TGCMM Chapter 9 – White Lotus

~ Little Wang is the most kind-hearted boy I’ve ever seen. [doge] ~

“You are Lady Jin Yu’s favourite?” A graceful and beautiful teenager, who’s wearing a gorgeous long coat that was probably worth more than ten thousand gold. He had a prideful look on his face that hid hints of resentment. Surrounding him was dozens of equally beautiful young girls, like stars surrounding the moon with him in the middle.

These beauties were sent to Jin Yu from outside Tianxin Island. They’ve never seen Jin Yu on the island for three days but had heard the slaves on Tianxin Island talking about how much Jin Yu loves that lowly half demon named Fu Wang. The people who are favoured beauties came onto the island in order to get Jin Yu, aren’t stunned at the moment, when a group of people are blocking Fu Wang’s path in the garden.

There are about fifty to sixty people in the group, all of which are sent by the Twelve Elders. The Twelve Elders control the entire Tian Hu Clan, the next twelve sub-families are their children and grandchildren, among them are the Blue Fox Clan, which was only a sub-group under the subordinates of the six Elders. And these new beauties in front of him that have been sent, are the Twelve Elders’ children, their identities far more honourable than Fu Wang’s.

Most of the Fox Clans are not afraid, both men and women, even if they have blood relations they can be partners, giving birth to their own descendants. Therefore, the Fox Clan is also considered to have a large number of people in the entire Demon Clan. Many of the people who were sent this time, were very close to Jin Yu in terms of bloodline, they could be called her brothers, sisters or uncles.

Because many of the people from the Demon Clan look the same for ages and more beauties are born, their age often does not reflect in their appearance. It’ll always happen that the ancestors appear younger than their own children. This time, the person in the center is the Sixth Elder’s child, with a high seniority, even higher than Jin Yu’s position.

This man named Tian Feng Lin Qu, is the Sixth Elder’s youngest child, it’s only been sixteen years since he was born, younger than Jin Yu by a few years. He’s highly qualified as he has been practicing since a young age, is highly favoured by the Sixth Elder and is an extremely noble prince in the Tian Feng Household.

The Sixth Elder has already been grooming him to be his successor, to look at Jin Yu, not to send his favourite successor to be a male pet, those that are not chosen to be a successor aren’t confined to that. It’s just a pity that Lin Qu had never forgotten about Jin Yu since he first met her two years ago. Since then, she’s been the goddess in his heart, to hear about this now, he didn’t even think twice and even got mad at the Sixth Elder. He was resolute in wanting to come to Tian Xin Island, even if his identity was reduced to that of a male pet, he is willing to do so, the Sixth Elder is really mad about this.

After much difficulty, Lin Qu got this opportunity and came onto the Island but not only could he not meet the love of his life, he’d heard the rumours daily that Jin Yu and the male pet are always together in the Household. Then again, the male pet is just a lowly half demon, Lin Qu’s heart that was full of love, was suddenly now full of jealousy.

Being a talented teen all along, he’d worked hard just to get recognition in the future, how can he tolerate the fact that the person he loves likes a nobody. He suppressed his urge to kill Fu Wang on sight and instead talked to him calmly.

If Shu Yu and Fu Wang acted perfectly and the people of Tian Feng know that Jin Yu values Fu Wang, Lin Qu will see Fu Wang as his enemy and will desperately kill him regardless. But even though he didn’t make a move, the disgusted feeling he had did not converge, as though straight like a sword, he wanted to pierce Fu Wang a million times over.

Being surrounded here, Fu Wang long knew these people’s identities. After all, if you want to make this work, to know oneself and others is the key in battle. He turned a blind eye to Lin Qu’s ill intent and just greeted him as he passed, just because of the rumours about him being Jin Yu’s favourite pet didn’t mean that he could be obnoxious about it.

He wore plain and simple clothes, tied back his long hair with a hair band, smile curled up, making him look amiable, posture straight like a bamboo, there’s a unique feeling about being among the beauties.

Lin Qu looked at him for a while, expression worsening. Fu Wang’s appearance is beautiful but among those beauties from the Fox Clan, he’s not top notch. Speaking about beautiful, the entire Tianhu people cannot come close Jin Yu, but Fu Wang has unique qualities that’s truly compatible with his beautiful appearance, it’s truly attractive.

Even though Fu Wang was humble, the people of Tianfeng whose heart were filled with jealousy thought that he’s being arrogant and hated him to the core. Full of anger in his head, he couldn’t be bothered with it, Lin Qu forgot all the thoughts he had before he came as he could only think of teaching that lowly demon that-dominates-Jin Yu-all-to-himself a lesson.

He forcefully suppressed his raging jealousy to bring himself back. Lin Qu felt that he shouldn’t personally lay a finger on him as he’s afraid that it might displease Jin Yu. There are many people under his command, if the time comes when Jin Yu had to blame someone, he can just label any scapegoat to do so, as long as the little demon is not killed, it is not a big deal. As his feelings turned into another, Lin Qu brought his attention to his people.

