RSMLP Chapter 33 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.4)


Gu Jinmi rubbed her tummy, ah! I’m so full!

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi silently then said, “You eat until you feel like bursting, right?! Ask you to eat lesser but you don’t listen. Now you feel uncomfortable, come, let’s go walk all that off.”

Jun Hao pulled on Gu Jinmi’s hand and walked out.

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao and suddenly remembered about a very important matter. She asked, “Jun Hao gege, what were you angry about just now?!”

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi uncertainly and he felt angry for a moment but he didn’t know how to express it! “Why am I angry?! Because someone is very stupid!”

“Huh?! Stupid?!” Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao doubtingly then protested, “Jun Hao gege, I am not stupid! If I am stupid, I wouldn’t have skipped 2 grades. My IQ is very high ok?!”

“Correct! Someone’s IQ is high but it’s such a pity her EQ is low! It is practically 0, not that’s not right, it should be negative.” Jun Hao said and tapped her nose lightly.

Gu Jinmi said grudgingly, “N..No! My EQ is very high. It’s just not very high!”

“Still dare to say.”

“Humph! I’m going to ignore Jun Hao gege already. Jun Hao gege, so mean.”

“Ok, ok, right, these few days Jun Hao gege have basketball competition, want to watch?!”

“Basketball competition? Want! Want!” This scene, at the basketball competition, is where the male and female lead produce the most spark! So she must involve herself to ruin that. Haha, until then….

“But, Jun Hao gege, what if I have class on that day?”

“Haha, you can ask for leave! Anyways, you already understand all of that already, besides, even if you don’t know, you can ask Jun Hao gege. Jun Hao gege will teach you.”

“En, I knew it, Jun Hao gege is the best.”

“Alright, I’ll send you back! It’s getting late, your class is starting soon, I’ll pick you after school. Oh! Right, don’t get too close to your class monitor.”

“Ah? Class monitor? Why?”

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi pure and sincere look and immediately turn his head away, coughing once. What is he supposed to say! He is jealous because her class monitor is interested in her?! “Keke, just stay away from him, he doesn’t have good intentions.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao questioningly and said, “Really? But I feel that he is quite nice! In the afternoon he still…”

Jun Hao unhappily interrupted Gu Jinmi, “Anyways, just stay away from him, Jun Hao gege definitely judgement is very accurate, listen to me.”

In the end, Gu Jinmi nodded her head, still not quite understanding him, “Orh! Ok, I’ll listen to you.”

Jun Hao nodded his head satisfyingly and petted Gu Jinmi on the head, “En, good girl.”

Gu Jinmi glared at Jun Hao and rebuked, “Seriously, Jun Hao gege, how many times must I tell you, don’t anyhow touch people’s hair! You will mess up their hair.”

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“Yes, yes, yes, it’s my fault, I’ll fix it for you. Done, our beautiful princess.”

“Humph! Don’t think that by saying this I will easily forgive you.”

“Hmm, how about I bring you to eat ice cream after school then?”

“En, ok, don’t pretend to be lazy later. Jun Hao gege, I’m going in, you should also quickly go back! See you after school.”

After enduring until school’s over, Gu Jinmi hurriedly rushed out the classroom and walked over to Jun Hao who was already waiting, “Jun Hao gege, sorry, have let you wait for quite a while.”

“It’s ok, I didn’t wait for very long, ok let’s go! Give me your bag.” Jun Hao said, taking Gu Jinmi’s bag.

“Jun Hao gege, I can carry it myself! It’s a little heavy.”

“No problem, I’m a man.”

“Huh? What?” What does this have to do with being a man or not?!

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi confused look and sighed. Looks like his road is still long! When will this girl start to properly understand?!

Gu Jinmi walked and ate the ice cream asking, “Jun Hao gege, do you really not want the ice cream? This ice cream is really nice and sweet!”

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi eating deliciously and bent down to take a bite of her ice cream, he said, “En, it is sweet.”

Gu Jinmi got a fright from his sudden action and stammered, “J-jun Hao gege… J-jun Hao gege, you, you…”

“Haha, I what?!”

Gu Jinmi said grievingly, “Jun Hao gege, I ate that ice cream already.”

“En, I know! And I saw you eat it.”

Gu Jinmi blushed and said, “Then, since you knew, you still, still…”

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi embarrassed look and said playfully, “I what?”

“Y-you, how can you eat it?! It’s mine!”

“En, I know it’s yours that’s why I ate it! Sure enough, it tastes good!”

Gu Jinmi said bashfully, “If Jun Hao gege you feel like eating it, I’ll buy one for you.”

“No need, don’t you have one here already?”

“But, but, umm, I…”

“Haha, ok, ok, I’ll stop teasing you, hurry up eat it! It’s melting!”

“Jun Hao gege you are ridiculous, I shall ignore you,” she said, walking forward with big steps.

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi’s back and laughed softly, little girl, you definitely cannot run away from my hand.

When Gu Jinmi finished eating, she looked at Jun Hao and started acting cute, “Jun Hao gege~”

She hasn’t even finished her request and Jun Hao rejected her, “No.”

“Ah! Jun Hao gege, I haven’t said anything yet and you already said no!”

“From your temper, how could I not know what are you thinking? Want to eat another ice cream, no way, eating too much is no good!”

“Jun Hao gege, today is so hot, eating one more is no problem.”

“Oh really? Don’t come crying to me when your stomach hurts later on!”

“When did I do that! I have never ok?!”

“Never? Are you sure you have never? Then why do I remember someone running to my house in the middle of the night complaining of a tummy ache?!”

“Ummm, ummm, the other time was an accident.” Humph! If it wasn’t for the fact that no one was at home, she wouldn’t have ran to anyone’s house! Wuwu, this is her dark past! “Never, never ever mention that incident again, if not I will fall out with you.”

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi’s red cheeks and knew if this continued, she will really have a falling out with him. “Ok! Ok! I’ll not mention again, will not mention again.”

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