for the hatching of the egg.

Xiebing gently placed her eggs on her bed. In the inner part of her room, she arranged a layer of boundary, made a small cut on her fingertip and drip a drop of blood on the spirit beast eggs. Immediately after, she felt her whole surge towards into the egg involuntarily. She was so frightened that she pulled back her hand but her hand refused to move.

Xiebung was very worried but she could only stare at the very weird spirit beast egg absorbing her spirit ability. If this continues, it would absorb all the spirit ability I cultivated over years!

Beads of sweat covered Xiebing’s forehead, her originally red face had turned white.

At the point where Xiebing couldn’t endure any more, the spirit beast egg stopped absorbing. She immediately withdrew her hand, sat down and started cultivating.

Xiebing, who had already started restoring her strength, didn’t see that the egg was emitting a dazzling white light which at this moment looked very noble, holy and pure.

After a while, Xiebing slowly opened her eyes.

She felt a small movement beside her and immediately turned her gaze to the egg. Surprise flashed across her eyes. Didn’t think that after it absorbed my spirit ability, it would become so pretty!

Xiebing interest and curiosity piqued up. I wonder what would it be when it hatches.

“Little did I know! As the saying goes, one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster. Initially, I thought all my efforts were wasted, but have mistakenly stepped into the peak of the third layer of Burning of the sky technique!”

In the midst of her murmurings, a ‘ding’ sound was heard. A small crack appeared on the spirit beast egg. The egg then broke into two. At this moment, Xiebing looked at it in shock.
This…. This is…. It hatched into…. Into….!

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