In this group of dozens of people, there are about thirty six people sent here this time. The rest are higher-class servants originally from Tian Xin Island whom were previously sent by the Twelve Elders, most of them are spies. When Fu Wang first arrived, he’d met the higher-class servants, those servants had noble identities, but were not comparable to the people that were sent this time.

After considering the stakes, Lin Qu points to a guy: “This lowly half-demon has offended me, teach him a lesson.”

The demon chosen by Lin Qu silently cursed himself. He hesitated, looked at the still Fu Wang, then looked at Lin Qu’s proud face. He knew that he’s being treated as cannon folder but it didn’t matter whether it’s Tian Feng Lin Qu or Tian Feng Jin Yu, he couldn’t afford to offend any of them. Seeing him stand there for a long time, a beautiful girl standing to Lin Qu’s right snorted, “Prince Lin Qu orders you to go, means you have to go, a little demon like you dares to block Prince Lin Qu’s path, shouldn’t you be punished!”

The fox clan didn’t discriminate between males or female so naturally, this girl was also sent here to serve Jin Yu. Her identity didn’t seem to be more honourable than the rest but the word “win” was in her eyes, she’d long been licking Lin Qu’s boots and to see that the chosen man wasn’t moving, she immediately reprimanded him, forcing him to do it.

Fu Wang was restrained, wanting to harm him after just asking one question, he was fully surrounded, panic slightly showed on his face. He was restless compared to before, noticing Lin Qu’s happy face, he looked forward to seeing his appearance in his ugly state.

Fu Wang made a scared expression on his face but didn’t panic in his heart. He’d experienced too many life and death situations, the scene before him was not a big matter. Besides, he’d long planned for this, even if these people didn’t come and find him, he would have waited till the next day to intentionally provoke them.

He’d originally thought that he’d have to spend a lot of time to get things done, but with Lin Qu’s deep-rooted feelings for Jin Yu, things have become much easier.

Looking up at Lin Qu, there was a dark light in Fu Wang’s eyes. His wolf-like appearance was avoided by the unlucky cannon folder but in doing so, Fu Wang “accidentally” exposed the scars around his neck and arms. Seeing this, Lin Qu once again felt jealousy burn him.

Fu Wang spoke gently: ”If Lady Jin Yu knows that all of you are bullying me, she will surely be angry, please stop this.”

Hearing him mention Tian Feng Jin Yu’s name, in a moment Lin Qu uncontrollably turned red-eyed. He got rid of his pretense of not being able to lift a hand, as he personally gathered a load of spiritual energy in his hand ready to hit Fu Wang’s chest.

Fu Wang appeared fearless, sensing the familiar Spiritual energy flying towards him. At the same time that he intentionally angered Lin Qu, he crushed a jade card that was up his sleeve. He and Jin Yu each had this jade card and once it’s crushed, it meant that something had happened to him and Shu Yu would then rush over.

Sure enough, Lin Qu’s spiritual energy hadn’t even touched him when it was destroyed by another incoming aura. The incoming red aura dispelled Lin Qu’s power, causing the group of defenseless beauties to step back. At the same time, a girl’s angry voice could be heard coming from the sky: “Who dares to be insolent here!”

The flaming figure suddenly appeared in the sky and in the blink of an eye, swooped down next to Fu Wang, lifting up the fallen Fu Wang into her arms. Her movements were overbearing but in the midst of the actions, people could see her carefulness, as though she were afraid of hurting the person in her arms.

As he was lifted up by her, Fu Wang glanced at her lovingly and with gratefulness, obediently leaning on her side.

Shu Yu pressed Fu Wang’s hands to check him and was relieved to find no injuries. She said that how can the BOSS be so weak, not being able to win even if he fought hard, relying on his tricks and strange medicines, he should generally be able to avoid it. The jade card on her broke suddenly and that really scared her, so she came hurriedly.

Once here, seeing that Fu Wang was fine but looking like a weak white lotus and seeing the group of horrified beauties opposite him, Shu Yu suddenly realised……Oh, it seems like it’s now the palace head’s turn to act.

Yesterday, the BOSS had told her information about the backgrounds of the newly sent beauties. At that time, she’d thought that it would be inevitable that a harem battle drama would be staged, just that she didn’t expect to witness it so soon.

Thinking back to her young and ignorant days where she’d used the sheets to cover her body, stuck two chopsticks on her head and acted the role of a evil queen or as a favoured concubine that had been thrown into the cold dungeon, who knew that she’d get to act like one in real life too. Only thing was that this character was not what she’d expected. This time she’ll play a stunned king who only favoured a white lotus. Hmm, very good, just the thought of it is exciting.

