XDTH Chapter 5: Subdue Lingxiao!


Jun Xiesi’s clear, melodious voice was heard. The teenager in fine clothes was prepared to scold second sister. But when he turned around and saw that she was a very pretty girl, he immediately shouted at the bodyguards who were still beating the boy, “Didn’t you hear her?! She told you to stop!”

The bodyguards heard their master and immediately stopped hitting, but they still stood beside the curled up boy.

Xiebing examined the boy on the floor. His body was bloodied and beaten until he couldn’t stand up but his eyes didn’t hold any trace of fear. Instead, it held infinite hate, taunt and disdain.

Xiebing looked at the boy’s unyielding expression and nodded to herself. This young boy’s temperament is actually not bad, moreover, if he was nursed properly, he would be equal to my eight underlings in my previous life.

“I am Ximen Qing, may I be so bold to ask your family name?” The teenager asked, putting on airs as if he was better than anyone.

Second sister looked at his conceited look and furrowed her eyebrows in hatred. Inspecting the still curled up boy on the floor, she shouted, burning in a fit of anger, “Are you even human, landing such a heavy hand on a little child!”

Ximen Qing stared at the young lady. She dares look at me in hatred and dares to point and scream at me?! He burst in anger as well. Ever since I was born, no one has dared to talk to me in that way! “This bastard was beaten by me, so what! Want to save him? If this pretty lady becomes mine from today onwards, then I will let him go! Deal?”

The bystanders felt great pity, such a good young lady, would she be ruined by that bastard?

Once second sister heard that she lost her temper and slapped Ximen Qing. Die! Harassing me, Jun Xiesi?!

Jun Xiexchen and Jun Xieyun who squeezed through the crowd of people heard someone humiliate Xiesi and was prepared to teach him a lesson but in a blink of an eye, Xiesi had already sent Ximen Qing flying!

To Xiebing, Ximen Qing was a dead man, Xiezun in the past life didn’t have any relatives. Her relatives in this life didn’t come easy, no one, absolutely no one can hurt her loved ones, even those who say any rude remarks must die!

The scale of the dragon is a taboo, anyone who touches it will die!

In her previous life, Xiebing’s ‘scales’ were those people working for her. Her four halls, 8 killers, her 12 buddies that she entrusts her life and death with and Mu Yu, the person who follows her with no complains or regrets.

In this life, her ‘scales’ are her loved ones, anyone who dares to disrespect her family members, only has one ending – death!

Ximen Qing who had his butt kicked by Jun Xiesi furiously screamed, “You dare to hit me! Why are you guys still standing there for, grab that bitch!”

Upon hearing his orders, Ximen Qing’s guards looked left and right, not daring to move. What a joke! We are not blind, didn’t you see she has 4 Spirit Ancestors behind her! You want us Spirit Masters to fight with Spirit Ancestors?! Then what would be the difference between fighting and sending ourselves to our death?!

“Hit you? Today, the person I hit is you! If I don’t hit until your parents don’t recognise you, I, your grandaunt will take your surname!” Don’t just think that Jun Xiesi is a lively, optimistic girl, when she is angry, even big brother Jun Xiechen wants to run far away to hide.

Jun Xiesi dragged Ximen Qing up and went to punch his face. After punching his face, she then ruthlessly kicked Ximen Qing in between his legs. He dared to try to take advantage of me, Jun Xiesi? And he hadn’t inquired about her, the Jun clan second miss’s temper?

All the males present saw this scene had goosebumps appearing and shivers down their spines. They retreated in a hurry, at the same time, not forgetting to look pitifully at Ximen Qing who is wailing on the floor. This doll, has her kick made his balls explode?

Ximen Qing’s bodyguards were being stared down by the 4 Spirit Ancestor bodyguards from the Jun family, not even daring to move, only helplessly looking at their young master get beaten up.

They could only wait till Jun Xiesi to vent all her anger first before grabbing their young master and running straight into their Ximen house. Before Ximen Qing was carried off, he screeched, “Just you wait, the Ximen family wouldn’t let you off!”

Once big brother Jun Xiechen heard the shouting Ximen Qing, he frowned and told second sister Xiesi, “When father heard that you fought, he is going to punish you to copying articles again! But…. This brat should really be damned!”
Second sister got very irritated when she heard about copying articles. However, on second thoughts, this situation that had happened today wasn’t something that I have chosen, but this scoundrel dares to insult me, only beating him up is already giving him face.

Xieyun pulled Xiebing, turning her left and right, inspecting whether his little sister got hurt.

Xiebing smiled at them and walked to the little boy. She crouched down and asked in a gentle voice, “Are you alright?”

The boy lifted up his head and peered at the girl in white clothing, who was looking like a celestial maiden. Her eyes held regret and gentleness but had no signs of sympathy or pity.

She… is she concerned for me?

The boy laughed at himself and shook his head, “I’m fine!”

The boy’s voice was hoarse as if he hadn’t talked for a long time.
“You, are you willing to go back with me?” a smooth and soft voice flooded his head. He raised his head surprised and looked at the smiling Xiebing. Is this… telepathy?

The young boy bowed his head, somewhat pondering. He did not say anything, only lifted his head and faced Xiebing.

Xiebing smiled, if he answered without hesitation, she had to recalculate his worth.

