XDTH Chapter 4: Follow you all of my life, alive together, die together!


Xiebing couldn’t turn her pitched black eyes away from a pair of incomparable clear, icy blue eyes. She was so surprised that her brain stopped working.

She, Xiebing, was from the 21st century, the little princess from the Jun family in the Oscar continent. It was her first time personally seeing an egg… hatched a human?

Xiebing stared speechlessly at the white-haired, blue-eyed, two / three years old boy. She couldn’t deny that she was really shocked.

“Contractor, My name is Xueying, your name?” Xueying asked, looking at his blood-contract owner.

“Xueying? Jun Xiebing, my name!” Xiebing introduced herself after she recovered to her senses.

“Xiebing, because of your strength, our contract had already become an ancient blood contract, so from today onwards, I will follow you all of my life, alive together, die together!” Xueying said to Xiebing who was standing in front of him and said each word strongly and seriously!

“I will follow you all of my life, stay alive together, die together! Xueying, from today onwards we are the closest, best friend, partner!” Xiebing looked at Xueying with firm, steadfast eyes and raised her right hand.

Xueying looked straight at Xiebing’s pair of pitched black eyes and also raised his right hand. Both of their hands grasped each other firmly.

Follow each other for life! Be alive together, die together! Never changing!

From today, Xiebing and Xueying – fighting side by side and never sacrificing each other no matter in life or death!

“Xiebing, I’m going back to the spirit beast world to train, if anything happens just call me,” Xueying said with a smile, preparing to return back.

“No, Xueying, you don’t have to return back to the spirit beast world, I’ll bring you to a really good place, you will get the same result with half the training!” Xiebing suddenly thought of her jade ring. Her ring’s spiritual power is tenfold of the outer world, besides, after using her own skills to grow her spirit ability, she realised that she can adjust the proportion of time that the world in the jade ring can affect in the actual world. Xiebing once again can only praise the jade ring’s power!

A suspicious look flashed past Xueying’s pretty blue eyes. The best place for a spirit beast to train is in the spirit beats world, where else would be a better place?

But Xueying didn’t say anything and only nodded at Xiebing.

After getting Xueying’s approval, Xiebing smiled and both of them entered the jade ring.

After entering, the spirit ability covering the sky and earth surged towards both of them, making them feel fresh and cool within their whole body.

Once Xueying entered, he felt a strong, dense spiritual power, looked up and was dumbfounded.

In front of him was an emerald green small-fruited fig tree, ornamenting the clear lake. Decorating the middle of the lake was white lotuses.at the lakeside, there is a small, elegant mansion. The ground was a grassy plain that was stretching out as far as the eye can see.

This simple landscape is a different kind of beautiful. Every other place has an air of elegance and nobility even the human world though it’s barely acceptable.

“This is an independent space within my jade ring. Comparing to the spirit beast world, this place produces much better cultivation and training results, so, Xueying, do you like it?” Xiebing looked at him blinking her eyes like a playful child. She was very happy when she saw Xueying was astonished. As the person who can control the jade ring and its owner, how can Xiebing not be happy when it has someone else’s admiration?’

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“En, this place is definitely a very good place to train,” Xueying said to Xiebing with a huge smile on his face.

Xiebing easily decided to move the treasure room to be in front of them and asked Xueying, “Xueying, do you need anything here?”

Xueying looked at the mountain pile of pills, scrolls of techniques, precious stones, pieces of equipment etc. Warmth flashed in his eyes and he replied, “These items are of no use to me, but Xiebing, taking any of them out as you please can cause an upheaval in the continent!”

“They are of no use to you, eh? Xueying, my mom is looking for me, do you want to stay here to train or go out with me?” Xiebing asked even though she had more to say, but she suddenly found out that her mother was reaching her compound.

“I’m not leaving, I’m staying here to train, Xiebing if you are in danger call for me!” Xueying reminded, looking at the white-clothed child. Deep within Xueying’s heart, he had already accepted his blood-contracted buddy. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he accepted her from when he was in his egg, he heard a young, clear voice saying “we are now buddies who will fight side by side”.

Hearing what Xueying had said, Xiebing didn’t say anything else. She only nodded her head smiling and left the jade ring world. Xueying then sat cross-legged on the floor and started cultivating.

Xiebing who just came out from the other world opened the door and invited her mother, Liu Suning in, “Mother?”

“Bing er, my precious!” Liu Suning gently carried Xiebing and asked softly, “Bing er, lunch is ready, are you hungry?”

Xiebing touched her stomach. Now that her mother mentioned about it, she was actually quite hungry, “Hehe, I’m a little hungry!”

Liu Suning giggled and walked towards the dining room with Xiebing in her arms.

Everyone had already sat in their places, only leaving the two seats empty. Once both mother and daughter sat down, the whole family enjoyed a joyous and harmonious lunch.

After lunch, big brother Xiechen stroked Xiebing’s head and asked, “Bing er, we are going out to window shop, do you want to come with us?”

Second sister, Xiesi and older brother, Xieyun looked at Xiebing eagerly with puppy eyes, like their eyes were pleading her, “little sister, go, let’s all go!”

“Window shopping? Of course, I have to go! How can I not go to such a good thing?!” Xiebing was very interested and excited when she heard that they were going window shopping. For these 5 years, Xiebing had never gone out to shop, how can she not be excited when she has the chance to do so today?

“Haha, little sister let’s go together!” Xiesi said overjoyed.

Xieyun softly hit his chest and said, “little sister whatever you like just tell older brother, today older brother will pay for you.”

After getting permission from their parents, the four of them grandly walked towards the town.

A beautiful, elegant prince dressed in blue, a pretty girl dressed in a light yellow dress, a handsome boy in his early teens who has a face of a champion and a very fair, pretty little girl who look as if she is an immortal. Adding on that behind them was 4 spirit ancestor ranked bodyguards. These eight people are definitely the centre of the crowd’s attention.

Xiebing and second sister Xiesi were skipping as they looked and touched the item. Whenever they liked something, they would just take it. Jun Xiechen and Jun Xieyun definitely experienced the saying of females naturally loves shopping. The two of them have to pay money and at the same time notice what they took from the other stalls. Today was a very tiring day for them but they thought all these energy spent was worth it when they saw smiles on the faces of Xiebing and Xiesi.

“Eh? Second sister, look in front. What’s happening? Let’s take a look.” Xiebing pulled second sister towards the big crowd surrounding something.

As they got closer, an angry voice could be heard scolding someone, “Damn, you bastard! Dare to glare at me! Today I have to beat you to death!”

Hearing the word bastard brought a dangerous gleam in Xiebing’s eyes, in her previous life, ‘bastard’ was a word Xiebing loathed, so whoever used that word was paid back hundred times.

Squeezing into the crowd, the two of them saw a 14/15-year-old teenager scolding and a 7/8-year-old boy being beaten by 5 bodyguards.

Xiebing hasn’t decided to intervene, the world is unfair and her, Jun Xiebing isn’t a very kind person as well.

However, Jun Xiesi couldn’t watch any longer. She hates it when stronger people pick on weaker people, so she immediately rushes in, very furious and shouted, “Everyone better stop it right this instant!”

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