Within a few days, Shu Yu who had been taught by Fu Wang for the acting points instantly started to act. First, she showed a bit of tenderness in her anger, covering Fu Wang with some clothes, then she adjusted his slightly messy hair, and in a tender voice she spoke: “My love, are you alright?”

Fu Wang’s acting wasn’t great but her sudden “My love” cringy statement did not reveal the slightest flaw in him. On the contrary, he looked normal as she held his hands in hers, her face turning red as tears flowed down the sides of her face. He whispered in appeasement: “I am fine, there’s no need for concern.”

“My love is my beloved, how can I not be worried. Hmm, I on the other hand, have to see who is the lunatic madman that dares to touch my man.” Once she’s finished, she tilted her eyes to the uneasy Lin Qu. Her expression changed naturally, the once calm rain suddenly turned into a blistering frost.

Lin Qu himself did not expect that, he just wanted to embarrass Fu Wang so that he could provoke Jin Yu into coming out, the instant his face changed is astonishing. Just thinking about Jin Yu’s usual style got the rest of the people afraid, for Lin Qu his main fear was out of jealousy. Seeing them get along, he realised that the lowly half-demon was more important in Jin Yu’s heart than what the rest could’ve imagined, it’s clear that she didn’t just treat him as a pet but as a lover.

That lowly half-demon, how could he deserve to be next to the goddess, Lady Jin Yu of the all mighty Tian Hu Clan! As Lin Qu came face to face with Jin Yu’s icy glare, all of his resentment unconsciously turned into fear, his face turned white instantly. After all, the person he loves is right in front of him, he stood there and opened his mouth: “This lowly……this servant bumped into me, I just wanted to punish him that’s all, it’s nothing of a serious matter, how can I bother My Lady about this. Speaking of that, I haven’t met My Lady, I’m the Sixth Elder’s grandson, Tian Feng Lin Qu……”

“Are you the one that harmed Fu Wang?” Shu Yu did not let him finish speaking and immediately cut off his words, not willing to let go of the matter and showing no interest in his identity.

Lin Qu’s face immediately paled and Shu Yu let out an internal sigh. Although he’s good-looking, sadly, an arrogant man like him wasn’t her cup of tea, she liked either the warm and caring type or ice cold type, and also the loyal type. Plus, she and the BOSS were together and of course, she should stand firm for her own camp.

She spoke again: “Since you dared to touch my man, you must’ve been prepared to taste my wrath.”

Lin Qu’s face grew whiter, with no need for more words, Shu Yu quietly pinched Fu Wang’s finger and pretended to raise her hand. She created an ghastly aura, ready to aim at Lin Qu, similar to how he’d been eager to shoot at Fu Wang.

At this moment, Fu Wang reached out his hands and pressed her wrist softly. Looking at her with sincerity, he begged: “I’m alright, it’s most likely that the prince was trying to joke with me, it’s nothing serious. Besides, Prince Lin Qu is a noble, Jin Yu……Lady Jin Yu you don’t have to feel sad for me, I feel bad, I just request for My Lady to empathise with me and agree to this wish of mine.”

After several practice, Fu Wang was familiar with this act. He’s truly like a kind white lotus that would never be tainted by dirt, it really made Shu Yu want to say: “Little Wang is truly the kindest boy I’ve ever seen.”

At the side, Lin Qu who’d already prepared himself to be hurt but his love rival was pleading for him, felt worse than if he would’ve really been hurt. His face turned from white to red because he felt shame and anger, both eyes staring down Fu Wang who was almost snuggled up in Jin Yu’s embrace. Tian Feng Jin Yu had a tall stature that was similar to Fu Wang, plus she was very angry right now and Fu Wang was purposely acting weak so it wasn’t weird to see him clinging onto her. On the reverse, the affection between the two was rather eye-catching.

Lin Qu coughed out a mouthful of blood, thanks to the anger he felt when he was greeted by the two affectionate people.

Shu Yu was silent for a while, feeling that this young man’s psychological well-being was too bad. Thinking that this young man might collapse if they continued to upset him, she stopped showing affection and put on a serious expression: “Since Fu Wang has pleaded on your behalf, I’ll have mercy on you this time.”

The moment everyone let out a sigh of relief, she continued: “Just because what all of you have done has made me extremely unhappy, the leader will be driven out of Tianxian Island. As for the rest of the lower class servants, you’ll all be stationed outside the Island and no one is allowed to enter without being summoned. If this happens again, I will not forgive so easily.”

From the former Tian Feng Jin Yu who’d kill on whim, this punishment was extremely light. The group of beauties that had miscalculated Fu Wang’s importance looked at each other, watching as Jin Yu took Fu Wang and left without a trace, then looking at Lin Qu who was covering his chest while his brain stopped working, some pitying or mocking him in their hearts.