Xiebing was not anxious, and stretched out her hand into his line of sight, Xiebing smiled and spoke to him telepathically, “you don’t have to give me an answer now, eat this pill first, I’ll come to find you tonight.”

Xiebing passed the pill secretly, making sure no one saw and walked beside her big brothers. After all this trouble, the four of them didn’t have the mood to continue shopping and returned back to their home.

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The boy stared into Xiebing’s leaving back and without any hesitation, he swallowed the pill. A rush of warmth flowed throughout his body, nourishing his wounds. He stood up and looked straight into the direction in which Xiebing had left in, a hidden message in his eyes.

Xiebing changed into a black suit that was good for mobility after dinner and walked in the direction where the boy’s spirit ability was sensed.

The boy who was waiting alone saw Xiebing’s silhouette and his eyes twinkled but didn’t say anything, just looked at the beautiful girl, whose beautiful could not be compared to anyone else.

Xiebing looked at the boy in front of him, smiled, walked forward and asked, “Are you willing to follow me? Are you willing to follow me to start and establish supremacy?”

The Xiebing at this moment was not the Xiebing who was cute and delicate in front of her family, she was also not the one that alienated and acted indifferently in front of outsiders. She only held contempt for everything, scorned and had an air of arrogance in a domineering manner.

The pupil of the boy stared straight at Xiebing, after a long time, and with his hoarse voice, he questioned, “What can you give me?”

What can you give me? Follow Xiebing, can.

But he, Lingxiao also had a backbone as well, he has his own pride, even though he is only a small, weak orphan. Rather die than submit! That was Lingxiao.

Xiebing’s lips lifted up a little, “How useful are you?”

Xiebing wouldn’t be stingy towards the people around her, but do you have the rights to let her do whatever she can to cultivate you?! In her previous life, the four halls and 8 underlings, which one of them isn’t an utterly genius?

“Trade.” The boy answered what he was good at, his eye showing endless confidence. After all, he is a young master of a huge trading company. When the trading company was ruin, he was left alone, wandering by himself, but he had talent in engaging in trade not easily questioned by people! (Just means he is very reliable)

Xiebing smiled, truly is a good sapling! Especially this boy now, his whole body is emitting confidence and an unyielding character as if it came all natural to him.

Xiebing laughed softly, clasping her hands behind her back and released a huge breath.

“Follow me, I can help you, help you become someone that is truly strong and mighty. You will be able to personally kill your enemies and step on those who have bullied and humiliated you! Follow me and I can let you reach the peak where no one can look down on you anymore. I can let you have enough power that could take hold of any land under the heavens with great ease, no one will be able to stop you!”
Xiebing smiled at the boy in front of him and asked slowly, “Are you willing to follow me?”

He fixed his eyes on Xiebing, he thought that after all he had gone through, all his experiences in this lifetime, his heart wouldn’t ever beat so violently anymore, but just these two sentences from Xiebing made his blood start racing!

A fine man should aspire to travel far and make his mark!

Which man doesn’t wish to reach the peak?

Which man doesn’t wish to have power?

And he, Lingxiao, even more, wishes to take revenge for his family, his loved ones!

He changed his countenance, seeing that the person in front of him, Xiebing, was full of confidence.

This is a gamble he is willing to take!

Looking squarely at Xiebing with a firm expression, bending his knees and back, he knelt on the floor.

“I, Wu Lingxiao, swear to the heavens, for all my life, I will follow this person standing in front of me. I will use anything, even my life to defend this person! If this oath is violated, may the heavens and the earth condemn altogether!

After the swearing of the oath, the heavens and earth regulation descended beneath their feet, the oath was established! The Oscar continent, as long as you swear to the heavens, the heavens and earth regulation will be activated, if there is betrayal, you will be annihilated and ceased to exist!

Lingxiao chose the most direct way to express his decision to willingly follow Xiebing.

Xiebing looked at the stubborn, kneeling young man and her eyes warmed up slightly. I didn’t think he would use this method to swear his allegiance to me!

Xiebing walked up one step and helped him up and gave a little smile.

“Lingxiao, I am Xiebing, Jun Xiebing. You can just call me Xiebing.”

“Lingxiao, today I saved you, it’s not because of sympathy and definitely not of pity. I saved you because you had an iron will, because of your pride! From this day forth, no one will be able to humiliate you! I, Jun Xiebing, am your family!”

After hearing the last sentence, the strong, almost beaten alive yet his eyes didn’t even redden, Lingxiao, let out a drop of fiery tear!

“Lingxiao, I’ll bring you to a place to cultivate!” She then brought Lingxiao into the jade ring and gave him a foundation building pill, “Eat this, then sit down cross-legged!”

After he followed Xiebing’s instructions, she used the primary essence that was in his body to trace a pathway, “Remember this magical power pathway, you will need to follow this pathway to cultivate.”

Listening to her words, Lingxiao began to feel the travelling of the magical power and memorised the pathway.

After three full days, Xiebing stopped the tracing of magical power, stood up, looked at Lingxiao and a smile appeared on her face.

Lingxiao’s aptitude cannot be compared to mine but can be considered as a rare talented genius.

After picking out the most suitable technique for Lingxiao, Xiebing greeted the other person in the ring and left.

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