RSMLP Chapter 34 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.5)


Days passed quickly, the basketball competition was right at the corner.

On this particular day, Gu Jinmi woke up early and went straight to the venue without even eating her breakfast.

Gu mama and Gu baba looked at each other and then back a little helplessly at Gu Jinmi, this girl

“Jun Hao gege, Jun Hao gege, are awake already? Jun Hao gege, open the door!”

Jun Hao opened the door and said to a very excited Gu Jinmi, “Little girl, it’s still so early! Have you eaten your breakfast?”

Gu Jinmi stroked her own head and shook her head, “not yet, but I know Jun Hao gege you will prepare some for me. right?!”

Jun Hao heaved a sigh, “Yes, yes, come in! Hai.”

Gu Jinmi skipped in and looked at the sumptuous breakfast on the table. She literally threw herself to the table and said, “WOW! Jun Hao gege, this breakfast is all my favourite food!”

Jun Hao smiled, “Since it’s all your favourites, hurry up, eat! Why did you come so early? Come drink a cup of milk, take your time to eat.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the milk Jun Hao passed to her and hurriedly bent down her head to continue eating. Humph! She hates the smell of milk the most. I don’t want it, I don’t want it.

Jun Hao looked at Gu Jinmi and said, “Jin er, you are disobedient again.”

“No! Jun Hao gege, you are so annoying, you know that I hate milk and you are still forcing me to drink it.” Gu Jinmi said, acting cute.

“No way, drink it.” Jun Hao didn’t care whether she is acting cute or not.

“Jun Hao gege, you don’t care about me.”

“How did I not care about you, you can do anything you want, but you have to drink milk. Your constitution now is so bad, drinking milk is beneficial for you. Seriously, your already so old, but still look and act like a little child. How can that be?”

“But, but, I really don’t want to drink milk! Just smelling the milk makes me feel like vomiting.”

“Then pinch your nose and drink it down.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao’s serious face and at that moment, she felt like crying but there were no tears. she knew that today, no matter how much she doesn’t want to drink milk, she still would be forced to. Wuwu, how could he treat me like this?!

Gu Jinmi pinched her nose, closed her eyes tightly and drank the milk in one breath. She then quickly gulp down a cup of water to wash off the taste.

Jun Hao looked at her with an ‘I give up’ look, as he saw that she drank milk as though it was medicine. This girl, every time she drinks milk, she gives this expression, does milk really tastes that bad? “Ok, hurry up go eat!”

“Humph! Jun Hao gege, I’m angry, so I have decided, I will ignore you for 3 minutes and will talk to you only after these three minutes. So, from now on, if you ask me anything, I wouldn’t respond to you.”

Jun Hao looked at the childish Gi Jinmi and said, “Yes, yes, yes.” Then, he brought his empty plate to the kitchen.

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Gu Jinmi noticed that this time, Jun Hao didn’t come to coax her and felt a little uncomfortable. Was the saying like this, ‘not getting your forever is the best’?

After 3 minutes, Jun Hao still hasn’t walked out. Gu Jinmi eagerly ran to the kitchen and said the Jun Hao who was washing the dishes, “Jun Hao gege, it’s 3 minutes already!”


“Jun Hao gege, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Jun Hao put the dishes back properly then replied, “What should I say?! Come, let’s go outside! I’ll cut up some apples for you to eat. After that, we can go to school.”

“Orh! Ok, I’m coming.” Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao’s back and breathed a sigh of relief, hu, fortunately, Jun Hao gege was not angry!

“Jun Hao gege, is Qin Ming gege and Ling er jie jie involve in the competition too?”

“En, why?” Jun Hao stretched out his hand and helped Gu Jinmi arrange her hair.

“Nothing, it’s just that I’ve not seen Qin Ming gege and Ling er jie jie for quite some time already, I miss them.”

“Oh! Is it? Jin er, you miss your Qin Ming gege?”

“En, that’s right! We’ve not seen each other for 1 year already! Besides, when Qin Ming gege returned, I didn’t meet him at the airport. So I should take advantage of this chance for all four of us to go out together.”

“Jin er, do you really like Qin Ming gege that much?” Jun Hao asked her with a threatening look.

Gu Jinmi heard a little change of tone in Jun Hao’s voice and looking at him, she guarantees that if she nodded her head, she wouldn’t be in a very good position. She immediately shook her head and said, “No, no! It’s just that all of us grew up together, just like 4 siblings!”

Even though Jun Hao was not very satisfied with Gu Jinmi’s answer, it wasn’t not confusing as well, “En, Jin er, good girl.”

Haha, why do I feel that Jun Hao’s image is crumbling down! Didn’t the story say that the supporting male character was gentle, kind-hearted and considerate? But why after interacting with him, she notices that Jun Hao has a few hidden attributes! That’s so two-faced! It wouldn’t end well if you offend him! So you must please him.

“Haha, Jun Hao gege, I am going to watch the basketball competition is to admire your heroic look!”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course! Of course! Jun Hao gege, look into my pure sincere eyes, does it look like I will lie to you?”

“It better be you admiring me. Oh right, when the competition is over, find me in the changing room. Didn’t you say you want 4 of us to gather?!”

“Ok! Ok! But wouldn’t it be too inconvenient? After all, it’s the changing room

“Don’t worry! It’s alright, I have a personal changing room, no one else can enter.”

“Oh! That’s good, then let’s leave now!”

Reaching Jun Hao’s school, Gu Jinmi saw the huge crowd in the basketball court and furrowed her eyebrows, “Jun Hao gege, there are so many people! Can I still find a seat?”

“Don’t worry! You definitely can find a seat, I have already asked someone to save 2 seats, come, I’ll bring you to them,” he said, pulling Gu Jinmi hand and walked forward. He carefully guided Gu Jinmi ensuring that no one knocked into her, “Be careful, don’t forget, come and find me after the competition!”

“En, I got it! Jun Hao gege, I’m not a little kid anymore, ok?” Gu Jinmi released a sigh of relief, what can she do, it wasn’t easy for her to squeeze into an empty seat. There are too many people. If it wasn’t for the fact that she has to ruin the ending of the main characters, she definitely wouldn’t be here even if she was beaten to death!

“Jun Hao gege, we’ve reached, you hurry up to get ready! Your team is waiting for you! I’ll be fine here.”

“Be careful, I’ll go off first!”

“En, ok. Jun Hao gege, good luck!”

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