Finally, even though he wasn’t willing, Tian Feng Lin Qu was chased out of Tianxin Island and could only return to his original place, together with the lackey girl and the guy who’d been directed by him to harm Fu Wang. Tian Feng Lin Qu hadn’t sustained any injuries but his young heart had been shattered to pieces and he hadn’t left his house ever since his return.

Shu Yu and Fu Wang returned to the Inner Hall and both released their held hands, returning to the way they interact in private.

“Tian Feng Lin Qu, the one with the highest status and greatest power is now gone while the rest of the people can only be outside the Island, so there shouldn’t be any problem.” Fu Wang rolled up his sleeve.

Shu Yu nodded, “You’ve worked hard.”

They’ve both discussed this before, they can’t reject the beauties sent to spy on them but regardless of whether they acted according to Shu Yu’s wish or Fu Wang’s arrangement, they couldn’t let those calculating beauties stay by their side, especially the trouble maker Lin Qu. Which was why this move had to be done but fortunately, everything went well. The only concern was that Fu Wang was once again pushed into the fierce battle.

If you thought about it, throughout history, whenever a prince did something wrong, it’ll always be the lady’s fault in the end, it’s not a good ending, therefore Shu Yu was a little worried. Even though she knew that it was BOSS, she was still worried. Now that she was gradually walking out of the novel plot, this world was becoming more realistic, after coming back to her senses she began to worry for Fu Wang. No matter how clever he was, it didn’t hide the fact that he was a low-class demon, not to mention he isn’t BOSS yet.

Therefore, Shu Yu thought to herself that she must cultivate her ability well and strive to restore Jin Yu’s full power as soon as possible. Only then would she be able to protect her own partner, so that the both of them can work together and help each other!

The next day, Tianxin Island was greeted with a guest. She is Tian Feng Lin Lang, the First Elder’s granddaughter, a very important person in Tianfeng, also very strong and a generous and noble woman. You can say that, if it were not for the God’s blood running inside Jin Yu, Lin Lang would be a well-deserved young leader of the TianHu Clan, it’s a pity that with Jin Yu’s existence, her reputation has been covered a lot.

Whatever idea Lin Lang has of Jin Yu, at least she was a kind person on the surface. This time she came here for two matters, the first was to apologise on Lin Qu’s behalf. Lin Qu’s mother was her mother’s older sister, after Shu Yu understood this relationship, she couldn’t help but sigh again about the complicated Fox Clan. Because of this relationship, Lin Lang and Lin Qu were very close and she was now sending lots of gifts on behalf of Lin Qu.

Regardless of whether it was right or wrong, Shu Yu was much more capable and strong, she’s right, the Demon Clan was simply violent.

Shu Yu’s face turned impatient, her nose held high as she looked down, Lin Lang’s expression was still gentle, kind of similar to Fu Wang. Shu Yu felt that this lady must be a black sesame bun[1].

After greeting her, the second matter was a notice, this year’s Lingyin party will be held in advance. Every three years, the Big Five Demon Clans will hold a Demon Clan meeting, a Lingyin party is held once every year, this party was the Demon Clan’s carnival. Elders from different Clans gather to set agreements while the outstanding young people of the younger generation get to be in the limelight. There’ll be performances and fights, just to name a few, it’ll be extremely lively.

Ever since Jin Yu hit the age of twelve, she’d attended the annual Lingyin party. As the most important female demon of the TianHu Clan, after enjoying so many resources, she of course had to bring honour to the Fox Clan and display her mighty power to all the other Clans.

In other words, she had to go.

Waiting till after Lin Lang had left, Shu Yu looked towards Fu Wang with a “on the verge of tears” look: “What are we going to do now? I’ll have to fight someone for real, I, I really can’t……” Since young, she was a studious good child and had never gotten into fights before, not to mention that she now had to see blood. Plus, it wasn’t a fight that could be avoided if Fu Wang put on an act, this was for real ahhhhhh she had yet to regain Tian Feng Jin Yu’s powers!!

As if he’d thought of something, Fu Wang tapped his finger on the table lightly, seeing Shu Yu’s expression, he smiled, “It’s going to be fine.”

Shu Yu: “……” BOSS had a kind of strong psychological quality that looked like it wouldn’t change unless if Mount Tai collapsed! BOSS doesn’t look the least bit flustered, what a man! Shu Yu suddenly felt at ease!

Fu Wang spoke warmly: “I’m fine, it’s just that Lingyin is still a month away, during this time, you’ll have to work harder than before.”

Shu Yu saw in his gentle smile, the abusive nature he has.

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1. 黑芝麻馅的包子 (hēi zhī ma xiàn de bāo zi) Literal translation – Black sesame bun. Meaning – Looks pure and kind on the outside but is actually a bad person. (Based on the logic that the black sesame bun is white on the outside and black on the inside. Credits to the lovely readers that commented.)

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