RSMLP Chapter 32 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.3)


Cringe alert!

Gu Jinmi silently, brisked walked towards Jun Hao and said, “Jun Hao gege, Jun Hao gege, what’s wrong?”


“Eh! Are you sure nothing’s wrong? Why do I feel that you are angry?! What are you angry at?” Gu Jinmi asked Jun Hao looking at him with curious eyes.

“No, nothing. Let’s go! Didn’t you say you were hungry? Let’s hurry up and go eat.”

Gu Jinmi mumbled to herself, looking at Jun Hao, “Really? You are not angry? But it doesn’t look like that! Whatever, I’m not going to care anymore. Eh! Wait for me! Jun Hao gege.”

At the restaurant, Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao’s back. Thinking for a while, she ordered Jun Hao’s favourite dishes. Although she doesn’t know why Jun Hao is ignoring her, she doesn’t know why he got angry! If not, he wouldn’t ignore himself either!

Gu Jinmi brought the dishes in front of Jun Hao and tried to curry favour with him, “Jun Hao gege, open, eat fish with eggplant, your favourite.”

Jun Hao looks at Gu Jinmi in a cold deadpan look and rejected her, “No need, I don’t feel like eating.”

Gu Jinmi furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Jun Hao gege, you are definitely angry, but what are you angry at?! I didn’t provoke you. I’m not going to bring you out next time.”

“Oh! Really? Since like that, then I’ll go first! Save me from somebody giving me a stink eye.”

Sering that Jun Hao was standing up, Gu Jinmi quickly stretched out his hand to stop him, “Jun Hao gege, don’t go, wuwu, Jun Hao gege, I know I’m wrong, don’t ignore Jin er!”

“Oh! You know you are wrong! Since you know, then tell me where you went wrong.”

“Ah! This!” Gu Jinmi looked at him dumbfounded, how does she know where she went wrong?! Wuwu, God! Stop playing her!

Gu Jinmi stared at Jun Hao who was staring at her and she begged for mercy, “Ummm, ummm, Jun Hao gege, can’t you give small, just a small hint for me?! Haha.”


Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao unyielding look and wept, “Wuwu, Jun Hao gege, I really don’t know where I offended you! Wuwu, Jun Hao gege, don’t be angry at Jin er already, Jin er knows she is wrong, Jun Hao gege, you are like that, Jin er feels very sad!”

Jun Hao looked at the suddenly crying Gu Jinmi and panicked. He quickly walked over and hugged her, “Shh shh, ok, ok, Jin er don’t cry, Jin er don’t cry, Jun Hao gege is not angry at Jin er already ok?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao with teary eyes, “Jun Hao gege, are you saying the truth?”

Jun Hao hurriedly nodded his head, “Of course it’s the truth, Jin er only needs to stop crying.”

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But Jun Hao gege, that’s what you said! You can’t break your promise.”

“Yes, I won’t break my promise.”

Gu Jinmi then wiped off her tears and smile, humph! She knew it! This method is the best way to counter Jun Hao. See, it is so effective, it would produce first-rate results! Haha.

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi’s smiling face, feeling a little shocked and helpless for that moment. He then stretched out his hand and lightly knocked her head, “You! Unbelievable. So it’s considered that in this life I would be playing into your hands.”

Gu Jinmi stuck her tongue out at him and then said, “Haha, Jun Hao gege, I want to eat your prawn, can you peel it for me?” Gu Jinmi said fixing her eyes on the prawn in his bowl. She loves eating prawn but would choose not to eat it if she had to peel it herself, it’s too troublesome. But now, it’s different! Fortunately, every time there is prawn, Jun Hao would peel it for her!

Jun Hao looked at the glutton look on Gu Jinmi face and said tenderly, “Ok, I’ll peel it for you.”

“En, thank you, Jun Hao gege, I knew it Jun Hao gege treats me the best.”

“Stop trying to flatter me.” Jun Hao was enraged just thinking about the look the class president gave Jin er in the classroom. There are too many people liking her, it can’t stay like this any longer! It can’t wait any longer, I must find a way to stake my claim!

Jun Hao peeled the prawn and stretched his arm, stopping right in front of her mouth and said, “Open your mouth.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the prawn right in front and opened her mouth, not caring about the stares from the surrounding diners.

Jun Hao glanced at Gu Jinmi who obediently listened to him and smiled saying, “Jin er, I want to eat eggplant.”

“Huh?! What?! Didn’t you say you didn’t want to eat?” Gu Jinmi asked, looking at Jun Hao with a questioning look.

“I feel like eating it now!”

“Oh! Jun Hao gege take it yourself then!”

“But I’m helping you peel prawns, I don’t have an extra hand to take it! So Jin er feed me.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao bustling about and nodded her head. “Feed you, ok! Fine! Open your mouth.” Gu Jinmi said gently and softly, picking up one eggplant in her chopsticks and carefully feeding it to Jun Hao.

Jun Hao felt like he was eating an eggplant that was as sweet as honey as he watched Gu Jinmi gently and soft face. He noticed the looks from the diners who were peaking and smiled. This should be able to dispel any people with the wrong mindset!

Schoolmate A: “Woah! Isn’t that prince Jun Hao? I didn’t know that prince Jun Gao would have such a gentle side of him.”

Schoolmate B: “That’s right! That’s right! Normally, he is like a person no stranger can get close to! Well except for dealing with that disgusting woman.”

Schoolmate C: “Woah! Who is that lady sitting opposite of prince Jun Hao?! So fortunate! Was fed personally by the prince himself. How I wish I was the person sitting opposite him!”

Schoolmate D: “Cheh, you don’t have to think about it already. I have not seen that girl before! Could it be that she is one of this year freshmen?”

Schoolmate C: “It should be! Even though I am not satisfied, but when these two people stand together, they look so compatible! A talented man and a beautiful woman, I can’t even get envious even if I wanted to!”

Schoolmate A: “Exactly! That’s right! It’s as if no one can get between both of them, wuwu, prince Jun Hao, you are saying goodbye to us like that?!”

Jun Hao overheard their discussion and smiled satisfactorily, this is the result he wanted. But looking at the still eating Gu Jinmi, he felt helpless. He had already so obviously expressed his interest, yet this girl still doesn’t have a clue! Don’t tell me that people who have high intelligent quotient (IQ) have low emotional quotient (EQ)? This really leaves someone speechless!

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